Spring Hair Trends with Australian Stylist Jaye Edwards

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Bianca Boulden!

There’s nothing worse than a bad hair day. Actually, let me re-phrase: There’s nothing worse than getting up from the hair dresser’s chair totally shocked, full of guilt and remorse for the sad girl you don’t recognize staring back at you from the mirror.

I remember the first time I colored my hair. I was eighteen, and I thought I was so grown-up, that my days of boring, mousy brown hair were behind me. Since then, I have gone from blonde to bright orange, from pink to copper and even tried the natural balayage look, never getting bored. This is probably because I have the master of all masters that has been coloring my hair for the past five years, none other than Mr Jaye Edwards himself, founder and director of Edwards and Co. You may recognize his salon as the studio where we hosted our #FPLETSMOVE event with Mimi Elashiry!

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Edwards and Co is Sydney’s go-to salon with a client list including celebrities, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers from all over Sydney and Melbourne. Some clients even fly into these cities just to get their hair done. The work speaks for itself and I wanted to share my personal intel and ask the questions on most girls’ lips.

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B: How do you create the perfect natural wave?

J: Using the right tool, which to me is the Cloud 9 waving wand, and the right products — Christophe Robin instant volume mist with rose water — and if you are after a little more texture add some Evo dry shampoo.

B:  Whats the biggest tip for looking after your hair?

J: Use good quality shampoos and conditioners, always! My favorite brands are Evo and Christoph Robin. Also, shampoo the hair twice! The first shampoo loosens the dirt and build up, the second washes it away.



B: What’s one product every girl must have? 

J: Dry shampoo, Cleanse extend by Bamboo Alterna is my favorite.

B: What is the next big trend in hair for spring?

J: We’re starting to see a move away from the more muted, pastel tones of seasons-past and vibing it up with a new coloring technique created by Edwards and Co… involving glitter! Stay tuned. Also the harsh dip-dye balayage look is well and truly over as women opt for a more natural, softer look. The big color of the season for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere’s is a massive movement towards copper hues for creamy blondes. We’ve been seeing copper pop up everywhere from jewelry hardware, to home décor and crockery so it’s only natural that this trend would progress to hair.


Edwards and Co locations, Australia:

Sydney: Lvl 1 99-103 Kippax Street, Surry Hills

Melbourne: Lvl 1 22 Punch Lane, Melbourne 

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8 years ago

I wish I was brave enough to pull off the pastel trend! And that my hair was strong enough to get bleached…

8 years ago

I love the pastel tones!


8 years ago

Nice hair styles!
I really like your post. Thanks for sharing the post!

8 years ago

Beautiful colors! This definitely has me thinking about my hair color – so bad! I’ve never dyed it but those blondes are so so pretty

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Definitely some awesome hair styles that I’ll have to try for spring! I wish I could make my hair wave as perfectly as that last image. Such a soft, beautiful look:)


8 years ago

I will definitely be giving some of these a try…hopefully with at least a shred of success. Thanks for the post!

8 years ago

This makes me want to chop all my hair off again and be left with a simple shoulder bob! I feel like the short and blonde style will be popular this summer:)x

8 years ago

My hair looks so similar to the last girl’s except a little longer! I really want to have wavier hair like that!

8 years ago

The last beauty with the dark brown hair…. What is the advice for that look? Thanks!

8 years ago

i need to know about this glitter thing…

7 years ago

Lovely hair styles. looking forward to trying them. Thanks for sharing.

Kerry James
6 years ago

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4 years ago

Pastel is one of my wifes favorite colours