Blogger Diary: Celebrating Moving Forward

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

Change. I’ve never been good at embracing it at the onset, but once I alter my perspective I begin to welcome the transformation.

Life hardly ever remains stagnant. It’s a succession of these changes — some larger than others — strung together that spur the process of metamorphosis within ourselves. I’ve always loved imagining my journey on earth as a long trip upon an infinite road without a clear destination. The new opportunities that arise are shortcuts, the downfalls represent obstacles, and the sharp turns embody those changes in direction that we all face at moments in life. However, the whole time we are travelling along this road we keep moving forward. That’s the whole point right? Even if we face rocky terrain, we trek on in order to discover even more reasons to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Tomorrow marks one of those celebratory milestones in my journey. I’ll gather my closest friends and family as they and thousands of others watch as I stride across the stage to receive the diploma I’ve been working towards my entire student career. All those years of algebraic equations, then creative journals, then fundamental design projects left in the dust as a mere memory almost instantaneously. I’ve grown so much and made lifelong friends since embarking on my adventure through college; the accomplishment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I think my mind is still having a hard time fully grasping it. I feel overwhelmed with both happiness and sadness, while I also feel myself bracing for impact at the considerable change ahead.



Yet I know that I cannot succumb to my fears and linger in that sadness that creeps into my head. There is so much wide open road ahead and this is a time for celebration. I’m excited for the unknown opportunities that lay along the horizon and it makes me feel incredibly free. As I find my head swirling about in the clouds lately I hear a subconscious voice whispering the simple words “I can.” I can travel the world. I can climb every mountain. I can dive into every sea. I can meet new faces, and learn their stories. I can connect with myself and harvest more of my creativity. I can discover what I truly want and never stop until I succeed. I can do it all, if my heart so desires.



As I take this next step forward in my life, I sadly close a door behind me. Free People has been a magical journey for the past nine months. I feel so humbled when I think back to when the rustic brick offices of Building 25 seemed like a beautiful storybook land displayed across the beautiful posts of the blog. As I sit in that very office years later, I feel honored to have been given such an incredible opportunity and to have been able to work alongside such creative and passionate souls. I learned how to harvest and express inspiration, which will certainly shape all my future endeavors to come.



I hope it’s not farewell forever but thank you to everyone in the Free People community. You’ve all helped me create this fantastic milestone in my life.

+ Are you graduating this year? How are you facing the fantastic changes to come?

Take a look back at some of the previous posts I’ve written while interning with the BLDG 25 Blog and be sure continue to follow along with my adventures on Instagram, Tumblr, and FP Me!

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Congratulations, Aubrie! You’ve done so many amazing things here and will be missed – I’ll definitely be following and am excited to see where you end up!

Warm Regards,

Aubrey, we will miss you so much! <3 Prayers for a wonderful journey and great stories ahead of you!

Gigi G

This was fantastic! Love your work :)

This is so inspiring! Congratulations! I’m sure you have many amazing and unforgettable things ahead of you.

Many well wishes! I have to say you have been my FAVORITE blog intern on this space. Your posts are always top notch, super inspiring and just all around great to read and look at. I will really miss your contributions here.


Congratulations! You’re my favorite and I will sincerely miss your coolness and inspiration.