Herb-Infused Grapefruit Face Toner

As soon as spring hits, I become taken over by this incredible urge to incorporate fruits into everything I do. I want to eat them, I want to drink them, and I want to incorporate them into my beauty routine.

The grapefruit is an excellent fruit to use on the skin due to its vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. Its vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and stimulates the production of collagen in your skin, leaving you with soft, rejuvenated-looking skin. Its potassium helps smooth wrinkles and even offers some protection against UV rays. Its amino acids to help firm the skin. Grapefruit can also help cleanse skin, even out skin tone, and act as a toner… which brings us to these two wonderful recipes for herb-infused grapefruit toner: one for dry skin and one for oily/combination skin.

Grapefruit herb face tonerFirst, get yourself a fresh, organic grapefruit or two, and squeeze it into a jar. If you’re following the dry skin recipe, add a tablespoon or two of mineral water to dilute the grapefruit juice — this way it won’t be as harsh on your skin. Next, add the herbs/oils.

Grapefruit and herbs

For dry skin, add a mixture of lavender, chamomile, and sage to the jar. These can be done in herb or essential oil form.

Grapefruit and herbsFor oily/combination skin, use lavender (ideal for all skin types), mint, rosemary, and thyme. Again, these can be herbs or essential oils.

DIY grapefruit face tonerSeal your jar with an airtight lid and allow the herbs to infuse for 2-4 hours. Then, strain the liquid into another sealable jar, discarding the herbs. If you choose to use essential oils instead of herbs, you can skip this step entirely — your toner is already ready to be used!

Grapefruit, herbs, bottles

To use, pour a little of the toner onto a cotton ball and apply to clean skin. You’ll be left feeling totally refreshed and ready for the day!

DIY grapefruit face tonerStore your toner in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It should stay fresh for about 1-2 weeks. :)

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7 years ago

does this leave your face sticky at all? i tried one with limes and it left my face to sticky i woke up
with a ton of my cats hair glued to it.

Ella Wild xoxox
Visit me at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartJewelryAlways
or : http://www.pinterest.com/HJAellawild/

7 years ago

wow i would have never thought of this… interesting! seems like it might leave skin needing a rinse though… anyway, when can we expect the april catalog to drop??? cant wait ! any sneak peaks?

Not a good idea!
7 years ago

Citrus causes phototoxicity, which leaves your skin more prone to sunburn and sun damage! Nooo! D:

7 years ago

Ahhh, definitely will try this out soonest! I’m just looking at the photographs and they already seem so refreshing! Thank you so much for this Free People ♥


6 years ago

This looks delicious delicious as well as refreshing! I’ve always been confused about how a toner works though, when exactly should I apply it?

6 years ago

Why is it that dried flowers and herbs must be removed? I was wanting to make a toner with witch hazel, essential oils and some dried lavender flowers but wanted to leave them in for looks. Wouldn’t the other ingredients act as preservatives to keep the flowers from molding?

6 years ago

I having been using the recipe for oily/combination skin for almost a year and I love it. Also, I left the herbs in and kept the jar in the fridge, only taking out a little at a time, and it kept a LOT longer than 1-2 weeks. This is my only toner now.