California Dreamin’

Dreamin. With an achin’ in my heart.
Knows how to party.
There’re a million tunes that attempt to bottle the magic of this beautiful state.
And yes, they do.
But nothing beats that first step out of a Cali airport… that first glimpse of wondrous terrain… whether it’s a palm tree, a redwood, a saguaro. Draped by soothing sun that’s most likely going to greet you at the door and throughout your travels.
Over the Christmas holiday, our vintage loves buyer and I took a spin through some our favorite cities – Napa, Big Sur and Los Angeles.
For those of you who live here, I’m super jealous.
And for those of you who have never been, here are a few reasons why you MUST arrange for a visit immediately.

California Carrie

Amazing wine. We loved Peju!

California Carrie

Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. A beautiful, unassuming sanctuary tucked off of Highway 1.

California Carrie

The majesty that is Big Sur. My favorite place that exists.

Photo-worthy everything.

California Carrie

Hidden gems. This is Nitt Witt Ridge. Built over the span of 50 years by an artist in Cambria, using only hand tools and indigenous materials. We didn’t have a chance to tour his castle but I hope to go back someday and marvel at the interior as much as I did from outside.

California Carrie

Thank you, beautiful creature.

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8 years ago

I love California !
Miss it so much


8 years ago

Yes! Definitely working on planning a trip – anything to get out of this New England winter :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

California is such a beautiful creature. I loved this post.



8 years ago

California is one of my favourite places in the world! I can’t wait to return one day… especially as the weather is so dreary in England, forever dreaming of beach days!

8 years ago

California has that “something” that makes me want to go there so bad!!

xx Cecil //

8 years ago

Just got back from christmas break visiting San Diego and out to the desert around Joshua Tree. Already missing the sunshiny days and the nice laidback vibe of the area.Can`t wait to get back there.

8 years ago

Yay California!! I’ve lived here for almost a year now, and guys. it’s. the. best. ever.

8 years ago

Haha I saw the first photo and immediately had to read more. I recognize those line of trees anywhere, Napa is my hometown! :) And I have the pleasure of living here for about 16 years out of my 18. It’s pretty sweet :)

8 years ago

I absolutely love California! I’ve lived in Napa my entire life and I still haven’t gotten over the beauty of it.

G Kim
8 years ago

I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life, and while I’m not the hugest fan of the weather, I have to admit the close-by beaches are a plus! And I agree, the Big Sur is my favorite place that exists as well :) I dream of living in NorCal someday! I have been truly blessed to have been born and raised in California, and I don’t ever plan on leaving.

8 years ago

I’m from California and these are some beautiful sceneries that I have yet to see! Thanks for sharing!

8 years ago

We love you California!!!
Kisses from Buenos Aires!

8 years ago

Lovely california!
I want to treavel there!

8 years ago

Im a Cali girl born and raised…love it!! its awesome ! so many cool spots to walk on the beach and chill. if you havent been? come visit!