DIY Bamboo Wind Chime

The sound of a wind chime gently swaying in the warm summer breeze brings an instant feeling of calm.

I’ve been on the quest for that perfect wooden wind chime, and with little success I thought, “Why not just make one?” The best part about this project is that it only required one material that I didn’t already own: bamboo. You should be able to find a bamboo pole at a craft or home décor store, but if not, they’re readily available online! Here’s how to make this zen-ful instrument.

diy bamboo wind chime


Bamboo pole (about 3 feet long)

6 reeds (or 3-6 twigs)

Twine or string

Embellishments of your choice (I used feathers and dried lavender)

Hot glue


Drill with small bit


1. First, cut your bamboo pole into about 5 pieces of succeeding lengths using a handsaw. I don’t have a handsaw, so I politely asked the friendly men at my hardware store to help me out with their mechanically-powered saw – works every time :).  A handsaw will get you cleaner results, though!

2. Once you have your pieces, drill a small hole about ½ an inch from the top of each piece. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit a piece of string or twine through.

diy bamboo wind chime

3. Gather your reeds or twigs, and arrange them in a triangle shape. This will be the top of your wind chime.

diy bamboo wind chime

2. Use hot glue to secure them in place, and then wrap string or twine in X shapes at the corners for a stronger hold.

diy bamboo wind chime

3. Cut 9 pieces of twine about an arm’s length. Tie three pieces to one corner of the triangle, then braid them. Tie a knot at the end, leaving about 4 inches of twine.

diy bamboo wind chime

4. Repeat on the other two corners. Once you’re finished, bring the 3 braids together, and form a loop at the top using all 9 pieces of twine. Tie into a knot to secure.

diy bamboo wind chime

5. Thread a piece of string or twine through each hole in your bamboo pieces, then tie them to your triangle. Make sure the pieces are arranged close enough to one another that they’ll actually collide when the wind blows. :)

diy bamboo wind chime

6. If you’d like, add embellishments. I used lavender and feathers because they look beautiful – although I do realize they may not hold up if it rains.

diy bamboo wind chime

diy bamboo wind chime

7. Hang your wind chime outside and wait for magic!

diy bamboo wind chime

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Love this!!! Thank you :)

That is amazing!! I need to add that to my list of diy projects I need to make. ^^

Love this!! I’m obsessed with making my own windchimes and now I can’t wait to make this one. I currently have a Dreamcatcher windchime that I recycled the actual chimes from an old broken windchime. And then a windchime made from old keys. This will fit in perfectly!!

So cute! Love it<3
I'm so gonna try this^^


Awesome idea! I have a massive bamboo forest in my back yard so I could literally make thousands of these. I might just go outside and do that now!

I have a backyard full of bamboo- now I know what to do with it.

That is an amazing DIY project

Thankyou for this post :D

Good vibes