Step Inside The Spirituality Shop

Incense that warms any room, crystals that catch little drops of light, candles that relax…let’s just say I was really excited when we launched our Spirituality Shop.From decor additions to relaxation methods, the Spirituality Shop includes those little things to help make your life a bit more magical. This is definitely the first place I turn to if I need to send a quick gift to someone. When I heard it was getting updated with new product, I couldn’t wait to do this post and share some of my favorite things with you all. If I could take everything home with me and find places in my room for them, trust me…I would. I love finding ways to incorporate these little trinkets into my life, and it’s fun to get creative with it. Take a step inside the shop with me!

spirit sticks

One of my favorite things that you can use in numerous ways are these driftwood sun sticks. Wrapped in sunset colored thread, my favorite thing to do with these is make a decorative wall hanging.

wood wall hanging

All you need is a little thread! Line up the sticks in whatever order you want, then space them out and connect them with some knotted string. This probably took me 10 minutes to make…simple and fast! You could also use these to make a wind chime!

glass glitter

If you like sparkles, this Glass Glitter is everything. By far one of my favorite props to use when taking pictures :)

bath candles

Soaking in a warm bath is always relaxing. Next time you draw one, throw in this Spell Bath mixture and let the lavender and white willow release their aromas before stepping in.

wind chime

I love when you can find amazing things that are handmade locally, and the Moon Phase Chime is just that. This waxing to waving crescent stained glass sequence catches every bit of light just right. The little rings attached on each end make it easy to hang–inside or outside. I love the way this looks hanging in window or from a tree limb.

tarot cards

Next time you have a little get together, Tarot Cards are great to entertain with. Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown created a deck that includes the major and minor arcana, with intricate designs on each card and instructions on how to use them. This is my next learning endeavor for the summer :)

star pillows

If you are looking for a gift, these Star Sign Pillows are perfect. Each are stitched with a specific zodiac sign, and add in a little personal touch to a bed or living room. A personalized gift is always well received :)


One of my favorite things of all within the shop are these cute little Palas Incense cones. I love to make little formations with them before burning. It can add in a fun touch to the area where they are placed. I like using this painted brick to display them on. The pack includes 20 that will allow you to create cool mandalas or other geometric shapes. Not to mention, these have an exclusive scent made just for Free People!

spirit stick

Cosmic Stick

sage and crystal

Bright Mystical Box, Thoughtful Glass Cylinder Candle, Smudge Sticks

Have fun exploring!

Shop Spirit.

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9 years ago

<3 You and that glass glitter <3

9 years ago

Oh goodness this all sounds so wonderful and dreamy!

9 years ago

Love this so much, can I tele-port inside this shop and stay for awhile? Right up my alley.

9 years ago

yes yes yes to all!♥
I think I’m joining that tarot card learning course too!

9 years ago

this looks incredible. i would love to live in a space like those photos..

9 years ago

$28 for some sticks wrapped in string…how dumb do you actually think your customers are?

9 years ago

Have you been to Etsy? People buy some stupid stuff. Why do you let it stress you out? You’re intellegent enough to see that a monkey could make it, if someone is stupid enough to spend $28 on it, more power to FP.

9 years ago

That spell bath looks wonderful and I love those star sign pillows!

9 years ago

I love all this kind of stuff!! Great post.
L x

9 years ago

This is the best idea ever! Why are you guys so perfect???!

9 years ago

Not a good idea when you put a price on spirituality. Spirituality shop??? really? So now we have to pay for something that is inside everyone of us! it is our soul you are talking about and as you can’t buy happiness, you can’t buy yourself spirituality from some shop!

9 years ago

Agree with mona…….

9 years ago

Yeah, I agree, some of the prices for what you’re buying is ridiculous. $28 for a smudge stick? I own many and have made one…the most costly of which was $10. That being said, some of the other stuff is nice.

8 years ago

I am regular reader, how are you everybody? This post posted at this web
site is actually good.

8 years ago

Not that this stuff isn’t beautiful (and obviously meant for a gullible consumer), but putting an ‘entertainment’ spin on spirituality really diminishes it’s importance. It may be cool and trendy to read tarot for entertainment purposes, while dressed in really expensive worn out clothing (that could have been bought at the thrift store), but it is wrong! Tarot is a real tool to further one’s spiritual development and has been used as such for hundreds of years. Please stop trying to sell the idea spirituality, since the real thing cannot be bought.

Barsha Knight
8 years ago

Spirituality should not be for sale, or used as a fashion statement.

This attempt by Urban Outfitters both cheapens and undermines the spiritual practices of thousands of people.

Stop it please.

8 years ago

who knew deepening one’s connection to the all was sold by urban outfitters. and, of course, it’s over-priced (and probably racist).

7 years ago

True, spirituality is a way of life but I’m glad there’s a place I love to shop at where they can be open to that instead of shunning the lifestyle I’m so proud of. But I usually use Pinterest for the DIY homemade little things. Very easy and inexpensive. Love love love.

4 years ago

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