Mociun & The Art Of The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is such a special piece. Not only is it a gorgeous work of art – it’s a physical representation of two souls and the big, unique love that they share. The beautiful part about choosing a ring is that there are no rules; no guidelines to which one must adhere. It’s all about finding – or creating – that special piece that just feels right.

When it comes to engagement rings, Mociun has it down, without a doubt. I was lucky enough to spend a sunny afternoon in their gorgeous Brooklyn bridal salon, barefoot, with an adorable pup by my side as I admired a selection of their stunning jewels. Enjoy these snaps from my day and let your mind absorb these words from Caitlin Mociun, the creator herself.


There’s such a wide assortment in the line, but what we’re truly drawn to are the wedding and engagement bands – they’re all so unique! How would you describe the ‘Mociun couple’?

We really get all kinds of people. When I started, I think people in creative fields were most drawn to my line, but now I feel like we have a little bit of everyone. I think the line has a great versatility in that we work with both diamonds and colored stones for engagement and my work ranges from simple solitaires and gold bands to much more elaborate statement pieces.

Besides the actual act of popping the question, selecting the ring can often be one of the trickier aspects of an engagement. Could you offer some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect engagement ring?

I think really paying attention to what your partner wants is important. If you don’t know, I think it’s okay to have them be part of the process of designing or picking out a ring. I think you can still have a really romantic, special engagement and have the ring be something you do after together if you really don’t know what they want. A ring that they love is important – one spends a good deal of money on this piece and I think it’s a shame when the person doesn’t want to wear it every day.


What would you suggest to a couple that is looking for timeless wedding bands that will still stand out and make a statement?

Pick what you love! Don’t pick what someone else tells you is cool, or interesting, or timeless. I don’t think anything really is timeless – at some point in time the item in question will look dated but it doesn’t mean you won’t still love it. I do think that mementos and special objects like wedding bands can kind of be like tattoos – they remind you of a specific time and place and person. Even if you look at the object years later and think that you might pick something different now, that object still holds a certain significance so it’s still special. And if in doubt a plain gold band will always be beautiful!

How about for those that don’t want to go the route of the traditional diamond/gold band?

Even for them I would say go for what speaks to you, for what you love and for what you feel like represents you as individuals and as a couple. In this day and age there really isn’t a wrong and right with this stuff. It’s what makes it so fun to be designing now – I really feel like the options are wide open.

The idea of the handed-down ring is one that I believe a lot of brides hope for, but it may not exactly fit their style in the end, do you have suggestions for taking an heirloom piece and re imagining it?

This is one of the things about jewelry that attracted me to it. It’s forever – if you get a piece that isn’t for you, you can have someone make it into something else for you. Whether that is just taking the stone/s out and making something with them or melting gold down. You can turn brooches into pendants or rings. You really can transform jewelry into something new if you work with the right jeweler.


A huge thanks to Mociun for having us! Be sure to have a look at their beautiful site, and follow them on Instagram.

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What a gorgeous studio they have! Love your pedi- and love that pup!

Warm Regards,

Cutie dog~I love the ring!

SO cool and original.

I’m not really into the whole traditional thing so you know I’m loving this.

Beautifully design of the dresses …i love it .

The one on the first picture is so nice and not your everyday engagement ring, great stuff for someone special, beauty!