FP Me Takes Vancouver & The Sunshine Coast

Vancouver was calling our name.  It’s sweeping coastline & regal mountains filled the Free People dreams, whispering a little come hither. We yearned to drink the crisp clean air, and to step our eager feet along its shores.

Fifteen FP Me girls, from all across Canada, met at the ferry late one evening. We rode, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the muted shades of blue. Whales flapped their fins above water to say hello as we made our way through the sound’s calm waters.  Majestic mountains, holding the wisdom of a land untouched, stood high above us on all sides. Vancouver’s introduction made itself clear. This was going to be one of the most beautiful adventures our eyes had yet to see.



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Christie Lohr

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Upon arrival on the Sunshine Coast, Rock Water Secret Cove Resort became our home. Situated at the end of a mountain road, we were nestled in our own little bay overlooking the water. We explored its grounds, and drank in the scenery.

Olivia Quan

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And then the adventures began. Late in the morning, we hopped in kayaks and set out. We were making or way along the coast, getting to know each other along the way. It was really one of those experiences that go to prove: you can be doing the most fun activity in the most beautiful of places, but what it really comes down to is the people. This trip was full of interesting, intelligent, and creative young women. Our conversations were lit up and oh my goodness, did we laugh. Everyone quickly became like family.



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After we tired our bodies, it was time for some restorative yoga. The practice was about connecting with our bodies, and doing what was right for each and every one one of us. After all, FP Me is a group built of individuals, each their own being. It was time to recognize our individuality, and how strengthening the force within ourselves is what allows us to come together as an inspiring community.


Treasures & Travels

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Meanwhile, a beautiful dinner was being constructed on the resort’s veranda. Globe lights were strung, flowers clipped and arranged, place cards set. Arriving to dinner was like entering a whole new world. It was our own secret moment in time, full of beauty, and for us alone. Our hearts were buzzing. Going to bed at the end of the night was hard.


Nikki Dinner

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Girls Dinner 1

Girls Dinner 2

But we had to wake early. We strapped on our boots, threw on those flannels, and made our way to the woods. In British Columbia the trees stand tall, and the greenest of moss hangs from them giving a sort of grandfather look. These woods were truly wild, but also wise.

Hike 1

Hike 2

Before leaving, we enjoyed one last breakfast together. The goodbyes were sad. Knowing that these new friends could not be a part of daily life just didn’t seem fair. But the shared moments will live on inside each and every one of us. We’ll just have to hold on to them until we meet again…

Hike 3

Vancouver, you were everything we’d hoped you would be.

Video By: Benjamin Giesbrecht

Music: Ancient Mars by The Zolas

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9 years ago

These photos are great! And that dinner looks like a dream.


9 years ago

sooooo beautiful ! I’m from Canada and would love to promote FP here ! my insta username is @thebohochild ♥

9 years ago

Wow this post totally took me away from my dorm room for a few minutes. I love your photos as usual and wonderful post!

9 years ago

Everything looks so beautiful and dreamy! I would love a girl’s get-away like that!

9 years ago

Makes me feel even more blessed to live on the Sunshine Coast! Hope you got to check out Blue Magnolia…Our one store on the coast you can find Free People clothing!

9 years ago

I just got back from Vancouver!! I absolutely love that place!! It’s so beautiful.

9 years ago

Gorgeous! I’d love to go to Vancouver someday. Or anywhere in the Pacific northwest, for that matter.

<3 dani

9 years ago

AH! I am just now seeing the treasures and travels ladies on here!! They are the COOLEST! Love that.

9 years ago

loooove Alex