DIY All Natural Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo was always something I heard my friends talk about, but I never really understood what all the hype was about. Then I tried it.

Now, dry shampoo is the one hair product I make sure to always have on hand. When it comes to hair care, I really don’t do much. I shampoo and condition, but I pretty much leave it at that. I think the issue I have is that I wash my hair too much. Some natural oils are good for your hair, but I’ve gotten in the habit of washing my hair every time I take a shower.  After 2 days of not washing, my hair starts to produce too many natural oils. I love that I can use a little dry shampoo and my hair is instantly refreshed, looks clean, and I can go another day without washing.

I wanted to try making an all natural dry shampoo to see if the end results matched up with the store-bought dry shampoo I regularly use. I created a recipe using a lot of items that may already be in your kitchen, and I was really happy with the way it turned out! It leaves my hair volumized and fresh, and it’s really simple to make. Here’s how I did it!

dry shampoo ingredients

All you need is:

1/3 cup Carob Powder (If you have light hair, leave this out!)

2 tbsp Dry Oats

1/3 cup  Arrowroot Powder

1/3 cup Cornstarch

2 tbsp Chamomile

ingredients in cup

I have dark hair, so I added in a 1/3 cup of carob powder which will make the dry shampoo a light brown color. This will make it easier to blend into my hair. Leave this out if you have light hair! Take all of your ingredients and add them to a bowl or food processor. I used a food processor to make sure everything was mixed down to a fine powder, but you can also blend well with a fork.

pour into glass

Pour the mixture into an airtight container.

makeup brush

The best way to apply the dry shampoo to your hair is with a blush brush, or other soft makeup brush.

excess dry shampoo

Dip your brush into the dry shampoo, then tap off the excess. Less is more when it comes to using dry shampoo! Take the brush and dab your roots with the dry shampoo. You can section off your hair to pinpoint the oily parts. Let sit for 2 minutes, then brush out the powder. I like to run my fingers back and forth at my roots to add in some extra volume and make sure the dry shampoo is really worked in. I’ve been storing the dry shampoo in a cute little glass jar, but If you are traveling, be sure to transfer it to something plastic so you can take it with you!

dry shampoo in hair

Do you have your own go-to dry shampoo recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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Gilda Ramos
9 years ago

hi Jana, I have a question, te Chamomile you use is the fresh one or the one you take out from a tea bag?

9 years ago

Seriously going to try this and hope for the best! Most dry shampoos make my hair feel matted to my head, but the thought of using a makeup brush to apply it makes so much more sense. Where did you find carob powder? Thank you!

Audrey Smith
9 years ago

Will cocoa powder work the same as carob powder?

9 years ago

I recently started making my own dry shampoo but never thought of applying with a makeup brush, makes so much more sense and much less mess!

9 years ago

I always use simple baby powder… it’s also that effectiv and it’s really cheap!

9 years ago

This is such a great DIY!

9 years ago

I always use half Cocoa powder and half corn starch. Works great on darker hair! I just love it, a much nicer homemade alternative.

9 years ago

i’ve always used baby powder mixed with some bare minerals powder for my light brown hair :)

9 years ago

Instead of carob – what would you recommend for red heads?

9 years ago

I wonder how people come up with things like this without being scared that it will damage the hair. Very great idea thought. Thanks for sharing from

9 years ago

I am almost out of my CVS brand so I will have to try this next, thanks for the recipe!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

9 years ago

Great idea! Going to try this!

FP Brigette
9 years ago

Polly – I’m a redhead and I normally just use arrowroot flour straight-up. Not sure if your hair is light or dark — mine is on the lighter side and it’s perfect for me. You just have to make sure not to use too much, otherwise it can be kind of obvious. I bet you could just omit the carob from this recipe and keep everything else!

9 years ago

Love me some dry shampoo! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Nguyen
9 years ago

SO smart. Love this!

9 years ago

Great photos and I love the idea of adding chamomile.

9 years ago

I am a dry shampoo addict. In fact, I am also a “no poo” person! So, I try not to shampoo as often as humanly possible. This looks great for my curls.

9 years ago

This is great… I have a mixture that I use for dry shampoo as well as toothpaste, deodorant (on days that I know I won’t get suuuuper sweaty, that is), and several other things. Here’s the link…

Teresa M
9 years ago

I am wondering.. Could you use other herbs instead of Chamomile as well. To add a slightly more
fragrant scent in between shampooing? Such as Dried ( Lavender , Roses Petals , Night Jasmine ) ??

9 years ago

Thanks… Love this quick and easy tutorial/walkthrough.
I like to use only natural ingredients on my hair… and this home-made dry shampoo is just the right thing for me. :)

9 years ago

Hi there! This looks awesome, I’m definitely keen on a more natural and cheaper alternative to the dry shampoos I’ve tried. Just wondering, is Dry Oats another name for Whole Oats, or Quick Oats, or Oat Flour? I’m in Australia and haven’t ever heard of Dry Oats (not to say they don’t exist here!). Thanks :-)

9 years ago

I have used dry shampoos in the past but always found that they smelt chemically and was not fan. haha. But I can’t wait to try this I think it will solve my problem with dry shampoo :)

9 years ago

Absolutely love the smell of this once I made it! I unfortunately didn’t have arrowroot flour so I substituted it for baking soda since it’s another oil-absorbent. Hope it works just as well!

9 years ago

thanks for sharing! great idea! :)

9 years ago

I’ve used so many different dry shampoos and they’ve all left my hair feeling even more oily. I can’t wait to try this!