DIY Pressed Flower Prints

It started with the flowers.  I unexpectedly found myself turning back to look at them again on a recent trip to the store. The colors, the scent, and the symbolic promise that spring is not too far away drew me in and I was overwhelmed with the need to take some home with me. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided to press some of the flowers to make wall art and valentines cards with. I love the idea of creating these thoughtful little love notes for the ones you care about. All you need is some paper of your choice and glue.

flowers 1

First I picked up some beautiful tiny purple flowers called waxflower, or chamelacium. Waxflower has pine-like needles and when you cut the stems it releases the most amazing citrus-y aroma. I also got some white daisies, carnations, pale pink roses, and larkspur. It’s amazing how having flowers in your home can instantly make it feel so cheerful and spring like.

roses 3

roses 4

I used brown craft paper, some natural paper, and canvas fabric as backing. After pressing the flowers in a large book for a couple of days, I played around with different combinations of paper and flowers. I also dyed some of the paper with coffee (learn how to do it here!) for a more rustic look. I loved how they turned out so much that I decided to frame some to hang as wall art! To secure the flowers to the paper I used Tacky Glue, but keep in mind these are very delicate and meant to be handled with care.

pressed flower prints 6

I would definitely recommend giving the roses a few extra days to press, due to their thickness they don’t press quite as easily as the others did.

flowers 5


roses 5

Pressed flower prints

pressed flower wall

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  1. oh this looks so lovely :)
    I love how you arranged it as a wall collage ;)
    very pretty and a little vintage
    It would make pretty stationery or a very special greeting card, I think ;)

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