Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of April 7–13

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zodiac sign illustrationARIES
March 21–April 19
Cerebral Mercury enters your sign this week, sharpening your synapses and enabling you to communicate your ideas more clearly. Although Merc and the sun are infusing you with mental and physical vitality, they’re clashing slightly with planets in your spiritual and psychological houses, so your speech and behavior may not quite match your underlying emotional state. You’ve been learning to come to terms with interdependence, mortality, other people’s values, trust, jealousy, sharing or intimacy, and that relatively heavy process is out of sync with your birthday-season mindset, which is all about launching a new year. With the sun in Aries opposing Mars in your others angle now, you also have to contend with the issue of relating. It may feel like you’re pitted against someone else, due to the polarizing nature of an opposition and the dynamic energy of the sun and Mars. Stay engaged, even if there’s a conflict, and work on balance, cooperation and mutual understanding. Moments like this can teach you to operate in tandem with someone else more harmoniously—not always easy for your independent sign. When Venus and Neptune link up, the theme is selfless love, a spiritual connection, inspired creativity and idealistic romance.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS
April 20–May 20
When mental Mercury joins the sun in your retreat sector this week, you may feel even more like hibernating. Information comes through intuition and introspection more so than via communication and fact-finding when Mercury is in this house. It’s a good time to try to unravel the mystery of your dreams and receive their wisdom. You need time alone for private contemplation, but friendly Venus in your group zone could be keeping you in a social whirl. When the sun in the sleepy last house of the chart opposes doer Mars in your responsibilities house, your job, daily duties and general busyness may leave little time for the rest and relaxation you need. The sun is also battling stern Saturn in your relationship angle, so it could feel like the demands of a particular person are keeping you from unwinding. As best you can, balance taking care of business in the outside world with tending to your inner world, and don’t feel guilty about needing to recharge your battery. On a different note, Venus’s meeting with Neptune in your group zone suggests harmony between you and friends, meeting a love interest through people you know or a desire to help humanity.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI
May 21–June 20
Your ruling planet Mercury arrives in your group sector this week, livening up your social life and getting you thinking about what’s next. Assess your progress on goals, and develop new objectives from there. You’ve been working hard to establish yourself, and your current position doesn’t live up to your vision for the future. Consider how much your hopes for yourself are influenced by others. There could be tension between your personal fulfillment and a group agenda when Mars in your self-expression zone and the sun in your network house face off. Part of you is inclined to go along with what other people want and remain connected. But another part of you is interested in pursuing your own idea of fun. A romantic relationship, children or a creative project could also oppose the interests of your friends somehow. However, a boss or parent is predisposed to see you in a good light now, with pleasant Venus at the top of your chart. And when she melds with Neptune, you may be drawn to someone older or higher up than you, especially if you’re feeling lost and unsure of your purpose. Be careful not to over-idealize anyone, though.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER
June 21–July 22
Your energy is divided between work and home, with the focalizing sun in your goals angle and motivated Mars in your domestic zone. A conflict with family over your ambition or life direction could arise when the sun and Mars oppose each other this week. Or the tension between your ingrained patterns of behavior and your current aspirations could become clear. Clever Mercury joins the sun at the top of your chart, getting you thinking even more about where you’re headed and helping you to communicate in a professional or public setting. A certain area of life has felt hard for you in the last year and a half, and you’re taking it seriously and working on it as a result. Hopefully you sense that you’re gaining ground, but you might feel a bit defeatist sometimes when it comes to this issue. The area of life you’re grappling with: love, creativity, joy, humor, self-expression, dating, procreation, parenting, happiness, a hobby, leisure time or personal fulfillment. Somehow this issue isn’t meshing well with your career this week. But a Zen outlook or your spiritual faith can keep you positive. A consciousness-expanding experience or romantic attraction may result from travel or exposure to a different culture.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO
July 23–August 22
Your ruler the sun is in your expansion zone, and intellectual Mercury joins him there this week, encouraging you to broaden your view through travel, learning and new experiences. Your mind is restless and drawn to unfamiliar subjects. Conversations take on a philosophical tone. The sun is opposing Mars, implying various scenarios, including: a difference of opinion, possibly with a sibling or neighbor; tension between established ideas and new thoughts; or an urge to free yourself from old anger that’s been unsettling your brain lately. You’re motivated to get outside your comfort zone, have some adventures and broaden your mind. But you’re also dealing with a family or caretaking issue or a living situation. Or you’re working through an emotional childhood issue and building up your sense of security. Your desire to move forward is apt to be out of sync with this issue that needs to be dealt with first. With amorous Venus and unifying Neptune coming together in your sharing sector, hopefully you’ll experience at least one of the following: spiritual sex, deep love, a sublime feeling of closeness, selfless trust, deep heart healing and transformative self-awareness. Be careful not to deceive yourself about love or sex.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO
August 23–September 22
With your ruler Mercury joining the sun in your hidden-matters house this week, intensive research, probing conversations, self-examination and deep thinking are favored. The sun is opposing Mars in your worth zone, and since both of these planets direct their energy outward, a conflict could arise. Likely areas of contention are money, values, possessions, priorities, sharing, trust, jealousy or control. Don’t think in terms of winning or having the upper hand. Aim to get to the root of the problem and understand each other’s point of view. With serious Saturn in your cognition-and-communication sector, you’ve spent the last year and a half working on your habitual mindset, your listening skills, your way of expressing yourself and your way of organizing your thoughts. Consciously or unconsciously, you’ve been refining your manner of thinking and speaking, and this is having an effect on your interactions. A serious attitude might make you feel a bit depressed or at a loss for words. But with lovely Venus blending with transcendent Neptune in your relationship angle, happy harmony between you and a particular person is a strong possibility. Romance, affection, caring, compassion and connectedness can be expressed with ease, but be mindful of losing yourself.


zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA
September 23–October 22
With Mercury crossing your relationship angle this week, it becomes easier to negotiate or talk things out with someone. But the sun in that house is opposing Mars in Libra, which is likely to set up some sort of tug of war for you. You’re prone to assertion—even dominance—when the god of war is visiting your sign. He’s been in Libra for four months now and is due to stay for 3 ½ more. During this time, you want to do what you want to do, and if you feel like someone is preventing that, you may have a strong reaction. And you’re likely to behave in a passive-aggressive manner, thanks to Mars’s retrograde. Mercury and the sun are also skirmishing with planets in your work and worth houses, making relating uncharacteristically problematic for you at the moment. Moral values or depleted confidence or funds can impact one-on-one interactions. But the saving grace this week is a meeting between your ruler Venus and spiritual Neptune. This could suggest working on a relationship and healing a rift. Spiritual healing is also favored, as is compassionate service. Enjoy creative work and show your love by being of service to someone.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO
October 23–November 21
Mental Mercury joins the sun in your efficiency house this week, so you’ll be even more focused on your job, daily routine, habits, time management, health, fitness, responsibilities, self-improvement, details and planning. You’re devoting energy to your to-do list and working hard to be productive. But the sun is fighting with ambitious Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn also happens to be retrograde. So your day-to-day efforts don’t feel fully aligned with your bigger goals, and progress seems slow. You’re compelled to work within a framework that limits you in some way, but you can get satisfaction from constantly striving to refine your skills and doing things well, if not perfectly. The opposition between the sun and Mars involves repressed anger, unconscious behavior or having to work behind the scenes without much recognition. This period requires sacrifice and service, and the rewards won’t be immediate. Try not to sabotage yourself, and remember that you’re in the process of finding and fulfilling your ultimate purpose, which is no easy task. When Venus and Neptune link up in your joy sector, creativity, fun, romance, children, a spiritual connection, leisure time, happiness, self-expression, humor and personal fulfillment are highlighted. You run the risk of romantic illusion now, so guard against it.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS
November 22–December 21
Thanks to Mercury’s entry into your fulfillment zone this week, it should get easier to express yourself creatively, romantically, playfully, affectionately and humorously. Speak from the heart without needing a reaction, but rather for the personal satisfaction it brings. With the sun in this house facing off against Mars in your group sector, others’ behavior is likely to seem in opposition to your urge to be yourself. Find a balance between your pleasure and the necessity of working cooperatively with people. If you can, coordinate your own interests with those of other people through a compromise like taking turns. You’re not usually overly serious, but Saturn has been in the last house of your chart for the past year and a half like a weight in your subconscious. The need to finish something up, regret over past failures, the sense that serious change is coming, internal pressure or a lingering dark cloud in your head can impair your capacity to enjoy yourself fully now. But when Venus and Neptune merge in your domestic angle, you’ll feel more comfortable and at peace, and your interactions with family or roommates will be amiable. Make your home a sanctuary of calming beauty.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN
December 22–January 19
After mental Mercury lands in your roots angle this week, you find your thoughts drifting back in time. Try to make the connection between what your mind is revisiting and what’s going on with you today. The past leaves its fingerprints on the present, and getting a handle on how will help you deal with current concerns. With Mercury at the bottom of your chart, you can examine and express your emotions effectively. When the sun opposes Mars in your ambition angle, tension between your personal and professional lives may arise. Much of your energy is directed inward, but the rest is aimed outward on a mission for success, and this split can be stressful. Your emotional state and how you present yourself publicly are out of sync; strive to find some kind of balance that will center you. Don’t underestimate the value of time at home, especially if you’re frustrated by conditions in the outside world. Venus and Neptune are hooking up in the house that rules your mindset, communication and environment, making social contact and your everyday surroundings more pleasant and beautiful. Creativity, flexible thinking and a spiritual attitude are encouraged. Note that over-romanticizing is a danger, though.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS
January 20–February 18
Your brain gets busy when wired Mercury zips into your cognition sector this week, where the sun has already been heating things up. Communication, social contact, ideas and information abound, due to this fast-paced mentality. When the sun opposes Mars in your beliefs sector, a difference of opinion could give rise to a verbal confrontation. It’s tempting to go to battle to establish the validity of your viewpoint. But you’ll learn more from a respectful exchange that includes listening. Put your ego aside, and a broader vista will emerge in the mind’s eye. The chasm between your immediate concerns and your staunch ambition doesn’t sit well with you when the sun spars with Saturn in your goals angle. You’re determined to achieve something in the world, but have other things on your mind that keep you from focusing exclusively on your career status. Spend some time enjoying your neighborhood and seeing people to invigorate your spirit. When Venus and Neptune meet up in your worth zone, you may get the lovely sense that the universe will provide for you, and you’ll realize you’re able to draw in what you need in life. Spiritual values are accentuated. Avoid a deluded splurge.


zodiac sign illustrationPISCES
February 19–March 20
Mercury skips into your worth zone this week, turning your attention to finances, possessions, confidence, talents, resources and priorities. You’re concerned with practical matters like what you have and what you need. When the sun in this house faces off against Mars in your merging sector, you’re likely to experience friction over jealousy, sharing, money, intimacy, values or control. You may feel like you have to fight to get what you need from others and could be struggling with old issues around trust. If you get into a conflict, try to see both sides and come to an understanding instead of treating this as a battle to be won or lost. Oppositions are about balance rather than either/or. Your finances and self-esteem are not yet on par with your ambitions for the future, and that’s a probable source of dissatisfaction now. Remind yourself that you’re in it for the long haul and still have more work to do before you reach the summit. With Venus and Neptune aligning in Pisces, love, beauty, harmony, affection, romance, sociability, creativity, spirituality, intuition and daydreams are emphasized. Your judgment could be off and you might put out confusing signals, but you have the law of attraction going for you.


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Oh, these were fun to read & I felt like mine (Gemini) was pretty spot-on.

very very interesting


always accurate for me, i never took horoscopes seriously until i found these ones. They are spot on..tracy allen is amaaazing


I try to read my pisces horoscope every week. I didn’t get to it until today and it is SPOT ON. Thanks for the amazing readings every week. I really look forward to reading them. Namaste. ~Jeanette

I enjoy what you guys are up too. Such clever work and coverage!
Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve added you guys to

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