The (Vintage) Records You Need to be Spinning

What is it about classic vinyl that makes us feel so connected to the music?From the moment the needle drops, the first notes crackling through the speaker, we’re hooked, spinning our favorite records over and over again, wearing down the ridges, falling deeper in love with the songs that always seem to get us right in the heart. Whether you collect, amassing vinyl after vinyl, or simply own a few old favorites, there’s something that sets records apart from tapes and CDs, something that has withstood the test of time. You remember your first record, cherish it. Mine was ABBA Gold, bought at a flea market in the 7th grade. It sits sandwiched between copies of Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush and Ramones Ramones, each one representing a different period of my life, and each one loved just as much as the last.

With the launch of our Vintage Loves: Tunes & Treasures collection, our vintage buyer, Ali, has curated a selection of records, posters, and accessories that will speak to the collector within. Check out what Ali has to say about this exclusive collection below, and be sure to click through to browse the entire selection:



“This curated collection of records and posters spans from the 1960’s through the 1990’s, an archive of four incredible decades of music. My team and I devoted ourselves to the task of building these collections with all the passion and energy that we had to give.”


“This collection represents not just the evolution of a poster or record, but special moments in the history of rock and roll.”

Records Records

Thank you Ali!

+Do you have a favorite album, or a fond memory of starting your collection? Be sure to share in the comments!

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9 years ago

What a great idea! Good folks need good tunes, and hooking someone up with the perfect record collection can be life changing!!


9 years ago

I love your appreciation for all things vintage. There really is just something different about the sound/feel of records!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

i just got my record player last year for christmas, and am planning on asking for some records for xmas…
bob dylan on vinyl might be my favorite, but i just love listening to records in general and how it forces you to listen to the whole album.

9 years ago

Lovely! I got my bf a record player for Christmas – don’t tell ;) He LOVES The Boss and Dylan so I’ll be scooping up some of those.

Warm Regards,

9 years ago

My favorites are anything 80’s FLEETWOOD MAC or Stevie Nicks solos are a definite. And the other day I found my GREESE soundtrack which was took me back in time. There is nothing that compares to that time out with a good vinyl.

9 years ago

I am absolutely in love with the collection you put together. My record player is probably my most beloved thing. It’s just so much better to listen to music on vinyl, especially classic rock, it feels way more real. My favorite records I own at the moment are The Doors’ debut album and Led Zeppelin IV. Essential to any collection I think! :D x

9 years ago

This is a great question to ASK the world…the replies paint a colorful tapestry of tastes, interests, passions, loves, eras and memories.

9 years ago

I really miss my record player as its in storage along with a collection of albums from my childhood…KISS,The Babys,Boston,ELO,old Aerosmith were some of my favorites.My son wants to have my collection so they will be passed on to him so he can enjoy them.

9 years ago

If only I had a record player!!!!


9 years ago

Sorry ladies, but support your local record store instead. I love fp, but when it comes to records I trust my friends at my local shop. They always have bomb recommendations, and you’re supporting locally owned businesses, not a giant corporation.

9 years ago

This vintage record player looks good!!

9 years ago

This is so fun! I have a record player, but I don’t have many records! This would be perfect!

9 years ago

Most of mine belonged to my grandparents, but I was lucky that they had as deep of a love for Fleetwood Mac as me and inherited all of records. Such a joy picking up vinyls.
xoxo Kennedy
Northern Indigo

Jasmine C
9 years ago

What record player are using?

Jasmine C
9 years ago

What record player are you using?*

amoeba amo
9 years ago

the record player is a marantz!

9 years ago

LOL, where’s the amp?

And those ankle boots are so boring!

8 years ago

Where can I find this turntable??

7 years ago

Go check out my Etsy (below) for more great Vintage Vinyl Records!