Transform Your Denim With Leather And Lace

No matter the season, there’s nothing better than the perfect pair of jeans. With fall not far off, I’m looking forward to crisp weather, oversized sweaters, and destroyed denim. But if your closet looks anything like mine, there are about a dozen “perfect pairs” lurking — unworn — within.

If you have some old jeans lying around, give them new life for the new season by adding a patch of lace or a panel of leather with a quick and easy DIY. After about ten minutes of work, you’ll have a brand “new” pair that you’ll actually want to wear.

Denim Leather Lace

Lace Patched Jeans

Denim Leather Lace 8

You’ll need:

Old ripped jeans (you can also use this tutorial)
Soft lace
Needle & thread

Denim Leather Lace 4

Denim Leather Lace 2

Denim Leather Lace 5

Turn the jeans inside-out and lay them on a flat surface. Decide where you’ll be adding the patches.

Denim Leather Lace 6

Cut the lace to the size and shape of the hole you’ll be patching. If needed, use pins to hold the patch in place.

Denim Leather Lace 7

Use the needle and thread to sew the patch onto the inside of your jeans. Repeat to cover any additional holes. Wear and enjoy! If your lace is especially delicate, it’s best to wash these jeans on the delicate cycle or hand wash.

Denim Leather Lace 15

Denim Leather Lace 16

Leather Panel Denim

Denim Leather Lace 17

Denim Leather Lace 13

You’ll need:

Old jeans
Leather scraps (I used a thrift store skirt)
Needle & thread

Denim Leather Lace

Decide where you’ll be adding the leather panels and cut them to fit. If you’re using jeans with stretch, be sure to cut the leather slightly larger.

Denim Leather Lace

Put the jeans on, and lay the leather patches over where you’ll be sewing them. Pin into place and carefully remove the jeans.

Denim Leather Lace

Using the needle and thread, sew the leather panels onto your jeans. The leather will look loose on the unworn denim, but will stretch to fit once worn. If it buckles, fabric glue can be used to smooth any bumps in the seam.

Denim Leather Lace

Do you have tips for revitalizing a pair of jeans? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Such Wonderfully Creative Ideas!!! I especially love the lace behind the holes!!! How Awesome is that!?! I have a well loved well worn pair of jeans that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with; now I’m totally inspired with these new wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!!!

    The Weaver Of Words….weaving fibers & fables….

    ………..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale………………………………

  2. Liz – I would recommend either hand washing with a very mild detergent or taking them to a dry cleaner (the dry cleaner is most likely your best bet)

  3. I’ve done some patching using embroidered motifs cut from vintage doilies and runners onto denim and cutoffs. It’s also a great way to cover stains in shirts. I cut out lace motifs from a table cloth and sewed them all over a tee starting with the coffee stain I was covering up.

  4. Have u tried using upholstery leather like material? I got some for free and I have a few jeans I have my eye on them for it.

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