Growing Wild

A beautiful thing happens in Texas every spring.  Starting in March the fields that line the highways and roads come alive with color… patches of blue and red and yellow and purple quilt the area, like a gift from the earth welcoming a season of new life. Texas is known for its wildflowers, particularly the bluebonnets, which draw visitors annually to take pictures among their royal blue beauty. In addition to just looking pretty, the wildflowers are also an important part of the area’s natural ecosystem. They’re home to various types of wildlife, like native honey bees, and can also help to conserve water – since they are native to the Texas climate, they thrive in the heat and don’t require as much watering.

By opting to plant native species in your garden, you’re saving on the large amounts of water and maintenance needed to keep non-native plants alive. A perfect use for this homemade seed paper ;). Is there any better way to celebrate earth month than to frolic in a field of wild flowers (and plant some)? I don’t think so.
















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7 years ago

These are beautiful pictures! I love wildflowers so much, can’t wait until they are back in NJ!


7 years ago

So so beautiful! Can’t agree more – in Australia, non-native plants are SO popular. They look so out of place here (no match for our natural landscape) and they also use so much water!

7 years ago

These wild flowers are gorgeous! I had no idea Texas has them :)

Warm Regards,

7 years ago

Uau!! so happy that nature gives us things like this to appreciate our life every single day! ^^

Lovely Texas!

Lots of love,

7 years ago

So incredibly Gorgeous! I would love to be outdoors today in a beautiful meadow like that! Thank you for sharing!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago

Photography is one of my favorite things to study, especially flowers. I’m getting a DSLR camera and seeing these pictures just makes me even more excited to start working with it and using it for my blog!! Thank you!


7 years ago

I love growing my own garden and designing bouquets. It’s such a wonderful way to just make everything a little brighter!

7 years ago

I just recently moved to TX and have really been enjoying the blooms. Im trying so hard not to let them take over my instagram. The red ones are just magnificent. Do you know what those are called?

7 years ago

Ah, Texas is still looking dreamy…as are the flowers.

7 years ago home❤️

7 years ago

Lauren..we always called them Indian Paintbrush …

7 years ago

So Beautiful <3 Wild flowers are always so lovely! <3

7 years ago

Wish I lived there :,(

So beautiful !!!


7 years ago

Thank you Rhonda!

It looks like they are of the indian paintbrush family! Up north I’m used to a different version of the indian paintbrush. They have more and longer.less symtrical petals… not as rose like. These look cooler ;)

7 years ago

Hey Julia!

I love your blog posts. I released a single called “Wild.” It has the same name as your new line. I would love to talk about doing a collaboration!

-Lyndsey Crawford