Organic vs. Conventional: The Clean Fifteen

Last week, I shared Environmental Working Group’s 2014 Dirty Dozen: a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables that tested highest for pesticide residue – a group that, in my opinion, should really only be consumed if organic. Today I want to shed light on the happier end of the spectrum: EWG’s Clean Fifteen.

These are the 15 fruits and vegetables that had the lowest pesticide residues when tested. Although I still feel it’s incredibly important to buy and consume organic (and local!) whenever possible, there are bound to be times when that just can’t happen. And that, my friends, is when you should reach for these items:

the clean 15

For more information, and to see the full list of foods tested, go here.

the clean 15

the clean 15

Anyone have any natural tips for safely and effectively washing fruits and vegetables? Please share!

the clean 15

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My mother uses white vinegar mixed with a little water in spray bottle and uses that. The acidity in the vinegar has the same effects as regular fruit and veggie wash! :)

Great post! And great advice Emily! Vinegar cleans almost anything doesnt it.


I occasionally scrub my family’s fruits and veggies down with Dr. Bronner’s soap. This is especially true for any vegetables coming in from our backyard garden. Sweet post!


Nice post! While I was doing some research for school on government policies and GMO’s, I came across the Rainbow Papaya. It is grown in Hawaii and is genetically modified. Farmers in Hawaii rarely grow regular Papaya’s anymore because of the cost. While I’m sure it can rate low in pesticides, it is still important to know where it is coming from.
Thanks for the post!


it’s kind of frightening that this post suggests that corn is one of the safer fruits and vegetables. If not grown organically, the corn itself is registered as an insecticide (thanks to Monsanto,who is directly tied to the government)

Please inform yourselves before you take the advice above.


i completely agree with Chloe. i know in VA its pretty hard to find organic fresh corn, so i get it frozen. i do this because corn, even when its from local farms, is one of the top three GMOs. I would definitely be careful when purchasing corn that isn’t organic or any product with corn in it that isn’t organic.


Chloe & Jessi – Thank you both so much for the info!

Thank you for sharing! I learned interesting new things! I’m curious what filter did you use for your photos. They look so good and kind of vintage that way!