Weekend Hideaway: Big Sur, California

I’ll be honest with you – Big Sur has it all. 

From jutting seaside mountains cloaked in green, to the barrel-shaped waves that crash onto them, this central California ocean-side city is, well, pretty close to perfect. Ok, it is perfect. Big Sur is a place that people feel personally connected to. It’s a place where your inhales become just a little bit deeper and the soul awakens just a little bit more. Life is in full color here.

Big Sur is sparsely populated and is an area without any real urban city presence. Instead, three small towns (more like clusters) of local cafes, hotels, and shops are scattered along Highway 1, underneath the shade of the redwood trees. Each nook is worth exploring, each mountain worth scaling, and each beach worth seeking. The undeniable beauty of Big Sur has lured many artists, past and present, to the area. This place offers stillness and quiet… complete calm. This is a place words fail to describe. Big Sur must be experienced.














Big Sur is home to one of my favorite spaces, The Henry Miller Memorial Library. It is just off Highway 1 and small enough to miss if you’re not paying attention. The library is a cultural and resource center and non-profit organization, championing the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist, and Big Sur resident Henry Miller. It also serves as a public gallery, performance and workshop space for artists, writers, musicians and students. This place is pure charm. Coffee and tea are available on the deck for anyone who would like a cup as they wander through the library. Feel free to leave a donation for your cup of joe, or not. Check out the vinyl record collection and the vintage books that hang from the ceiling, or pick up and play the guitar that is mounted on the wall. Or maybe you feel like sitting by the fireplace to shoot the breeze as you wait for the resident cat to leisurely walk in from sunbathing on the deck. Past the deck is a lawn with a small stage sitting atop it. The library is host to  many musical performances; some past concerts include Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty. For more information regarding the Henry Miller Library, check out their website.





+ I would love to hear what you think about Big Sur or if you’re planning a weekend getaway this weekend!

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Oh my god – what a hidden treasure! This is the dreamiest place I’ve ever seen.

Warm Regards,

As a native of Northern California, I am always ashamed to say I’ve never seen the beauty of Big Sur in person. It’s on my bucket list for sure — I’m hoping to make a trip sooner rather than later! Especially after seeing all these gorgeous pictures!

Samantha | http://splendorandforge.wordpress.com

It’s a beautiful place, there’s nothing quite like it! Although I must admit, that drive is terrifying and I had a total melt down while en route hahaha.





Big Sur is one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m from Southern California so it is a bit of a trek, but the hiking, forests, and serene beaches are definitely worth the trip! So much culture in one small town:)


My husband Greg and I visited Big Sur on our tandem bicycle while we were doing a huge west coast tour on our bike!!! its the best way to take it all in….the sights, the smells, the breeze on your face….what an awesome trip!! highly recommended:)


All time favorite. If you ever go up there, check out the Esalen Institute night baths – life changing experience :)


What a beautiful place!!!


We just call it home…

So dreamy and beautiful! Big sur has always on been on my travel wishlist. Soon <3

I think it’s necessary that I visit Big Sur one day.


Big Sur looks so beautiful. When I was 7 I went on a road trip with my mom and two little sisters from Vancouver to Disneyland and although I have some recollection of the event it is all pretty vague. I’m hoping to make the drive again sometime!

Julie // Northern Rustication

I’m dying to visit Big Sur, now more than ever after seeing ll of these lovely photos….

Really nice and magic pics !


Gorgeous photography. I love big sur :)

Big Sur is one of the most majestic places I’ve visited, and I’ve traveled quite a lot.


Wow. This place looks like heaven on Earth… These are really beautiful shots, too.

I was finally lucky enough to visit Big Sur for the first time this year and knew I would fall in love before I even got there.
For one of my classes I made a video inspired by the feeling I had while I was there and revolves around what it means to me to be free! I’d love to share it with you!

IG: elliebobelli

This has given me some serious itchy feet!! Can’t wait until I can visit


Big Sur changed mine and my partners lives in such a beautiful way. The best tip I can give is that it’s legal to stay the night at any turn out. Free camp site right over the beach you say?! https://instagram.com/p/tLT5enLZmp/?modal=true

Thanks for the review on The Henry Miller Memorial Library, definitely top of my list next time we go back.



LOVE Big Sur and all that it offers.



I’m glad I stumbled on this! I am going to Big Sur this week and could not be any more excited. Beautiful pictures!


BEAUTIFUL photos beautiful place, love the way you captured it hope to stumble upon Big Sur one day,
what camera do you use?

peace and light