How To Detoxify With Calcium Bentonite Clay

Whether we want to face it or not, we are constantly exposed to toxin upon toxin in our daily life – both internally and externally – and sometimes it gets to be a little too much for our bodies to handle on their own. That, my friends, is where calcium bentonite clay comes to help save the day.

This powder is a true gold mine. Bentonite clay heals a whole slew of ailments, from skin troubles to digestive issues. Even if you physically feel great, it’ll help draw out impurities from your body that you didn’t even know were there, leaving you feeling even more incredible.

bentonite clay detox

Bentonite clay is made up of aged volcanic ash – which sounds a bit alarming, but don’t let it deter you! When it comes in contact with water the clay swells up like a sponge, while simultaneously producing an electrical charge to draw toxins in, allowing it to be the incredible impurity absorber that it is. But there’s more. Bentonite clay releases any minerals (the good stuff) that may be part of said impurities, allowing your body to use them as it needs. Plus, it helps deliver oxygen to your cells. Such a powerhouse, this stuff.

It can be taken internally or used outside of the body. If you choose to take it internally, make sure what you’re using is food grade – otherwise, you may harm your body. I use Living Clay Detox Clay Powder. Another important thing to note is that when mixing your concoctions, you should not use metal vessels or utensils – metal can mess with the effectiveness of the clay. I like using a ceramic bowl and wooden spoon.

bentonite clay detox

To clear your body of toxins on the inside, mix 1 teaspoon of food grade calcium bentonite clay powder in about 2 ounces of water – but don’t drink right away! The powder needs time to generate its electrical charge in the water. You should wait at least one hour before drinking – I like to mix mine up before bed and then drink it first thing in the morning. It has a cloudy appearance and the tiniest bit of a chalky consistency, but it doesn’t taste like anything. Try this every day for a few weeks and see how you feel!

bentonite clay detox

bentonite clay detox

You can also use bentonite clay as a mask on your face to remove impurities from your skin. I like to do this every few weeks. It’s absolutely incredible how smooth it’ll leave your skin feeling. Use one part clay powder to 3 parts water. Mix well, and let sit for a few minutes until it becomes a smooth consistency. Then, apply a thick coat, let sit for 10-20 minutes, and rinse off. Your skin may appear slightly red after rinsing, but this will disappear soon. This mixture can actually be used on a multitude of skin issues – cuts, insect bites, burns, eczema, etc.

bentonite clay detox

Another way to detoxify with calcium bentonite clay is to bathe with it! Mix 1-2 cups of powder in your bath water, soak, and relax. Rinse off before getting out, and your entire body will feel smooth, soft, and rejuvenated.

bentonite clay detox

Have you used calcium bentonite clay before? Leave a comment!

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  1. I love bentonite clay masks. When mixing it, I use apple cider vinegar instead of water. ACV is so wonderful at evening out skin tone and restoring its PH balance. Adding it to the clay is like a one-two punch to bad skin. :)

  2. Wow! This is interesting! I’ve never thought about consuming anything remotely close to volcanic ash, maybe to use for the face, but not internally. I’m super curious to know if you would add lemon juice to the drink would that effect the clay itself?

  3. I’ve used Aztec Secret “Indian Healing Clay,” which is said to be 100 percent calcium bentonite clay. It truly works wonders as a face mask (clay powder + apple cider vinegar) and I try to do one every couple of weeks. I’ll have to try a clay that’s safe to take internally and see what benefits I get out of it.

  4. I use it in homemade deodorant and tooth powder. I also mix it with equal parts acv and a capsule of activated charcoal for a super duper cleansing mask!

  5. I also use Aztec Secret “Indian Healing Clay” with Bragg’s organic ACV and it’s awesome! It makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. My boyfriend also loves using it, he says it helps prevent breakouts after he shaves.

  6. Bridgette..

    Loved your article about Calcium Bentonite Clay. Would like to make a few suggestions on mixing. NEVER stir clay and water. You will have a lumpy mess. However it you shake well the lumps break up and it emulsifies lump free and ready to go in minutes. Especially for the bath. Mix it in a blender. Lumps in the bath can stop up old plumbing. Lump Free not only goes down easily, it will clean your pipes.

    I suggest to your readers who take Aztec not to take it internally.

    Now Go get Clayed and thanks for spreading the word.

    Perry A~
    Author Of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure

  7. I second using ACV instead of water for a face mask :) ACV+bentonite clay has worked magic on my skin.

  8. Aside from drug or alcohol detox, there is literally no need to detox. Toxins do not build up like a lint trap in once they are filtered by things like the liver; they are fully excreted. So enduring the experience of eating clay is just going to make you constipated. Detoxes literally go against basic biology.

  9. I use both liquid (Grate Plains) for internal, just make sure if you take medications, to not take 2 hours before or after. I also use a powder externally.

  10. The best tip I received from my mother as I went through puberty was clay masks. I took that tip, added and extended it by introducing the best mask I have used which is both detoxifying, moisturizing (since clay masks on their own can leave the skin a bit dried out) and simple. I mix plain yogurt (the higher fat-percentage the more moisturizing) and clay, so clumps, your choice of consistency. I can spend an entire evening with it on my face with the result of tighter pores and fresher and elastic-y skin!

    PS to Emily, drugs and alcohol are not the only poisons to our bodies unfortunately. And yes luckily our bodies have the ability to regulate toxins (which can be found in almost every meal unless you are very toxin-aware) however just like a sink drain or pipe, your liver can become clogged and the toxins have a harder time running through. Your body has many natural ways of helping your liver and kidneys be as efficient and healthy as possible, but it never hurts to reach a hand in to unclog the pipe, or drink a glass of lemon water in the morning, or a glass of clay water, etc. By taking measures to detoxify and clean out your liver and kidneys, your body will regulate toxins much more thoroughly, helping them be excreted out of your system quickly instead of waiting for your own body’s functions to detox for you (since this can be slow process, especially in our society with it’s poor health conscience which adds more toxins to the body than the body can keep up with). I would recommend taking the few moments to help your body out, you will find your skin and eyes clearer among many other benefits of a cleaner system.

  11. Great article! People that want to drink clay should start off slowly and work their way up. Just be sure that the clay to be ingested is specifically recommended for internal use. There are lots of clays out there and lots of misinformation, so do your research.

    There is scientific evidence that toxins, particularly those from exposure to heavy metals – do get trapped in the body. They tend to be stored in fatty tissue. There is evidence that drinking clay can help with weight loss, but helping support liver function and ridding the body of toxins.

    Janet Lancaster
    author of Detoxification and Inch Loss – The Overweight Toxicity Connection

  12. Great writeup! The so called Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth contains calcium Bentonite and has amazing effects on oily skin. You can mix it with RoseWater for instant results!

  13. Just like our mother earth, I am becoming increasingly electromagnetically challenged. Clay may prove to be of great benefit to those, like myself, who suffer from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF, EMR, EMS) which is now proliferating the planet at an alarming rate. I would love to experiment with Clay! Sadly though, even as a financially savvy senior, the cost of adding Clay to my daily routine, is not as yet, darn well feasible.

    Question. Can Clay neutralize “Stray Electrical Currents” — a phenomenon that I believe is at the root of “colony collapse disorder” for many many species, including our own?

  14. I am trying the clay detox baths. (did one this morning.) How often should one do one to cleanse the body for the first time? I have been reading on parasites and realizing they are everywhere and most likely in the creek water I drank as a child. So I am adding clay along with the CD (chlorine dioxide) to a detox- parasite cleanse. This is all new to me and just getting through the research and testimonials on the CD. Am hoping to see the cellulite on thighs disappear with the clay baths. Has anyone else seen cellulite disappear as you detox?

  15. This is a practice that’s been passed down to the women in my family from my grandmother. I usually will take a bite of kaolin clay once a week or sometimes use the bentonite clay in powder form straight from the jar. I didn’t know that there was a “proper way” to take it internally but because of my pica issue, I find this form more palatable . My skin is always blemish free. When I take a break from the clays, I notice I start to become less energetic and my digestion isn’t as good. I notice that it also seems to help with my oral hygiene.

  16. Can I mix the clay in the morning with lemon water? I drink drink lemon water every morning.
    Thank you!

  17. October 10, 2015 Hi EVERYONE!!! I am new to the discovery of clay. I am using
    the clay on my face first
    time today.. I love good accurate information. The blog here posted was very very helpful. I look forward to more health benefits. I have the clay for facials and skin. Today I will purchase the food grade. Can anyone suggest a brand? I live in michigan. Thank you

  18. Where I am it would be quite costly to buy it in the jars for use in the bath (2cups). FYI. A tack shop (equestrian supplies) can get you a bag of bentonite clay much more reasonably. The bags are about 20 kg for around $29.00 – in Canada. It’s an old time remedy used in the horse world often called white clay, fullers earth and something else I can’t recall. But here’s a word of caution: for those of you who live in homes that have private sceptic systems, you won’t want to put that much clay into your system as it doesn’t break down and will just build up in the tank eventually causing problems.

  19. Further to my previous post. I would not recommend the bentonite clay from a tack shop be used internally or even to make your toothpaste. For that purpose, you should purchase a more refined product such as Aztec or Redmonds to name just two.

  20. I’ve been using this in my baths, but just saw not to use in metal bowls… What if my bath is cast iron?

  21. I use my clay with Braggs apple cider vinegar….on my face or body…I have suffered with eczema and bad skin it seems like forever…I am however going to try to ingest it for the first time today….in hopes of feeling better energy wise and reduce the minor body aches…#good luck to me…:)

  22. IM NEW TO USING BENTONITE CLAY MYSELF, BUT I JUST WANTED TO MENTION A COUPLE OF THINGS THAT ARE VERY IMPORTANT. 1. Sodium bentonite clay is the better of the two bentonite clays for external use ONLY! 2. Calcium bentonite is the one that you can take internally. 3. When mixing either type, sodium or calcium, you should use a wooden spoon and either a glass or ceramic bowl, nothing metal should ever be used.

  23. This is to DD, As far as using it in a cast iron tub, i think theres a very good chance that is greatly decreasing its negative charge which is what removes the toxins fom your body. Get another tub or just apply the mud to your skin, let it dry, then wash it off, instead of adding it to your bath water

  24. This is a great thread. I appreciate all the experts sharing their expertise! Question: the Aztec bentonite clay (calcium) is what I have for internal usage. I saw that someone recommended us not to drink it? I bought two huge bottles for that purpose. Is the mix of water and clay more potent or effective if the mixture sits overnight?

  25. Brigette, nice website. I had a long term digestive issue. The clay water worked like magic. I just started drinking clay water while detoxing my system. Its as close as you can get to a miracle. My symptoms subsided almost immediately, and thats from only drinking the water, no mixing at all, Leaving the clay on the bottom. Just drinking the water is very soothing, and I drank it all day long.
    My next step is to make a batch and drink the next morning. I am using a french clay, Montmorillite, that I have had for years, but I want to try your clay. My clay is probably more than 10 years old.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

  26. Thanks, I was wondering if by letting it soak in water overnight that the water would fill the clay up so it wouldn’t absorb so much as if it was stirred in and drunk right away.
    Do you notice any benefits from drinking the clay that is left in water overnight?

  27. Hmm, I just I ingested 1/2 tsp. Aztec bentonite clay with a few ounces of water. I didn’t come across this until 30 minutes after ingesting… I’m sure I’ll be fine!

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