Tuning In To Your Intuition

This post comes from our contributor Kristen Hedges.

Intuition is a funny, fleeting thing. It’s here and gone in a flash, a blink. Easily missed. Often overlooked.

Sometimes it seems that nothing is more muddled and difficult than the phrase “follow your heart.” But it’s truly the most natural thing you will ever have to do. You only need to learn how to listen.


Your intuition speaks not in words and rhythm, but in subtle tweaks and flutters. In aches and pains and a warm simmering in your belly. It’s a foreign language, it seems. Like words for which there are no letters and sounds to match.

Your body knows before your mind whether you’re sick in the belly, or sick in the heart (though sometimes, they feel just the same).

It knows that from time to time, you wake hungry. And not really for food or drink, but for taste and touch, for lust or love, for cold grass in summer shade and tall mugs of hoppy beer.

Your body knows when to hold a bit tighter. When to let go. When it’s perfectly proper to do two things at once, or three, or four, just to know the difference.


So, close your eyes. Run your thumb across each fingertip. Remember what it feels like to stop, and breathe. Taste summer on your tongue. And then, try to notice the subtle aches, pains, sensations in your body.

While at first you might try to match corresponding symptoms, draw lines between points that do not exist, you’ll find before long that the only questions truly worth asking are the intuitive ones.


What am I holding onto? When I think of my troubles, where do I feel them in my body? When was the last time I gave myself enough room to heal?

With practice — with journaling, meditation, focus & love — you might find that many of your common physical complaints are simply rough nudges from your Spirit. The desire to quit your job might make your belly ache. The stagnant relationship may bring fatigue to your mind and pain to your bones.


The key to intuition isn’t force, or desperation, tirelessly digging through layers of questions that surely require over thinking.

It’s silence, and stillness, and asking inwards, “What do I need to give myself in order to heal?”

When you listen closely, what do you find that your body –- your intuition – is telling you?


You can find Kristen here, and at facebook.com/withonlylove.

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6 years ago

lovely and deep

Ella Wild xoxox
Visit me at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartJewelryAlways
or : http://www.pinterest.com/HJAellawild/

FP Brigette
6 years ago

So beautiful, so true. I love this, Kristen!!

6 years ago

Wonderful post!
I find that the connection fostered between body and mind from practicing yoga strengthens intuition and sharpens awareness of physical responses to emotions. It’s great to read about other women’s experiences with this.
thank you


6 years ago

I’ve found that taking a walk without a specific goal, just walking around town (with no place to go), and turning left or right just by using my feeling and intuition, is one of the best ways for me to tune up with my intuition. And usually I end up finding an answer for something, a person I really needed to see or a beautiful detail that I’ve never notice but ends up becoming very important for me later. I love your posts!

6 years ago

This was a beautiful read. It really gets you thinking.


6 years ago

Really insightful piece.

6 years ago

Lovely and calming post!
I think we all need moments of calm and quiet where we truly appreciate the moment.

6 years ago

Lovely and calming post!
I think we all need moments of calm and quiet where we truly appreciate the moment.


5 years ago

“The body knows before the mind” – Such simple and astute wisdom. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing :)