What I’m Wearing At NYFW

This time each year, New York Fashion Week gets everyone in the fashion world excited and inspired.

This will be my first time covering the event, and I can’t wait to be surrounded by the city’s most fashionable. From the runway shows to the after parties, the city will be buzzing with media, bloggers, and style icons for the days ahead. I’ll be posted around town on Friday hunting down street style looks, so be sure to come say hi if you see me! The weather is looking to be hot, so although everyone might be dying to wear their new favorite fall pieces, the sun is still here to keep us warm for a little bit longer. Dressing cool and comfortable is key, especially if you’re someone like me who will be hopping all around the city. Here’s what I’m wearing this year at NYFW!

Day 1

day 1 fashion week

There’s something so chic and cool about an all black get-up, and one thing I always try to do is add in a little pop of color somewhere in the outfit. Most of the time I incorporate it when I’m accessorizing. I’ve really been digging some of the sets we’ve been selling, and I love this all black sporty skirt set. I’ll wear it with a cool pair of oxblood flats to keep my feet comfortable for a long day of walking around.

Get the look: Moonmeans Set, Sam Slip On Sneaker, It Suits You Tweed Baseball Cap, Rider Distressed Satchel, Tryan Collar

Day 2

day 2 fashion week

I always like to stay true to my beach-town roots no matter where I am. If I wear something more classic and chic one day, I always feel the need to bring along an outfit that truly represents my personal style for another day. Relaxed and flowy is what I’m all about, and I’ve been loving the color and fit of the Drifting Away Pants. Layering a soft kimono over a tank up top completes the outfit, and it’s something easy enough to take off and stick in a tote if it gets too hot.

Get the look:Drifting Away Pants, Labryrinth Dream Top, Cody Embellished Kimono, Castilla Tote, Piper Slingback Footbed, Lapis Fringe Necklace

NEw York Fashion Week Lead

Who else is going to NYFW? Hope to see you there!

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  1. LOVEEE these chic yet vibrant looks! I am especially dying over those Piper Sligbacks! Now I have total shoe envy and need a pair… Also really digging the tribal print gear for the camera. Hope you had a blast!

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