Meet Julie, Our New Blogger!

I could not be happier to introduce our newest member to the BLDG 25 Blog team, Julie! I’m so excited to have her voice here on the blog – join me in welcoming her to the Free People family and read on to get to know more about her below!

I just moved to Philadelphia a week ago – with a man and a tabby cat in tow – and I’ve already fallen head over heels for this city. I moved from Pittsburgh, and before that, Boston. But I come from the woods. I was raised on top of a mountain in Maine – no other souls for miles – and while I love the vibrancy of the city, I’m happiest surrounded by trees or standing on the shore, anywhere where I can get back to the feeling of solitude in nature. With my mother’s old, beat-up Canon AE-1 and an arsenal of disposable cameras, I started capturing the natural world around me at an early age. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with documenting daily life and exploring, an obsession which eventually lead me to art school, and later, to writing.

Walking through the doors of the Free People home office every day, lending my voice to the blog, it’s an honor. And I’ll be honest: I’m still pinching myself. To be surrounded by such energetic and creative people, well, it doesn’t get much better.

On the weekends you can find me getting lost on back roads, hiking new trails, seeking out the closest beach, or wandering the city, often with a camera (or two) in tow. Exploration and shaking things up are what keep me inspired; while I’ve grown accustomed to life in the city, I crave fresh air and the rustle of trees, and strive to get outside as much as I can.

I love getting into it, getting up to my elbows in a project, whether I’m making something, planting something, or styling an outfit, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring that love to BLDG 25.

New Free People Blogger Julie

New Free People Blogger Julie

New Free People Blogger

New Free People Blogger Julie

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Oh goodness, I feel so connected. My name is Juliette, I am from Maine, live in Boston, and hope to move to Philadelphia! Congrats on writing for the blog, babe, can’t wait to see your stuff!


Ridiculous how much I relate to her!!!
Although I am from Britain, I was reading this and it could have all been my own words!!! WE ARE TOO SIMILAR.
So excited to read your blog posts, can’t wait! I’m sure they’re going to be exactly what my eyes will want to see and my brain to know :D


She’s a doll. Welcome!

yay! Congrats Julie! So happy for you!!!

So so happy for you Julie! Ive been a fan of yours from a distance for a long time! Such a beautiful surprise to see you here. Congrats!!!! Have fun! xoxo

YAY! I’m so excited to see Julie blogging for Free People..I’ve been following her along on her personal blog for a while now!


oh, i’m excited! she seems like an awesome person!

Hi Julie! welcome to this blog site & hope you will write down excellent post.

Such a GREAT suprise to see Julie from Orchid Grey here! Yay! Great choice FP!

Olivia Crooker

Welcome Julie!! I was so excited to read you’re from Maine, that where I am from as well. Can’t wait to read your posts!

Congratulations! So excited to see your contributions to the blog Julie!!


you’re a doll. can’t wait to read your future posts <3

Yayyy, welcome!!! <3 this intro.

So sorry to see you leave Pittsburgh Julie! But so excited for you, your new city and new job! You look awesome as always : )


i’m so excited to see more coming from you!!!! so cool you’re from maine as of it is my dream place to live(; you are so pretty!


O R C H I D * G R E Y


Ohhh my gosh – William with Penny’s wardrobe – that’s brilliant. Julie, you’re great.