NYC Natural Beauty Spot: Savor Spa

A spa day is something that each one of us truly deserves. A day of pampering, where the sole purpose is to rejuvenate the body and reset the mind; to bring everything back to a natural, balanced, peaceful state of beauty. If that spa day happens to be at Savor Spa in Manhattan’s West Village, the outcome is nothing short of miraculous.

My friends, allow me to introduce you to Angela, the beautiful mastermind behind Savor Spa and skincare brand Om Aroma & Co:


Angela, I’m blown away by everything you’ve created. I’m a sucker for all things natural and beautiful, and you certainly know how to do it right. How did you arrive in the world of natural beauty?

After researching ingredients and finding out that most mass brands have around 55 ingredients; the first ingredient is often water, and the fifth ingredient is often a preservative. I have always had very sensitive skin, and I was shocked to find out how many chemicals are in beauty products – often for shelf life and for the bottom line.

While I was still a touring concert pianist, I decided to create my own lotions and potions in my kitchen for fun. I obsessed over finding the perfect formula and 1000 tries later, I started to give the lotions to friends who then wanted to buy them for their friends. I sent my formulas to a holistic chemist and became an “Accidental Entrepreneur.”



How would you describe the Savor Spa experience?

An editor once described Savor Spa as “the Tiffanys to my Holly Golightly.” Another client described the boutique spa as “cozy warm luxury”, and I think the most wonderful compliment I ever received was that Savor Spa was a brand people trust. They trust that we have five-star therapists and use the best eco-chic skincare and curate the best eco-makeup on the market.


After a treatment, what is one thing you hope each person will walk away with?

Hands down, unparalleled quality is the biggest priority that we have at Savor Spa. You know when you can feel that someone has poured love into every detail? Well, someone has. From me as the founder to our management to our team – pouring attention into details, experience, and knowledge is my aim. Maybe this comes from my concert pianist training, but these uncompromising standards are of utmost importance.



I know that creating natural beauty products takes a lot of experimenting. Can you describe your ideal environment for experimentation? Where are you? What time of day is it? Are you alone or with others? Listening to music? Paint us a picture…

I LOVE to create products, and it is definitely an artistic outlet.

Here’s a peek into what developing a product looks like for us: We are developing our Pre-Cleanse Coconut Creamy Oil to remove makeup. I have our staff at the Om factory in Hudson Valley experiment with about 20 different combinations of oils to see what would be most effective. I then go in alone and start to play with the oils and essential oils. We have our estheticians test and give results. Next, we hire a holistic aromatherapist to help us put together the best possible scent and results for the skin. It’s a solo and team effort that brings everyone together as we co-create an amazing beauty product for our clients.

How do you know when you’ve done it; when you’ve reached the perfect recipe for a beauty product?

Our team is made up of very discerning and selective estheticians and therapists and beauty lovers. I always want them to poke holes and ask a lot of questions. When you can impress our esthetics team and hear, “I’m obsessed!” then you know you’ve created the perfect formula.


Which product is your personal favorite – and how do you yourself use it?

I love what I call the “Triple Threat.” It’s the combination of the Truffle Face Cream, one of our Serums, and one of our Toning Mists. Right now, my skin is dry because of the harsh winter air, so I am using the Dry Truffle Cream with a mix of Raspberry and Carrot Rose… spritz in some Neroli Toning Mist and you have heaven on earth!

Your Carrot Rose Serum is one of my absolute favorite beauty products – I simply cannot stop raving about it. What is it that makes your products so magical: Is it the quality of the ingredients? The specific mixtures you’ve created? The love that gets infused into each product?

I love this question because I think it boils down to the love that gets infused into each product. We love this process, and the aromas that are mixed together — along with the skin benefits — it becomes pure obsession here. Every product that we come out with has to have this “Oh my god – what is that??? I cannot live without it” quality or… what’s the point?


What’s up next for Om Aroma and Savor Spa? Anything fun and exciting in the works?!

Om Aroma is all about expanding with very special, curated products that make a difference. Savor Spa is expanding with new spas, we are working on an exciting program that allows some of our employees to own a Savor Spa as well – with training to funding.

If you could give one piece of advice to every woman in the world, what would you say?

Look at all situations as“Gorgeous Chaos”, which is what I call my life. Look for the gorgeous, always, always.


What does free mean to you? 

There are two types of thoughts that run through our heads at all times: empowered or disempowered. When you choose empowered thinking, you are free. Nothing can hold you back when you realize that through small empowered action, positive change can happen.

Thank you so much for inviting us in, Angela!


P.S. The beauties at Savor Spa have an awesome deal going on right now for all you NYC babes – a winter rescue facial is $149! That includes peels and micro-spot treatments… and citrus aromatherapy, which totally battles winter blues.

Make sure you follow Savor Spa and Om Aroma & Co. on Instagram!

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8 years ago

This is lovely! I’m so happy that people and consumers are focusing more and more on the ingredients in things. I would definitely use these products – the reviews sound amazing!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Where can I buy that amazing chair in the photo above “what does free mean to you” ?

8 years ago

This looks like a charming little place! I will have to check it out!


8 years ago

Great post! I’ve been making a lot of my own beauty products lately and I love knowing exactly what is going on my sensitive skin.

Julie // Northern Rustication

8 years ago

Wow this is my dream and she beat me to it! I guess there will just be a little competition! It looks beautiful though :) and I love these features!