Weekend Snapshot: Reminiscing

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

It’s miraculous how much can happen in a year, yet also how much remains the same. The holiday feasts have passed and now the new year is on the horizon…. this is the time to look back. 2014 will soon be yet another page of the long scrapbook that is our lives. This time, right before the new year, is the perfect opportunity to think back and relive memories. Take the time to reminisce within yourself and revisit your own goals, and share that nostalgia with old friends. This weekend reconnect, socialize, enjoy the company of those around you… get out and about and have some fun. Time has come and gone. You may have events you are proud of, and others not as much, but with these last few days of the year, celebrate the passage of time.

I like to take this time to not only look back upon the last 365 days, but to go back farther in history as well. The juxtaposition of looking back on one year, to the many, many that came before really sparks my inspiration. With this beautiful phenomenon on my mind, today I’m thinking back to my personal favorite time-period in history… the 1970’s. The music, the people, the free spirited attitude seems to have been an environment I would have loved to be a part of. I can just picture myself at a Led Zeppelin concert, jamming to the classic guitar solos and soulful singing of the time. This ensemble perfectly captures that classic rock n’ roll attitude of the period with an embroidered graphic tee and fitted denim bell bottoms. What’s even better, is that this weekend you can find these gorgeous pointed-toe boots and statement indigo shaggy jacket  for half off online! This look would have been cool back in the ’70s, but couldn’t be any more perfect for today, for taking that time to go out with old friends… go to a concert, stroll around the city or grab dinner to commemorate the time that has passed and look forward to another memorable year ahead.


1. Faithful Shaggy Jacket

2. We the Free Salena Graphic Tee

3. FP Pull On Kick Flare

4. Barbary Boot

5. Cleopatra Metal Choker




+What are your plans this weekend? 

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8 years ago

Pretty! Yes, 2014 had so much growth for me, too.

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Love this piece. Very cool!

xoxo, Aditi

8 years ago
8 years ago

Love the flare jeans! My petite frame would probably drown in that shag jacket, but it looks fabtastic on Aubrie. I just made up that word on accident btw… ;)
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