Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 9–15

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February 19–March 20

You’re inclined to go after what you need this week, with proactive Mars in your resources zone connecting with Jupiter and Uranus. Steer clear of impulse spending, and channel your exuberance into actions that can expand your skillset and open up new avenues of income. Don’t shy away from fighting for your security and taking on more work. Act to gain financial independence, using whatever tools you have at your disposal. Try not to get into disputes over money, stuff or values, and avoid possessiveness. Mars is clashing with Pluto, exacerbating internal tension over the need to let go of an old goal, friendship or affiliation with a group and create new ones. Your actions may conflict with that need if you’re driven to hold onto someone or something now. Change is inevitable, and you’re better off instigating the changes you want than fighting the ones you don’t. As Mercury skips into your sign, self-expression and personal reflection become second nature, and your mind’s restlessness may lead you to travel or do some type of mental work.


March 21–April 19

Mars is providing you with plenty of impetus during his time in Aries this month, and this week, he interacts with three heavyweight planets, influencing your methods and motivation. His encounter with Jupiter in your happiness house hints at well-timed, worthwhile risks for the sake of personal fulfillment, pleasure, love or creative expression. Courage and a taste for freedom and growth can propel you to make a bold move now—or you may choose to simply enjoy life to the fullest. With Mars and Uranus coming together, your actions are apt to be unpredictable and swift, and you may even surprise yourself. This planetary pairing is conducive to rash behavior and rebellion, so if you’re itching to launch an innovative project or make a major change in your life, you’ll find yourself so ready to go for it now. Mars is also battling Pluto in your goals angle, stimulating your ambition and upping the chances of getting into a power struggle with an authority figure. Don’t fight the upheaval in your life direction. Use it as fuel.


April 20–May 20

Working from home or on your home can prove beneficial this week when Mars in your solitude sector gels with Jupiter in your domestic angle. This is also a good time for confronting something in your subconscious to further your emotional growth. Family support may help you to deal with a psychological issue. Alone time can improve your mood, but doing something that entails sacrificing your personal interests and helping others can also give you a sense of peace. If you have a lot to do, working by yourself or in a quiet, low-key setting is best. Mars is also rendezvousing with unpredictable Uranus, and there’s a chance that this unstable energy will lead you to shoot yourself in the foot or get into a conflict for reasons you don’t understand. You might also suddenly bring an end to something, since these two planets are in the last house of your chart. A Mars-Pluto squabble suggests a crisis of faith. Don’t fight a shift in your worldview, or you may end up working against yourself.


May 21–June 20

Professional networking, teamwork, socializing and conveying your message to a group are favored this week, with Mars in your network zone clicking with Jupiter in your communication sector. You should be able to prove your point, aligning your ideas with coordinated group efforts or teaching people how to do something. You might also learn a lot by observing the actions of others. Get out and circulate to increase your contacts and draw inspiration from collective energy. An optimistic attitude will spur you to pursue your interests and goals, and finding people who share those interests and goals will feed your optimism. However, you may run into trouble with someone, given Mars’s friction with Uranus and Pluto. You could have an urge to break away from a group or sever ties with a friend. Or anger may come out of left field, causing disruption in your circle. Trust, jealousy, sex, control and sharing are likely sources of conflict. See if you can work things out with people without feeling like you’re giving up too much personal power.


June 21–July 22

You’re in hot pursuit of your goals, with go-getter Mars traveling through your ambition angle this month. His meeting with generous Jupiter in your worth zone this week implies that your efforts will dovetail with increasing confidence and financial good fortune. Your highest values can drive you to achieve your objectives, and prioritizing meaningful work will prove productive. Still, Mars’s encounters with Uranus and Pluto are potential powder kegs. Rebelling against authority or getting into a power struggle with someone close to you are two possible scenarios. Anyone who has a degree of control over you is likely to provoke you into acting out now, and you could end up doing something rash that draws attention. You may discover that striving to fulfill your ambitions doesn’t mesh with what’s going on in a particular relationship. Perhaps it feels like someone is standing in your way. Try a different method to accomplish what you’ve set out to do, and act independently—without pushing anyone else’s buttons if you can help it. Find a way to be your own boss.


July 23–August 22

Travel, learning, new experiences, switching up your routine, intellectual exchanges, courageous action and stretching your limits will foment your personal growth this week, when doer Mars in your expansion sector jibes with inspired Jupiter in your sign. Mars’s meeting with unpredictable Uranus increases your chances of getting up the nerve to color outside the lines, so take advantage by trying things that make you uncomfortable or even scared. Deliberately doing something that isn’t in keeping with your old definition of yourself—while being true to the person that you’re becoming—will be totally worth it. With Uranus in your beliefs house the past few years, your views are constantly changing, and that’s part of what’s driving your growth. Your current impulse to gain independence is at odds with the need to attend to daily responsibilities that feel overwhelming at times. Fighting the reality of your health, job, schedule or to-do list is futile. Bold action here and there, coupled with a slow shift in the nature of your everyday life, will be a potent combination.


August 23–September 22

Intensive pursuits can boost your spirits this week, thanks to a Mars-Jupiter confab. Dig into something that you want to learn more about, as research is bound to produce results. An underlying feeling of benevolence and faith can help you to grow closer to someone, and the sneaking suspicion that everything is going to be okay will aid psychological transformation and healing. Spirituality and sexuality may commingle, generating a meaningful intimate experience. With Mars and Uranus coming together, experimental sex or sex with someone unexpected is also possible. Closeness, trust and sharing could feel quite liberating. However, given the unpredictable nature of Uranus and Mars’s additional skirmish with Pluto, sex, closeness and psychological exploration might cause some turmoil as well. A strong need to express your true self could scare you or you may become rather obsessed with someone. A disconnect between sex and love could be problematic, and personal relationships might feel heavy and intense. It’s tempting to dwell on someone else’s motives and actions, but focusing on your own part in everything is wiser.


September 23–October 22

With Mars in your relationship angle all month, your tendency to pair up and cooperate is emphasized. When Mars syncs with Jupiter in your group zone this week, you should be able to work very effectively with others. You can learn a lot from collaboration, and having someone to partner with in everything you want to do will inspire you to do even more and set higher goals. One-on-one activities can lead you to make new contacts and widen the circle of people in your life further. Others are likely to be supportive, if not entirely reliable. A Mars-Uranus meetup might trigger interpersonal conflict or surprising behavior, but try not to overreact. Mars happens to be fighting with powerful Pluto in your emotions house, so it won’t be easy to control your feelings. It’s quite possible your own internal state is impacting a relationship in ways that you don’t see, and you may be overly focused on the other person’s role in things. Honor your emotions, no matter how unpleasant, and guard against passive aggression.


October 23–November 21

Doer Mars in your productivity zone is keeping you busy all month, and his encounters with three heavy-duty planets this week are bound to complicate your efforts. Working hard while keeping your eyes on the prize will prove beneficial, thanks to a connection with aspirational Jupiter in your goals angle. Stay optimistic and confident, and focus on long-term progress. Embrace the concept of actively growing your career. When Uranus enters the picture, the odds of conflict with coworkers and sudden switches in your job, health, routine or responsibilities increase. However, this could also be a prime opportunity to swiftly institute necessary changes that make you healthier, more efficient or more prolific. It’s an excellent time to drop a bad habit and adopt a good one. Your ruler Pluto in your mindset house is giving Mars a hard time, though, so your notions of controlling how everything plays out could work against you. Be willing to try different methods, doing whatever works rather than thinking in all-or-nothing terms. Have faith that all this change is happening for a reason.


November 22–December 21

Mars has a fortuitous meeting with Jupiter this week, encouraging you to go after fun, love, creativity, happiness, self-expression, adventure, learning and travel. An optimistic outlook is stimulating this pursuit, and you’re not likely to back down if the opportunity to try something bold and unfamiliar presents itself. Spontaneity is favored, due to impromptu Uranus also being in the mix. You may need to invent a way to get what you want, so be flexible and willing to think outside the box. Be aware that a romance that begins or heats up now may not have staying power. Pluto in your worth zone is challenging Mars, making it possible that confidence, finances, priorities and resources will keep you from enjoying life exactly how you intended to. If that bothers you, you could end up quarreling with someone. Assert your right to do your own thing. With Saturn turning retrograde, the next several months will call for you to evaluate your mission of getting your act together and perhaps tie up loose ends before you see significant progress.


December 22–January 19

Mars is at the bottom of your chart this month, inciting dormant emotions and instigating activity on the home front. His collaboration with Jupiter in your depth zone this week sways you to deal with something in your psyche and aim for meaningful transformation. Bravely facing feelings and placing your trust in someone can pay dividends. But Mars is sparring with Uranus, so difficulties with family or in your domestic life are likely, and you may end up behaving compulsively. Acknowledging your own anger is a smart first step toward defusing tension. You’ll be tempted to try to gain control, since Mars is also fighting off Pluto in Capricorn. Relatives, home life, feelings, old behavior patterns, memories and security may be at the root of the problem. The best response to a “What just happened?” moment is to look at your own core motives. This is a good chance to break free from something that was holding you back. Saturn’s retrograde turn stresses the need to find closure within yourself. You may need extra alone time for that.


January 20–February 18

One-on-one communication and interaction should be to your benefit when assertive Mars in your talking-and-thinking house clicks with auspicious Jupiter in your relationship angle this week. You’d do well to seek out people you can learn from, but you’ll also probably have luck promoting your own ideas. Your mind is especially active this month, and you’re inclined to identify rather vehemently with your personal viewpoint. This could get you into trouble when Mars encounters Uranus and Pluto midweek. The likeliest scenario is speaking out of turn for reasons you don’t understand. Looking at your deepest, darkest emotions that you’re sweeping under the rug will help you get to the bottom of your provocative thoughts and words. If you find yourself in an argument, be open to changing your mind, and monitor abruptness and aggression in your tone. You may be able to get past something in your head now. It will feel like a switch has been flipped, and now you can face the truth head-on. Don’t expect it to be easy; expect it to be worth it.

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8 years ago

Thank you! Look forward to these every week

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I’ve always wanted to go on this retreat, but I’m worried I’m too young. Hopefully Jupiter and Mars will be on my side!

8 years ago

Oh geez. This aries is looking forward to seeing what happens this week… :)

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

very good!

8 years ago

I thought I was feeling a little bit more driven lately…