About a Girl: Alexandra Spencer

You might recognize Alexandra Spencer because she’s a regular fixture on countless street-style sites. The Australia-born, New York-based stunner is the force behind one of our favorite blogs, 4th and Bleeker. We caught up with the model, photographer, and stylist to talk about how it all began, her daily style inspiration, and more.

How did you get your start in this industry?

Originally, I was a designer for a surf label when I was 18, and then I was asked to be in an editorial for Vogue Australia. Two weeks later, I left my job and started modeling full-time and created 4th and Bleeker shortly after. As a creative, I found being on a job just as a model was frustrating because you aren’t really part of the creative process, so I would escape to 4th and Bleeker as a way to get that energy out.

What does your daily uniform look like?

I’m in New York winter right now so I am wearing a lot of black and I live in my cream fur coat. It’s so cold here! I really need it to leave the house and not freeze. To me, style is just like buying art. It’s about knowing what you like and having the balls to be confident in what you like.

You model, you photograph, you blog… What part of it is your favorite?

Most definitely the photography and the layout. I do all the other stuff just because it’s the fastest way for me to get what I want out of the image I want to create.

Where do you look for inspiration?

My passport.

Favorite thing to do in New York in the warmer months?

Summer in New York is my favorite. Everybody is always so inspired and everything seems exciting. I spend it running around and working and shooting and being outside as much as I can. I love eating outside and attending rooftop parties. Also, flying to Miami for the weekend and getting in the ocean is key.

Alex Spencer Brami

Original Brami, Go Go Goa Brami, Ribbed Brami, Sport Back Brami, FP ONE Geo Lace Bralette, Skinny Strap Brami

How will you be rocking the Brami this summer?

That piece is so cute! It’s all about throwing all your jewelry on and a great pair of Levis 501’s.

Favorite fashion and lifestyle accounts to follow on instagram?

I love all of my best girlfriends’ accounts! @Stevie_Dance, @Bambilegit, @lucitaffs@Phoebejtonkin, @Thebabyghost@cheryl_humphreys, @ilona_hamer… they’re the coolest girls I know and always the best for inspiration.

Thank you Alexandra!

Interview conducted by Kristin Tice Studeman

Be sure to check out Alexandra’s blog 4th and Bleeker and follow her on Instagram!

+ Stay tuned for even more features from our March Magalog!

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8 years ago
8 years ago

Totally adore her, she’s got one of the best instagram accounts out there!

xx Cheyenne

8 years ago

Never actually come across her blog until now so thanks! She’s so cool x
eleanor’s adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

8 years ago

I love the brami with levi’s – super cute. I definitely relate living in black and a big coat, but I also love her thought of buying fashion is like buying art1

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

That’s it, just 2 pics?

8 years ago

Adorable bramis!