What To Pack For A Camping Getaway

This week, several of our home office girls, from both the east coast and west coast, are heading to the sunny beach of San Onofre, California, for a FP Me camping trip!  The beauty of the San Onofre coastline takes my breath away.  Rugged clay-colored cliffs drop down to the sand, and ocean waves crash over a pebble-covered shore.  The group will spend a night under the stars, listening to nothing but the sound of the water and their own laughter as they share stories and take part in activities like DIY sand mandalas and god’s eyes.  We’ll be sharing content from the trip in the coming weeks, but for now here’s a look at what I would pack if I were tagging along!

Bubble Tea Poncho, Chelle Cutoff Shorts, Handpainted Tambourine, Arizona Birkenstock, Tie Dye Wide Band

what to pack for a camping trip

Cabana Slip On

what to pack for a camping trip

Tova Printed Beach Towel

what to pack for a camping trip

Arizona Birkenstock, Ten Peaks Tote, We The Free Rio Henley, Chau’s House Wrap Pant, Goodnight Moon Sunglasses, Tova Printed Beach Towel



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