Free People Presents: Love Storm

Our latest film tells the tale of a classic western romance…

Starring Abby Brothers and Nick Fouquet, Love Storm is a wild ride through the desert. It’s hazy desert skies, roadside diners, and music-fueled, rain-soaked nights. We could all use a little storm in our lives, a dust-up, a detour. A love unlike any other. Go all in, fall head over heels if you dare. It’s a storm that’s well worth weathering:


Models: Abby Brothers @loveandlayers, Nick Fouquet @nickfouquet
HMU: Erin Lee Smith @erinleesmith
Director: Phillip Lopez @el_mustachios
Composer: @thebiggonemusic
DP: @ilightfilms@vastblue

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8 years ago

I love this free spirited playful romance, with the roadside diner, the beat up pickup, and the vintage convertible it was so awesomely retro, reminds me of many road trips in days gone by… and I loved how she kicks butt fixing the car!!! Thank you FP for another awesome video!

Best Wishes,

8 years ago

I love this! Your team never fails to deliver a perfectly moving video. Keep them coming!

8 years ago

great vid’ as always :)
But in my heart, nothing can replace the first one I saw, Roshambo Rocks… for now ;)
love <3

8 years ago

I love this! Absolutely stunning.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

8 years ago

Stunning! Now i want to go on a wild ride through the desert!

8 years ago

Loove this film ! overall the colors :)

8 years ago

Love this movie, especially the tone of this movie.

The movies you guys produce are always so incredible.

Roberta garza
8 years ago

The models are georgeous, the the acting is horrible especailly the girls! Stick to modeling

8 years ago

the picture was so clear! loved it

8 years ago

Hi, I haven’t seen a feature on Black Friday for Free People 2014? I know there’s an app, but besides that, what will Free People’s Black Friday offers be this year? Will there be a Cyber Monday sale? Would appreciate a reply. Thanks! Happy Holidays everyone!

8 years ago

Beautiful shots, gorgeous appealing models but the editing was awful. This could have been so amazing but felt very amateur, can you do a part 2 with better editing pretty please!!! Xx