The Ultimate Bonnaroo Playlist

Who is going to Bonnaroo this weekend?? I must say, I did not take a very good look at the lineup until I went to create this playlist, and I was floored.  It always amazes me just how many artists Bonnaroo brings in, and such a variety of genres, too.  From epic superjams (one features Robby Krieger, Mickey Hart, and Damian Marley, among others, while another features Chaka Khan and Taj Mahal) to legendary performers like Elton John, to slightly offbeat choices like Lionel Richie, to the numerous up and coming acts – there is truly something for every type of music fan. Listen to our playlist below of some of the bands we’d be checking out if we were there – and tell us in the comments who you are most excited to see!



Check out what we’re packing for Bonnaroo!


  1. Can you do a post about Firefly? It’s the week after Bonnaroo and the tickets aren’t too expensive for a day trip so consider sending some FP girls there please!!! It will be so much fun!

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