Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 7–13

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June 21–July 22

The sun in Cancer battles Uranus in your ambition angle this week, hinting that you may be pushing yourself to make progress on a goal or feel pushed by someone else. Internal tension can light a fire under you to keep moving forward. Saturn in your fulfillment zone is gelling with the sun, so creativity, love, self-expression and pleasure will give you a sense of solidity. Cherish the light you’re here to shine; whatever work you’ve put in up to this point will encourage such reverence. The full moon in your relationship house is forming stressful angles to several other planets, signaling potential drama and a possible turning point between you and someone close to you. You have a gift for tuning into your emotions, but this lunation nudges you to be aware of other people’s feelings and balance theirs with your own. You may need to work on making peace with a difficult emotion, family matter or living situation. If you find yourself in a bad mood, physical activity would be a great way to let off steam.



July 23–August 22

When the sun in your subliminal sector clashes with Uranus in your expansion zone this week, your energy level or unconscious drives could be at odds with your urge for freedom, travel, unfamiliar experiences and change. Since the house the sun is in is traditionally associated with hidden enemies, it’s possible that someone is holding you back. But it’s more likely that you need rest or you’re putting out subconscious signals that you’re not quite ready to leap into the unknown. The sun is meshing with Saturn in your foundation angle, so quiet time alone could enable you to reflect on and further the inner work you’ve been doing. The full moon pulls your attention to daily life and the need to take care of business and take care of yourself. You may reach a crossroads with your job, health, habits, responsibilities or schedule, and your instincts can guide you to what needs to shift. It’s not easy to find a balance between your inner and outer lives, but your mindset is aligned with changing something for the better.



August 23–September 22

Venus is at the top of your chart, helping you to put your best foot forward professionally or in a public arena. Her harmonious meetings with Uranus and Mars this week indicate you should be flexible enough to accept outside help without being dependent on it—but also be willing to work for what you want. Know that when a dream doesn’t unfold exactly according to plan, it can still be a good thing. Socializing and networking are easier to plan, with the energetic sun in your group house cooperating with organized Saturn in your communication sector. If a particular relationship hits a speed bump, give each other space. The full moon in your joy zone might mean a turning point in a romantic relationship, but it could also mean you’re overdue for some fun. What it’s really about is honoring your need for self-expression and happiness, against the backdrop of the people in your life and the world at large. Building up your ability to provide for yourself will strengthen your self-worth and push you to be all that you can be.



September 23–October 22

An opportunity to travel, learn or explore new territory could come through another person when your ruler Venus in your expansion house clicks with impromptu Uranus in your others angle this week. Your finances or confidence may not support your desire for freedom, but someone could help you make things happen anyway. And with Mars in Libra syncing with Venus now, you’re able to direct your efforts toward broadening your horizons very effectively. Going after what you want, even if you feel like you’re lacking in some way, is essential. Just-do-it Mars has been in your sign since December, and he’ll be moving on later in the month. So take advantage of his meeting with Venus, and act. The full moon at the bottom of your chart could push your emotions over the brink, calling your attention to areas of your life that are out of balance. Resist the urge to turn to others to fill your need for security. Being more independent, shoring up your self-image and dealing with unpleasant emotions will give you a strong inner foundation.



October 23–November 21

A partnership or outside source of money could give you the opportunity to change something in your daily life this week, when Venus in your sharing sector syncs with Uranus in your duties house. This would likely spell a step forward with your health, habits or work. But Venus’s clash with Saturn in Scorpio implies that you might block support from someone, even if you don’t mean to. You could also be keeping intimacy at bay, since you’ve had to hunker down and work on your own stuff. Acting on your instincts and pushing past old patterns will facilitate closeness. You’re encouraged to branch out when Saturn jibes with the sun in your expansion zone. So if you have a chance to travel, learn something new, have unfamiliar experiences and get outside your comfort zone, take it—and know you’ve earned it. The full moon could bring news, a flurry of activity or powerful emotional thoughts and words. Maturity, being willing to release the illusion of control, facing repressed anger, changing your m.o. and being ready for closure —all of these things will help shift your mindset.



November 22–December 21

With amiable Venus in your others angle harmonizing with spontaneous Uranus in your pleasure house and on-the-go Mars in your group zone, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy your social interactions this week and perhaps even make a romantic connection. If you want to feel closer to someone, make a point of booking one-on-one time. Although your relationships look quite good now, you may have been unconsciously blocking positive things flowing your way at times over the past couple of years, due to cautious Saturn’s presence in your subliminal sector. Since this would be out of character, you’re probably not aware of holding yourself back. If you spot what’s happening, start working on understanding it. The full moon lights up your worth zone, coaxing you to find a healthy balance between what’s yours alone and what you share. Steer clear of overspending, because your sense of your material needs is apt to be off. This lunation emphasizes the tension between mine and ours and also between your individuality and your identity in a group, and it hints that unselfishness is the way to go.



December 22–January 19

Ambitious Saturn in your network house can get you into the habit of seeing people as a means to an end, but if you resist that tendency this week, you’ll enjoy your work and the company of colleagues more. Venus is clashing with Saturn, but she’s clicking with liberating Uranus in your emotions angle and make-it-happen Mars in your goals sector, helping you to feel good about what you’re doing. It’s easier than usual now to mesh action and desire, and the houses that are involved suggest going after what you want relates to work in some way. The full moon in Capricorn forms a conjunction with explosive Pluto and tense angles with other planets, upping the chances that your emotions will spill over. Even though people, circumstances and events certainly impact you, try to recognize that what you’re feeling now is about you. Ask yourself what memory, grudge, emotional pattern or other tie to the past you might liberate yourself from in order to move onwards and upwards. Let the power of your emotions point you to what must be brought back into balance.



January 20–February 18

Your ruler Uranus in your cognition-and-communication house is in sync with valuable Venus in your love-and-art sector this week, suggesting that spontaneous speech and insights can foster good feelings, a creative breakthrough or a love connection. Venus is also clicking with bold Mars in your exploration zone, so pleasure could come through travel, new experiences, unfamiliar people and venturing outside your comfort zone. And with the supercharged sun in your efficiency house jibing with deliberate Saturn in your ambition angle, if you put energy into achieving a goal related to your job, health, habits, skills, productivity, fitness or other self-improvement, it will pay off. The full moon in the last house of your chart signals a shift in spirituality, subconscious emotions and self-sacrifice. You could reach a breaking point that makes it clear you need time alone to process feelings, tune into your soul, meditate, relax, sleep and dream. Your emotions will tell you what needs releasing, and some peace and quiet will enable you to let go. Aim to balance inner needs with outer work—faith in the future will help you do that.



February 19–March 20

With pleasure-seeking Venus nestled at the bottom of your chart, you’re probably in the mood to stay home and indulge in simple comforts, perhaps have people over or hang with family and maybe do a little redecorating or crafting. An obligation involving travel, study or grandparents may keep you from nesting at some point this week. But Venus’s meetup with Mars hints that sex or delving deeply into a passion project could deliver as an at-home pleasure. Working on something creative is also indicated by the vitalizing sun in your self-expression zone syncing with dedicated Saturn. The full moon in your group sector is squabbling with various other planets, so emotional drama with friends is a possibility. Alternatively, your role within a group might change, a charitable endeavor could come to fruition or you might reach a turning point with a new goal. Don’t dwell on what you’re getting. Pour your heart into giving, and believe in karma. Finding a balance between personal fulfillment and contributing to the greater good will make you feel even better than only pursuing your own aims.



March 21–April 19

Venus in your mindset zone is in sync with Uranus in Aries this week, while the sun in your emotions angle is clashing with Uranus. So you might have a positive attitude about where you’re headed and still experience some underlying insecurity. You could also be focused on a home or family matter and have an urge to extricate yourself. Even if you’re uncomfortable with the emotional state you’re in, work through your feelings rather than running away from them. The full moon in your ambition angle has tense encounters with several other planets, implying that pressure to perform is affecting various areas of your life. If you’re reaching the end of the road with a particular goal, be prepared to switch gears. Don’t separate yourself; relax your grip on independence and take up the delicate balancing act of relationships. Acknowledge your need for others, and commit to the work of sharing yourself with people who are important to you. You’re able to enjoy a pleasant rapport with someone now, thanks to an alliance between Venus and Mars. Go with it!



April 20–May 20

Your instincts about money, possessions, priorities or self-worth are on point this week, due to your ruler Venus in your value zone clicking with brilliant Uranus in your subconscious sector. But Venus isn’t on the same page with stingy Saturn in your relationship angle, so don’t focus too much on what you’d like to get from another person. If you do have a problem with someone, talking about it should help, since the sun in your communication house is in sync with Saturn. Your finances or desires are more aligned now with your work or current course of action, as Venus is collaborating with Mars. Here’s an opportunity to get clear on what you must do in order to have what you want. Hopefully you’ll experience the feeling of finally being on the right track. The full moon, on the other hand, could spell a crisis of faith, but don’t throw in the towel. Change is often scary for your sign. Shift your beliefs, release self-sabotaging patterns, be willing to pay your dues, live up to your agreements, know what you want and have the courage to venture into the unknown.



May 21–June 20

You’ll probably feel more like socializing than working this week, thanks to pleasure-seeking Venus in Gemini’s hookup with carefree Uranus in your group zone and awkward encounter with strict Saturn in your responsibilities house. You may need to remind yourself that the things you don’t want to do at the moment put money in your pocket, whereas hanging with your friends doesn’t. You can still have a great time; you just need to tackle some duties as well. Venus is harmonizing with doer Mars in your happiness sector, so enjoying yourself won’t be hard at all. Indulging in creativity, play, romance, humor, sports and the arts will put a smile on your face. The full moon in your sharing house reminds you to factor in someone else’s feelings or needs and also let go of the hope that people will fall in line and do what you expect them to. Be true to yourself and pursue your own personal fulfillment, while allowing others to do the same. If a friendship is lost in the process, try to make your peace with that.


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6 years ago

“Steer clear of overspending…” so no $80 tank tops from free people this week, i guess

6 years ago

Thanks for the weekly inspiration!


6 years ago

ALWAYS spot on!

Hypnotica Vintage
6 years ago

The BEST horoscopes! Thank you