The Magic That Is Montauk Juice Factory

Have you ever walked into an establishment and just been hit with a positive energy so strong you could actually feel it? That, my friends, is the magic of Montauk Juice Factory.

MJF opened shop in the chill-vibe beach town of Montauk, Long Island this past Memorial Day weekend, and it is just pure magic all around. The juices are insanely good, right down to their perfect names – like Dope Beet, are you kidding me? And they’re filled with the best of the best. We’re talking local, organic, raw, non-GMO ingredients cold-pressed with overwhelming amounts of love. I truly believe that the energy and love put into a brand is what makes it what it is, and the energy here is absolutely magnetic.

montauk juice factory

MJF family

The owners — Paul Caretsky, Madeleine Murphy, and Bret Caretsky — are an awesome trio. The perfect blend of laid-back yet energetic, with a whole lot of humor, creativity, friendliness, whimsy, and straight-up radness all rolled into one. And the rest of the MJF crew? Just as incredible.

montauk juice factory

montauk juice factory

Today we’re talking to Madi, the juice goddess herself!

montauk juice factory

What initially sparked the idea for MJF?

Honestly, a true passion for making healthy living exciting and easy for people and a gravitational pull to Montauk. My partner knew how much I loved green juice and how much I always wanted to be a part of this community. When he broached me on it, I got those butterflies in my stomach that tell you: “Oh yes, this is it. Go time.” We wanted to create a spot that was so infused with good vibes that people would want to be a part of it, get hooked on green juice and start a revolution towards a happier, healthier world. In order to do this, we had to create a product that was easy and sustainable to incorporate into your daily routine (grab-and-go bottles, hello!) and a shop that was fun to stop into (beach house vibes meets state-of-the-art juicing).

I love love love how passionate you are about what you do. Can you explain the importance of putting the highest quality, local, organic ingredients into our bodies? Why shouldn’t we settle for just any ingredients we stumble upon at the supermarket?

Oh man could I go on forever about this. Our bodies are the most precious and powerful instruments we have. We should be very picky about what goes into them. A lot of juice companies in the supermarket use pasteurization to cook the juice or additives to make it taste better, last longer, or cut down on costs. Organic is the way to go in the world of green juicing; if you don’t use organic and you are a juice company, you need a real kick in the plants. I can’t even do it justice in this interview, so if you want to learn more, watch “Hungry For Change.” It will open your eyes!

montauk juice factory

I heard your head juicer actually sings to the juices as she makes them. Is this the truth?! Tell us about what goes on in the kitchen, and all the love that goes into your incredible juices.

Yes, completely and utterly true… we have the quasi-embarrassing recordings to prove it. Everyone in our MJF family believes in the power of good vibes and that food, especially raw juice, should be made in a respectful, loving and mindful manner. Food is more than simply fuel; we want to revitalize the connection to how we prepare and serve food. We want people to drink our juice and radiate with the love and joy that were felt when we prepared them. There is a spiritual, emotional and nutritional power to what we eat and how it is made and we try to always be mindful of that. Also, we have a motto in our kitchen: Dance or go home. :)

It is a great responsibility to be trusted to make these amazing drinks for people and we get so excited to do it that we are just bursting with inspiration, enthusiasm, and positivity.

montauk juice factory

Describe the MJF family in 3 words.

Rad, whimsical, and authentic.

montauk juice factory

Walking into the shop, it’s like I’m hit with a whirlwind of sunshine, happiness, and just straight-up good vibes. What has been the initial reaction from customers to the vibe of the shop?

It has been amazing. People just come in and they actually stop and take it all in. There is an undeniable energy – I think it stems from the magic of Montauk, the beautiful potency of putting raw juice into a bottle and the love of the MJF family. It creates a pull that brings the most amazing souls into the shop. Every day, over and over again, I am blown away by the kindness and beauty of people who come through those doors. And we always aim to leave people with a bigger smile than when they walked in. One of our store mantras that hangs by the door is: What good shall I do this day? We try to do all things in love and encourage people to feel so awesome when they leave that they pass it on.

montauk juice factory

You guys have such an awesome sense of humor that you infuse into the brand. Who’s the main class clown behind it all, and what are some of your favorite puns you’ve all come up with thus far?

We are all down to clown. We are freakishly obsessed with puns and being absurd here and are constantly looking for ways to turn the mundane into magical. Organizing a fridge may not be fun, but if you label the produce with silly names and pictures, it just makes everything colorful. The whole culture of MJF is about enthusiasm and keeping it real, keeping it raw, and keeping it light. Everyone who works here is super quirky and we love to make each other laugh. We are stoked every day to come into work and we legit have a blast doing what we do. I think a lot of that just seeps into the brand and the MJF lifestyle. You may say our juices are flowing….

montauk juice factory

I love that you also sell healthy snacks and natural beauty products made by female and/or local peeps. Tell us about your “grow with us” philosophy!

We love to say “you grow, we grow” round these parts. We want to find emerging companies that we really believe in, magnify their strengths and create a showcase for them and grow together. We love supporting local, indie brands — it’s great for the economy and there are so many people doing cool things within 100 miles of here. It’s awesome to be able to meet someone who made your favorite kale chips or bikini or surf sunblock. We also have the “MJF mermaids” here – we love working with and supporting badass women. We work with strong, inspiring, cool females and connect with them and learn from them. We are looking to build a community around people who are into making the world more awesome.

montauk juice factory

But MJF doesn’t stop there. I know you also have a whole bunch of fun projects in the works. Can you tell us about the Creative Juices workshop?

We want to be more than a company — we want to be a legit factory where you go to build a better you. We want to create a hub in the community to encourage people to take time to do what makes their soul happy. (You grow, we grow!) “Creative Juices” is a way for people to have an environment where they spend time with like-minded individuals, drink fresh, raw, beautiful juice, and create something that brings them joy. We will offer workshops in painting, drawing, knitting, and general craftiness. We think expressing yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.


And you’re in the process of developing a juice cleanse, too! How will this differ from other juice cleanses out there?

We want to shift the paradigm away from viewing cleansing as a chore. We are designing a cleanse to make you embrace the beauty and bliss of treating yourself to a day (or days) of self -care. We are hoping to present people with their cleanse as a gift to themselves because it is! Done in the right way, a cleanse is an adventure of a mind/body/spirit awakening and rejuvenation for the soul and self.

It’s so insane that you opened the shop just last month and you’re already evolving into something even bigger and even more beautiful. Where do you see MJF going from here?

It is wild. Really wild. I wake up every day feeling so blessed. We want to go everywhere and keeping spreading them good vibes!!! We want to share the excitement about healthy living to every person we can. In the meantime, we just want to teach people about raising their standards for what qualifies as healthy, clean food and how real juice should taste, look, and make them feel. For the here and now, we will do that and we want to do everything rooted in kindness and enthusiasm, and maybe start a trickle effect that creates a happier and healthier Montauk. And, if it spreads out of the 11954, well then that would be dope.

montauk juice factory

What do you love the absolute most about what you do?

The people. No question. The people I work with, the people who come into the shop, the people who reach out on social media. They are my fuel and my never-ending gobstopper of happy energy. I am actually excited to wake up every day because I have been blessed with the most awesome, passionate, thoughtful, inspiring, kickass human beings.

montauk juice factory

What advice would you give to someone who has big dreams for awesome things but is held back by the fear that it just might not work out?

I used to think that way too but I realized the mind is so powerful. My mom taught me when you’re making a big decision ask yourself “Is this fear-based or faith-based?” Your ideas and thoughts are a blueprint for your life. You must believe in yourself, envision yourself doing what could make you happy beyond your wildest dreams… and then don’t let anything or anyone stop you until you get there. And, enjoy the ride – bumpy or not – until you get there. It builds character and makes you a more interesting person. :) I always say I love the woman I’ve become because I fought to become her.

montauk juice factory

And finally… what does free mean to you?

Free means being able to live in joy and love yourself. When you do this, not only can no circumstance ever hold you back, but you also live in a way that enhances and respects the freedom of others. Choosing to live in joy and with a deep awareness of one’s true self creates the ability to tap into the most amazing power. You will feel it and other people around you will really dig it.

montauk juice factory

Thanks for letting us in, Madi!!

Make sure you follow Montauk Juice Factory on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you’re ever in the area, stop by! :)

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So inspiring! I have been looking into juicing and opening a juice bar in my city. This is a sign!!! I must visit the MJF when Im in New York next week. Free Peeps, love you guys for always, always being on point!! xo

Love this post!! I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and be more aware of what I’m not only putting on my body but also what I’m putting in. Really wish I lived closer so I could check this badass place out!

love this!! Really captured a cool vibe!


One of the best interviews I’ve read. Great photos! Super inspiring words; totally want to make a trip out there

Amy Kline Gage

Looks absolutely wonderful: conceived in Friendship, Service, Tender compassion and pure LOVE, plus good ingredients and outstanding sensitivity. So pleased to see this creative, happy positive effort, product, and “company”.

God bless you all, and everyone who sups from your cup. Respectfully, an old grandmother far away, GrA

Oh this place looks PERFECT, and the people are stunning! I want their juice now!

Thanks for including Made in Montauk Beach Hair, lip balm and soap in your very cool article! Love Montauk Juice Factory and the people :)) Ingrid

I spy onbon in this gallery! ;-)




Looking so forward to coming out and seeing all of you at your MJF next week…and of course enjoying some of that awesome juice that I’ve been hearing about! See you soon!


Loved seeing and meeting all of you at “MJF” ~ Beautiful People ~ Beautiful Montauk ~ Amazing Juice!! Hope to come back again soon!


These juices saved me from a chest sore throat cold. They boosted my immune system and balanced me out. Better than Nyquil.