The Magic That Surrounds

‘Tis the season of magic, that is for sure. Of crisp days, when eerie winds cause a chill down our spine, and have us longing for potions, and spells, and all things mystical…

But what if magic were more than that? What if magic existed in every moment of life; in every connection ever made? Earth to foot, air to skin, human to animal, soul to soul. Magic, my friends, surrounds us – engulfs us – at all times.

Magic is the beauty of the universe, from the burning stars that live high above our heads, to the tiniest drop of morning rain that disappears before our brains can fully grasp the magnitude of its beauty. It’s the power of unconditional love; the bond shared between humans, whether connecting one to one, or all to all.

These are things that can’t be seen with the naked eye. They must only be felt to be truly understood. Pure and beautiful, raw and real. That is what magic is.

My dear friend Lauren is a magical soul herself. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with her for quite some time, and I felt that the mystical time we’re in right now – of fall, of Halloween – would be the perfect time to do it. Inspired by Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic, Lauren brought to my attention the idea that magic exists in all of us; that we are all witches in our own way, creating mysticism with love, and human bonds, and sometimes even pain. We gathered a few of our beloved friends and shot these photos together, side by side, and then Lauren infused her own personal magic into each image, creating what you see right here. We call it The Sisterhood.















Thank you, Lauren, for your incredible eye, imaginative mind, and beautiful soul. And thank you to the beautiful quartet – Gretchen and Leann and Caitlin and Catie – for so happily being a part of this.

See more of Lauren’s work here.

Shown above are the Juliet Lattice Fit and Flare Slip, Ryder Ruana, We The Free Raleigh Shirt, Suede Fringe Collar, Stone Tassel Bolo, and Cai Collar.

Follow Brigette on Instagram, and have a look at her blog and Etsy shop!

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8 years ago

best. post. ever.

sooo much thursday inspiration.

8 years ago

So Very Lovely. I agree that magic, daily miracles are everywhere and in everything. I can see it when I pause and look with openness, innocence and childlike wonder.

I hope you are savoring this magical season!

8 years ago

Absolutely love this. We tend to externalize magic so much — to make it something mystical, unattainable, that exists outside ourselves. I love this idea of finding it within. That is a thousand — a million! — times more inspiring. I feel the pull to create, right this minute!

8 years ago

Great post. I agree that magic is in every moment, and all we need to do is pay attention to it and connect with it in order to feel its power.

8 years ago

So beautiful. Truly.. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

8 years ago

Love the writing…beautiful!

8 years ago

These pictures are crazy beautiful!

8 years ago

Wow. You captured the feeling of this time of year beautifully. Thank you!

8 years ago

Free People is definitely one of my favourite blogs, and for good reason too. As you soon as you arrive here you’re coated in the kind of magic that you’re talking about in this post. Something you can’t quite explain, but you can feel.

x Erin

8 years ago

Beautiful post !
It’s true that magic is kind of everywhere.. I think it just depends of who is seeing it :)
I always loooove your texts, it’s such a huge inspiration for me !

You are an overly skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look ahead to looking for extra of your great post. I feel really happy and grateful for giving me such valuable post….

8 years ago

Love this post so much, and the images are beautiful!

The Style Rogue

8 years ago

I love this post! This is how life should be…..spending much time with the sisterhood we all so desperately need. <3

8 years ago

That sisterhood has some pretty manicures! I love the styling here, simply pretty. I certainly believe in magic and miracles in everyday life!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

lovely post and beautiful pictures :)

rae of love from berlin

6 years ago

It is barely summer and I miss Halloween!