A Day In The Life Of Candice Swanepoel

What’s a day in the life of Candice Swanepoel really like?

Our July video offers a cheeky glimpse at just that, as Candice goes through a day of shooting and reflects on her childhood on a dairy farm. The video is fun and light-hearted, and I love that it allows us to see a little bit of Candice’s personality beyond the pages of the catalog :).

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Actress: Candice Swanepoel
Film Director: Duncan Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Co-Director: Guy Aroch
Concept By: Free People
Written By: Jenny Bahn
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff @ All:Expanded
Art Direction: Free People
First Assistant Director: Jake Saner @ All:Expanded
Editor: Ryan McKenna @ The Mill
Producer: Carl Walters @ The Mill
Color: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill
Sound: “Date Prep” by Kerry Muzzey, courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.

Shop the July Catalog.

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Love this!

Oh my gosh I love Candice!!! So excited she got to work with Free People! :D

Love this little video! She’s super cute!

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Have to say I was nervous when you revealed the model for the July catalog. I wasn’t sure how well Candice could portray the FP girl, but this video–and the amazing catalog–sure convinced me otherwise!


I agree in part with Maria. Candice? C’mon Free People. I don’t really think she represents the FP Girl. She’s too mainstream, especially when she represents the ‘VS’ brand. In the catalog, there’s I believe a page (maybe three) with a more FP-esque looking model with platinum blonde hair (she was showm modeling “We The Free Beatnik Hacci”). Candice Swanepoel, as for me and my FP mates, didn’t give off that free spirit feel in the pics, it was more ‘Victoria’s Secret’ (especially the poses!) than FP style. The clothes for July are great, but the other models modeling the… Read more »


I love Candice! The pictures are absolutely stunning and unlike Jordana I think she represents Free People perfectly. She’s extraordinary.

I love Candice and I love how she represents South Africa, my country <3 awesome video!


Jordana needs to stfu.


Ok, everyone. Candice is sweet. She gives off that nice, friendly vibe, but I have to agree and say that she was a little too pouty and Victoria’s Secret for FreePeople.

It’s not because she’s a VS model that she can’t do FP. Look at Behati Prinsloo (another VS Angel). She was spot on. Still, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s no reason to bash somebody. Be polite. Where is the moderator?

OK she is so CUTE! This is perfect.



I must say that I am so relieved to hear others have felt the same about candace. While I have nothing against her, I just do not think she so at all a free people model. I am actually quite disappointed and have found myself going straight past the pictures that she is in. I don’t think she represents what Free People is all about and hope that she does not appear here again. Now put her in a VS catalogue and she is perfect!


It seems to me that when people criticize using Candice as a model, they are overlooking the truth that the FP girl is no one girl- she can be represented by many types of women. And, the history of FP marketing does show the use of models with a similar look and style as Candice. I’m not sure what the point of criticizing is- she wore the clothes beautifully and that was definitely the point!