Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 22–28

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free people horoscopesLIBRA

September 23–October 22

The sun dances into your sign this week, increasing your vitality and luring you to focus on yourself. Soon after, he pairs with the moon—and this new moon in Libra symbolizes the beginning of your new year. Set your intentions now for some form of personal reinvention. You might want to switch up your look, express yourself more confidently to others or coax out a neglected aspect of your personality. Choose the fresh start that’s right for you. With Jupiter and Uranus clicking in two of the social houses in your chart, your faith in humanity and an urge for liberating relationships can come together in a burst of enthusiasm, fueled by other people. Meeting someone new and valuing the circle of people you already have in your life will feed optimism about striving for your ideals.



free people horoscopesSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Pluto goes direct this week after a five-month retrograde phase that drove your intensity deeper down in your brain. You’re processing strong emotions related to facing the truth about someone or something that used to be a given. Realizing you can’t take a belief, idea or relationship at face value anymore has been painful, but by bringing false assumptions into the light, you’re cultivating a more empowered mindset. It’s time to release whatever you’ve been ruminating on. Accept hard truths and choose to heal. The new moon in your soul sector also points to gaining peace of mind through letting go and trusting that an ending is followed by a beginning. Revitalize your spirit with a new daily practice going forward. The Jupiter-Uranus meetup suggests professional progress is closely linked to changing your patterned approach to work and your attitude about what you can and must do.



free people horoscopesSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter has a fortuitous meeting with Uranus this week, linking your upbeat perspective and the rush of expressing your unique personality through creativity, love and play. This planetary pairing has to do with learning about the world and gaining insight into the contribution you stand to make in it. It seems more and more possible to enjoy the freedom of expanding your horizons and exploring new territory—geographically, intellectually and philosophically. And the excitement of experimenting with different routes to fulfillment and happiness is likely to be reawakened in you now. The new moon in your hopes-and-humanity sector reminds you that you’re part of something beyond yourself. This is a good time for setting goals related to friendship, networking and philanthropy and for joining a group that shares your interests or objectives.



free people horoscopesCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

The powerful subterranean rumblings you’re feeling this week are an indication of Pluto—the lord of the underworld—turning direct after a five-month retrograde period. There’s an air of suspense surrounding your personal transformation that could unnerve you now if you don’t align yourself with the process. The long death-and-rebirth going on inside you is at a turning point, and you’re better off accepting it than trying to control it. You’re being called to examine how you handle power and powerlessness and to find the integrity in letting something die so something new can be born. Pluto pushes you to embrace impermanence. A Jupiter-Uranus meetup suggests that you can grow from facing life’s darkness and complexities and you can liberate yourself from the past. The new moon in your ambition angle invites you to set a new course in your career.



free people horoscopesAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

When the new moon lands in your exploration zone this week, vow to grow beyond your comfort zone in the coming year. This moon reminds you that new experiences, people from different places and backgrounds, travel, education and exposure to unfamiliar religions, philosophies and beliefs will all expand your perspective, helping you to become a wiser, more tolerant person. With beneficent Jupiter in your relationship angle clicking with revolutionary Uranus in your mindset house now, the theme of learning from other people is repeated. As independent as you are, you’re also very aware of your connection to the broader network of humanity. Jupiter is emphasizing your one-on-one connections, implying that specific people can help you to see things from a different angle, changing you for the better. So be open to others, and be willing to free your mind.



free people horoscopesPISCES

February 19–March 20

A new moon in your sharing sector coaxes you to consider what you need from others and to look at issues connected with interdependence. You may be seeking a deeper level of trust and intimacy, and a good first step is understanding where you’re coming from emotionally. How much do you feel safe giving in a relationship? What are your unspoken expectations of another person? There could be a disconnect between a vague, unsatisfied longing and the reality of a close relationship. If this pertains to you, commit to healing a wound in your psyche. The harmony between Jupiter and Uranus can help you make the connection between work and money—specifically, increasing the quantity and quality of your work and changing your financial situation. It is possible to do something every day that fulfills you and succeed in riding out financial ups and downs independently.



free people horoscopesARIES

March 21–April 19

The sun crosses your relationship angle this week, and the subsequent new moon there further draws your attention to your personal bonds. Taking a current relationship to the next level and beginning a new one are both favored now, as is going public with something that you intend to offer others. Awareness of someone else’s needs is called for, and you may choose to commit to a collaboration at this time. An encounter between Jupiter in your joy house and Uranus in your sign suggests a burst of enthusiasm for expressing your whole self without fear and radically redefining how you relate to the world. You’ll see that you can grow beyond the barriers of who you thought you could be. Your faith in love begins close to home. Self-love and authenticity will set you free.



free people horoscopesTAURUS

April 20–May 20

This week’s new moon lands in your efficiency zone, handing you an opportunity to make a fresh start when it comes to your health, diet, fitness, habits, job, skills, time management, work ethic, attention to detail, productivity, organization and usefulness. Aligning yourself with the energy of this lunation will allow you to change something you’ve been wanting to change for awhile. Self-improvement like that mentioned above will help you to feel more together. You probably already know what you need to do; here’s your chance to initiate a shift. When Jupiter and Uranus click this week, your growing quest for inner security and your unconscious urge to subversively upset the applecart won’t seem so at odds somehow. Maybe you need to confront a hidden side of yourself in order to feel really comfortable in your own skin.



free people horoscopesGEMINI

May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your productivity house this week, improving your ability to organize your thoughts and do detailed mental work. This is a good time for communicating personably with colleagues. The new moon in your fulfillment sector turns your attention to less practical matters and beckons you to launch a fresh creative project, begin a new romance, pick up a new hobby, find a new source of pleasure or passion and carve out your own path to happiness. At the same time, hopeful Jupiter in your mindset zone is clicking with individualistic Uranus in your group house, enabling you to envision positive teamwork. Widening your circle of contacts and broadening your thinking goes along with a willingness to change whom you connect with and on what terms. Opening your mind will revolutionize your hopes.



free people horoscopesCANCER

June 21–July 22

Soon after the sun crosses your roots angle this week, it forms a new moon with your ruling planet there—shifting your focus to the house in your chart that’s naturally associated with all things Cancer. You’re called to contemplate your emotional needs, your comfort, your home, your inner security, your family, your memories, your feelings, your emotional patterns, your childhood back story and your vulnerability—then consider what needs to shift. If you look within, you can identify the fresh start that’s itching to happen. With Jupiter and Uranus joining forces now, the concept of abundant resources dovetails with a shakeup in your life direction. The mark you seek to make in the world must change somehow, perhaps revealing altogether different opportunities. Flexibility in your career and financial prosperity appear to go hand in hand now.



free people horoscopesLEO

July 23–August 22

The sun moves into your cognition-and-communication sector this week, increasing the level of activity in your brain and in your immediate surroundings. And the subsequent new moon there coaxes you to learn something new, convey your message in a fresh way, become a better listener, try to meet your community’s needs, shift your mindset, begin a writing project, talk about your feelings or get in touch with someone you care about. Jupiter in Leo is syncing with Uranus in your vision sector, combining your quest for personal growth with a shakeup in your belief system. Looking at the world from a radically different angle and gaining new insights from unfamiliar experiences and people different from you will accelerate your growth. Liberate yourself from old prejudices and welcome more truth into your life—including truth about yourself and how you deal with the world.



free people horoscopesVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Mercury heads into a house in your chart where it’s quite at home this week, increasing your daily interactions, busying your brain and possibly inducing a bit of travel. This is an appropriate time for asking questions, listening attentively and gathering information. The new moon in your worth house nudges you to set a financial goal, find a new source of income, reset your priorities or resolve to attend to an issue related to your possessions or your self-esteem. With Jupiter and Uranus gelling in your subliminal and depth sectors, there seems to be a theme of exploring the nooks and crannies of your subconscious, developing tolerance for aspects of yourself that you tend to repress and liberating yourself from something in your psyche. Make your peace with whatever (or whoever) is holding you back and set it (or them) free.



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9 years ago
9 years ago

I always get excited when I see the your horoscope on my bloglovin feed!! :)

xx Cecil //

9 years ago

the new chapter is upon us. embrace the moment! seize your path, maketh thy dream!

9 years ago

these are actually really accurate!

9 years ago

Scorpio!!! So spot on!

9 years ago

Could you elaborate on the Cancer horoscope? It seems especially complicated this week.

9 years ago

I agree, the cancer horoscope does seem a bit aloof, but then again, we are aloof! It’s perfectly fitting! Lol

9 years ago

I’m a Cancer and the horoscope makes perfect sense to me. So accurate it’s scary! I don’t get why anyone would call it complicated or aloof. Plus Cancers are sensitive not aloof.

9 years ago

The Aries is SPOT ON

Warm Regards,

Love this! Feeling good about it :)