Weekend Snapshot: In The Wind

Dreams run wild through her mind. All she sees is the future, bright and bold. The breeze picks her up and she floats down a golden path, straight towards the sun. She runs…dances…sings. Her hands are above her head and she twirls, with nothing but a smile on her face. She’s caught in the wind, she doesn’t dare sit still…

caught in the wind

1) Maui Dress

2) Rory lace Ruana

3) Isla Fest Sandal

4) Dreamweaver Crossbody

5) Moon Phase Chime

6) Crystal Dreamcatcher

7) Dreamer Stone Pendant

8) Amun Necklace



necklace and flower

maddy in wind

Be light and be free. Happy Weekend.

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all the places and spaces

beauty! beauty!


Love those necklaces!

Lauren | http://www.livelovelauren.com

These pictures are gorgeous.
May be weird (oh well), but I love all of the materials in this outfit. Like…the fabrics and the metals and how they look so pretty together. So fragile and beautiful! :)


Oh goodness I adore these photos!


That is a beautiful macrame trim shawl!!!! :D

The pictures are perfection and purely sunlight. So perfect for summer!:)