5 Unexpected Places To Decorate

I’m obsessed with making spaces as beautiful as I can.

Wherever I find myself, I always feel the need to bring in trinkets, textures, and pieces of nature, in order to create a feeling of beauty and comfort. I find that bringing my personality into these spaces and filling them with love makes me feel inspired and at ease whenever I spend time there. It’s really fun to put a little decor effort into unexpected places, too, because (a) it’s an unexpected surprise to others, and (b) it makes you more excited to spend time in that space. So, with that, here are my ideas for 5 unexpected places to decorate!

1. Your work space


Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, the truth is, we spend a lot of time in our work spaces — whether that be a cubicle, a home office, a studio, or wherever else we find ourselves creating and doing. Take some time to make that place feel like home. Add some plants, hang inspiring images, even splurge a little bit on that beautiful, seemingly unnecessary, homemade mouse pad you found on Etsy. It’s not unnecessary. If it makes you happy, I say you go for it. The creative souls in our office seem to have this idea taken care of. The image you see above was taken at the home of two Free People girls (Nikki & Kellyn). Beautiful!

2. Your car

VW bus

Car decor

Personally, I’ve always had a hard time finding cars beautiful. To me, they’re oversized pieces of technology that just don’t radiate that beauty I’m always hunting for. So, I take matters into my own hands. I cover my seats with patterned blankets, throw some pillows in the back seat, hang a dream catcher from the mirror, put some dried flowers in my glove compartment, and replace the floor mats with pretty rugs. Sometimes I even spray a few spritzes of my favorite perfume in there. It totally does the trick.

3. Your shower

Shower flower

For some, shower time is like a meditation. It’s your time to relax uninterrupted, listening to the calming waterfall-like sounds as you refresh yourself for the day or night. I love the idea of putting a single fresh flower — or a full bouquet of them — right in there next to your soap. Not only will your shower space be more aesthetically pleasing, the steam will cause a beautiful floral scent to fill up the entire bathroom. If it isn’t already, you’ll suddenly find that shower time has become one of your favorite parts of the day. Here are some more ideas for creating a desirable shower space!

4. Your cabinets

Vintage glasses
Generally, cabinet doors remain closed. What’s put inside can be as messy or as clean as you like… or as beautiful. Why not set up a little display with some crystals, candles, and dried herbs on one of the shelves in your bathroom or kitchen cabinet? It doesn’t have to take up much space, but you’ll be hit with some good vibes every time you open up that cabinet door.

5. Your closet

Hanging plant outside closet

Floral hangers

Just as with a kitchen cabinet, your closet doors may often remain closed. But when you open those babies to reveal your selection of beautiful garments — some of which you’ll be choosing to place upon your body that very day — you’ll surely want to feel happy and inspired. Get ahold of some fabric-covered hangers to hang your clothes. Place a bowl of homemade potpourri on the floor and let the scent rise up to fill the space. Hang postcards and photographs on any blank wall space.

When you start to fill every space you inhabit with love and beauty, you’ll find yourself loving the life you live more and more each day.

More home decor ideas from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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8 years ago

Love these ideas! I already incorporated the shower space decor a few months back and found a nice solution for cabinets when you are low on storage space. I have very limited cabinet space in my apartment, but I still wanted it to look pretty. So, a few months back I bought some beautiful washi tape and lined the edges of the shelves in the cabinet. Now every time I open I see the pretty tape. It’s one of those few moments that makes me crack a smile every time.

8 years ago

You are adorable decorating your car!

8 years ago

This post is so sweet! I’m not into knick knacks but I love to have a few beautiful things around- really beautiful blankets and rugs, a couple of cactus. I am totally with you on decorating the car though, and the use of room spray. Myrrh, cedar, rosewood and black pepper is my fave right now.

8 years ago

Great post! I definitely agree with decorating your work space. Helps with the creative and positive energy. I have many pictures and plants in mine.


8 years ago

Very fun ideas, I had a friend who decorated her car and it was always such a joy to be in! I never though about the shower idea too! Xx, Tiffany | http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com

8 years ago

it’s a very good idea to decorate these places, you will be refreshed by these things.

8 years ago

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8 years ago

I think the plant is a type of wax vine.. maybe hoya carnosa? They are super low maintenance!

8 years ago

I love those hangers! Where are they from?

8 years ago

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8 years ago

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8 years ago

I love to keep a plant in my car. It gets enough sunlight with all the windows. An air plant is an easy one for a car because it is low maintenance. It is always nice to be surrounded by living things.

4 years ago

I’m all about filling the cozy corners of my home with fun & easy houseplants. Your post inspired me to share some of my favorites, too! Check ’em out on my blog, The Fit Nurse: