Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 20–26

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April 20–May 20

The sun blazes into your sign this week, officially kicking off your birthday month and giving you an additional shot of adrenaline, to add to the focus and drive that Mercury and Mars are lending you. Those two planets are aligning and also building a coalition with Pluto in your perspective house, enabling you to marry your thinking, speech and actions with your convictions, your hard-earned knowledge or a cause that consumes you. You’re a force to be reckoned with now, so make sure you’re using your power to speak your truth and do something you believe in very strongly. With Mercury going up against excessive Jupiter in your emotions angle, there’s a risk of overstating or preaching. But being crystal clear on your values and priorities and following your instincts should keep you on track. You’re apt to accomplish something personally significant and have a profound revelation this week, so stay completely engaged and don’t shy away from a worthwhile battle or a chance to learn more about yourself and the world. Happy birthday!



May 21–June 20

With the sun sneaking into your seclusion sector this week, the emphasis on solitude and reflection continues. Your year is winding down, and this is a natural time for you to press pause. A Mercury-Jupiter spat suggests mental tension between looking back and looking ahead, but Mercury and Mars are aligning and cooperating with Pluto in your transformation zone. So working behind the scenes; doing research; confronting something in your subconscious; dealing with an old pattern of yours; facing any regrets, mistakes or failures from the past year; listening to and acting on your intuition; thinking and acting in accordance with your spirituality; and endeavoring to heal a wound that keeps you from moving forward are all favored. Be honest with yourself, turning up the volume on the voice of your soul, while quieting the voice of your ego. Try to balance alone time with social interaction, because Venus in Gemini is gelling with planets in your communication and humanity houses. Although introspection should be a priority, contact with people can inspire you and perhaps even enlighten you.



June 21–July 22

The sun’s entry into your hopes-and-humanity sector further accents the need to look to the future and to those around you. Mercury and Mars are already in that house, and this week they’re meeting up with each other and forming an alliance with Pluto in your one-on-one angle. Socializing and networking could lead you to meet a powerful professional contact or make a powerful personal connection. Teamwork, group activities and conversations with friends will be rewarding, and you’re apt to notice how the dynamic between you and others is shifting. And if a significant relationship is in crisis, talking to a friend about it will help. The likelihood of meeting someone—or getting closer to someone—who can change your life is higher than usual, so do make a point of seeing people. A battle between Mercury and Jupiter hints at a disagreement related to money, possessions or values. But Venus in your spirituality house is harmonizing with Jupiter as well as Uranus in your public angle, so sacrificing your own desires could prove beneficial.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler the sun climbs to the top of your chart this week, strengthening your drive to shine. You could experience a hiccup when Mercury in that house spars with Jupiter in Leo, so just be careful how you express yourself around authority figures. Your work can speak for itself, thanks to the cooperative angle that both Mercury and Mars are forming with powerful Pluto in your productivity zone. You should be able to think and act in accordance with your goals, and demonstrating your evolving skills can help you to make strides in your career. If you’re called on to perform in a public or professional setting, you won’t have trouble thinking on your feet. This is a good time to craft an ambitious plan and take action steps that will change your job situation, your health or your everyday life. A Venus-Jupiter confab encourages you to socialize, network and enjoy the company of people who share your interests. Being around others will stimulate your magnanimity and affection and keep your spirits high.



August 23–September 22

After the sun lands in your expansion sector this week, the planets that are already there—Mercury and Mars—get busy reminding you to stay way outside your comfort zone. Besides aligning with each other, both are also collaborating with Pluto in your joy zone, stressing the importance of personal pleasure and fulfillment. There are several ways you might have a powerful, even transformative, experience now, and none of them involve playing it safe. Talking to people who are very different from you, learning something new, traveling to an unfamiliar place, fighting for a cause, opening your mind to foreign concepts, seeking fresh adventures and taking a risk to find out more about life could change you and provide a source of intense happiness. The universe is pushing you to become a more well-rounded person and to enjoy life in a different way than you’re used to. Ordinary is anathema now. Try to become more aware of your subconscious hopes and expectations, as they might undermine optimistic, forward thinking and blow your perspective out of proportion.



September 23–October 22

The sun moves into your depth sector this week, shining a light on your psyche and the inner workings of close relationships. Mercury and Mars have been traveling through that part of your chart as well, bringing mental focus and motivation to these matters. Those two planets are meeting up with each other and reaching out to Pluto at the bottom of your chart, calling up powerful feelings and persuading you to transform them. Introspection and intimate dialogue will be productive. If you force yourself to confront something dark, taboo, complex or painful—either within yourself or within a close relationship—you can create a fundamental shift. Sex is apt to be intense and emotional now. Your ruler Venus is in your exploration house and vibing with planets in your humanity and one-on-one houses this week, encouraging you to enjoy an adventure, learn from other people and be open to an unusual relationship or a relationship with someone unusual. Spontaneous, freeing new experiences and liberating love are favored by this planetary combo.



October 23–November 21

The sun crosses your one-on-one angle this week, the part of your chart where Mercury and Mars are already luring you to focus on your interactions with individuals. Mercury’s battle with overblown Jupiter serves as a reminder not to preach, lest you come off as a know-it-all. But both Mercury and Mars are collaborating with Pluto, enabling you to connect with people on a very powerful level. Believe in the power of your own ideas, while respecting others as your equals. You are more aware than ever before, probably painfully so, as you’ve been learning many things the hard way. The depth of your thinking can be channeled into dialogue and partnership now. This is not a time for introspection and solo action, but rather a time for you to talk to and work with others and assert yourself with great strength—without dominating or controlling anyone. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, while Pluto is your sign’s modern ruler, and with these two joining forces now, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.



November 22–December 21

With mental Mercury and physical Mars in your productivity zone, you’re already busy. When the sun shows up in that house this week, your schedule may heat up even further. This is the time of year for you to focus on your job, health, fitness, diet, time management, habits, skills, responsibilities, daily duties and self-improvement. Mercury and Mars are meeting up with each other and connecting with Pluto in your worth house, linking the above areas with your finances, possessions, confidence, talents and values. This planetary configuration calls for you to think and act with precision, in accordance with your priorities and in the interest of your security. Intensive intellectual work, writing and delving deeply into a task that you have a passion for can all prove productive and rewarding. A clash between Mercury and your ruler Jupiter implies that you could be distracted by escapist hopes and the appeal of freedom over such mundane matters. Love, one-on-one social interactions and shared adventures will offer a respite, but you still need to take care of business.



December 22–January 19

The sun enters the house where it’s most at home this week—the part of your chart where Mercury and Mars are already hanging out. Pleasure is the focus now, and with Mercury and Mars aligning and also meshing with Pluto in Capricorn, this stands to be a positive period for you. Creative writing; speaking from the heart; playtime; expressing your personality and your humor; artistic endeavors; hobbies; romance; sex; and doing what makes you happy may not be simply pleasurable, but could also inform the deep process going on inside you. So engage in life fully, and don’t be afraid to explore the mystery of what makes you you. Discovering more about yourself will help you to tap into your personal power and find new sources of happiness. As you change, what fulfills you changes. A Mercury-Jupiter skirmish suggests that you may expect a particular positive response when you speak your truth or share your feelings and not get it. But if you believe you can grow through your close relationships, you’ll gladly put in the necessary work.



January 20–February 18

With the sun dipping down to your foundation angle this week, joining Mercury and Mars there, the focus on home life and private feelings continues. A Mercury-Jupiter quarrel implies you might be pinning your hopes on feedback from someone when you share your feelings. But a Venus-Jupiter confab suggests nonverbal expressions may facilitate easier connections. Given that both Mercury and Mars are meshing with Pluto in your subliminal sector, it seems exploring your emotions on your own will be the most valuable experience. This is a great time to work through issues from your past, family problems, old behavior patterns, childhood wounds and anything unpleasant that you’ve pushed down into your subconscious and avoided dealing with. Only when you process such seemingly negative stuff as pain, anger and guilt can you transform it and find out how strong you truly are. You need to regenerate that energy in your psyche and lay claim to your personal power. If you’re not sure where to start, follow the fear. It will lead you to a place of rebuilding.



February 19–March 20

The sun arrives in your cognition-and-communication sector this week, enlivening your mind even more than Mercury and Mars already have while traveling through that house recently. It will feel like your brain is on overload when Mercury fights with excessive Jupiter in your work zone. You have a lot to do, and you’ll enjoy working from home or working on your home more than other tasks. But you also need to get out there and interact with people as much as possible, because both Mercury and Mars are gelling with Pluto in your network house, reminding you that your connections are powerful. You’re able to convey your message and assert yourself effectively, so this is a good time for professional networking and presenting something to a group. Deep conversations with friends are apt to be transformative. Your goals and ideals are gradually changing, and that has altered whom you identify with. Your thinking and communication are completely on board with that now, so take advantage of it by forging meaningful bonds with people on your team.



March 21–April 19

The sun leaves Aries this week, moving on to your worth house, where Mercury and Mars are already hanging. Much of your energy will be centered around financial matters, possessions, personal values, self-esteem, how you earn an income and resources such as natural talents. A Mercury-Mars meeting will help you make quick decisions, but that can subsequently lead to impulse spending. And Mercury’s clash with outlandish Jupiter in your pleasure sector might also cause you to think in unrealistic terms, based on what you hope will bring you satisfaction. However, both Mercury and Mars are meshing with Pluto at the top of your chart, encouraging you to align your thoughts and actions related to worth and self-worth with your evolving career path or life direction. So concentrate on exactly what you need to do to be self-sufficient and to make your mark in the world. Ask yourself how you can attain both security and success. On a lighter note, social interactions could offer an opportunity to freely express a different side of yourself.

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6 years ago

This is so accurate! I have exams coming up and I hope I don’t crash and break my healthiness out of stress!

6 years ago

It’s always so sad to see Aries pass – it went by way too quickly! I’ll definitely be focusing in on my career and finances this week! Happy birthday, Taurus!

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

WoW, Aquarian is so spot on in my week which has been not the norm. Had to discuss fears with my class this week which made me reflect on my own fears – just as put in your post. Always enjoy these posts as they are quite accurate always.

6 years ago

Just read my Virgo horoscope after the fact. This horoscope was spot on, everything about it was right! I certainly had a transformative experience and went somewhere unfamiliar and unexpected at the last minute. Also beautifully written :)