Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 8–14

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May 21–June 20

Communication will start to improve this week, in large part because Mercury is turning direct. If you’ve made any discoveries in the last few weeks as a result of introspection, your ability to piece it all together—and perhaps make a decision—should gradually return. The sun and Mars are aligned in Gemini, infusing you with vitality and drive, so channel energy into accomplishing something important to you. Both planets are clicking with Uranus in your network house, alluding to collaboration with a group and taking action to aid humanity. You might be particularly interested in doing things with new friends who share your goals. Travel, writing, learning and connecting with siblings or your community are favored. Your thinking has become more boundless in the past year, and that’s influencing your self-expression tangibly now. With Saturn returning to your productivity sector, over the summer you should get back to the work you were doing between October 2012 and December 2014. This will entail tying up loose ends related to your job or health and continuing to improve your habits and hone your craft.


June 21–July 22

Working solo behind the scenes can promote positive change in your career and your finances this week, with planets in your subliminal sector gelling with planets in your ambition angle and your worth zone. Rely on your intuition to help you sort out your priorities. Seek alone time to reflect on the past year, and consider what—or whom—you should release in order to flourish in the coming year. You need to be especially honest with yourself, since a planetary gathering in the last house of your chart stimulates unconscious intentions and regressive behavior. Being brave enough to face your role in things will keep you from undermining yourself. But self-awareness doesn’t equal self-recrimination. Don’t beat yourself up! Being of service to others will boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of progress. Saturn is moving back into your self-expression house, reactivating a theme from October 2012–December 2014. The next few months will involve completing a creative project, solidifying your commitment to personal fulfillment or ending a love affair. With that two-year period in mind, decide what you need to wrap up.


July 23–August 22

The sun and Mercury are traveling through your hopes-and-humanity zone and clicking with Jupiter and Venus in Leo this week, nudging you to connect with people and look ahead to what’s next. You’ll thrive in a group setting and can express yourself well, especially with Mercury leaving its retrograde phrase—a development that will gradually improve communication for everyone. If you’ve experienced any misunderstandings with friends in the past few weeks, make an effort to patch things up. Being around others will offer you opportunities to learn more not only about the world, but about yourself as well. A flexible frame of mind will make invigorating experiences all the more possible, and continually embracing the unfamiliar will open your eyes to a broader canvas on which to paint your future. Be proactive now about acquiring the skills and knowledge required to get you moving toward a new goal. Saturn is reentering your foundation angle, where he’ll be hanging until mid-September. It’s time to finish separating from your roots, tie up loose ends with your living situation and leave your emotional baggage behind you once and for all.


August 23–September 22

This is a particularly good week for pursuing goals that enrich your soul, as planets in your accomplishment angle are vibing with planets in your spirituality sector. You can shine in a role that involves compassionate service to others, although your drive to execute your own agenda is quite high, enabling you to go all out to gain personal recognition. You have the energy to achieve a lot, but try to avoid conflict, because your ambition might infringe on others. You may want to work on an independent project so you can be your own boss for a time. Your efforts could attract outside help, or conversely, support such as a loan could allow you to go after an objective. You might also pull away from partnership in order to do what you want to do. With Mercury going direct, your professional judgment improves, as does your ability to straighten out crossed wires with an authority figure. Saturn’s return to your mindset house spells three months of serious thinking and putting the finishing touches on rebuilding your attitude and your communication, based on solid inner truths.


September 23–October 22

Travel, learning, adventures and other mind-opening experiences will be especially fulfilling when shared with others this week, thanks to planets in your exploration house harmonizing with planets in your one-and-one and group houses. You could meet people while doing something that expands your horizons, or a bond could shift as a result of such pursuits. Gaining perspective can stimulate your ideals and inspire your hope to make a difference in the world. You might visit a place or immerse yourself in a cultural experience and feel connected to people whose background is nothing like yours. Common interests will trump common circumstances. If you’re traveling, Mercury is turning direct, making it more likely that you’ll get around without a hitch. There’s a slight possibility that a shared experience like a trip will make or break a relationship now. With Saturn revisiting your worth zone, you’ll need to tie up loose ends connected with your finances, possessions and other resources over the summer. Money may be tight, and you could start worrying again about getting your needs met. Solid self-esteem, fiscal discipline and mature prioritizing are essential.


October 23–November 21

With planets in your depth sector meshing with planets in your ambition and productivity zones this week, intensive work is likely to yield results in your career or daily life. A business partnership or creative collaboration could be lucrative, and you may receive outside help such as financial support. This is a good time to research health matters and job options. You can take decisive action to eliminate a bad habit or adopt a good one, perhaps with the encouragement of someone close to you. Your ability to recover from a loss and transform yourself will prove useful now, as will your psychological insights. A powerful connection with another person can lead to sex, trust, sharing and cathartic closeness. Mercury’s direct turn will improve communication, and you might want to smooth some ruffled feathers from the past few weeks. With Saturn returning to Scorpio for the summer, the work you did on yourself between October 2012 and December 2014 becomes a major theme again. Tie up loose ends to get your life in order to your satisfaction, and continue the process of defining yourself on your own terms.


November 22–December 21

One-on-one interaction is the key to your week, with planets in your partnership angle vibing with planets in your expansion sector and your joy zone. Travel, learning, sports, humor, creativity, cultural experiences and courageous adventures will all be more fulfilling when shared with another person. Put it out there if you’re interested in someone, because asserting yourself could lead to romance now. Or you might meet someone new if you make a point of circulating and being a bit bold. With Mercury turning direct, it will get easier to convey your message and understand others. If you experienced any misunderstandings in the past few weeks, try to clear the air and mend fences. Be mindful of coming on too strong though, as the sun and Mars are conjoining in your relationship house, generating a lot of force in your connections. Still, you could experience a very productive conflict as a result, so don’t disengage altogether. As Saturn leaves Sagittarius for the summer, focus on tying up loose ends and letting go of things from your past. In the fall, you’ll get back to the work of redefining yourself.


December 22–January 19

This should be a productive week, with planets in your efficiency house clicking with planets in your foundation and depth houses. You’ll get a lot done working from home or working on your home, and this is even a good time to work on a relationship. The sun and Mars are joining forces, firing you up to cross things off your to-do list. Since this combo generates so much force, you should temper it on the job if teamwork is called for. Work by yourself if possible, and burn off any excess energy with rigorous exercise. Changing an ingrained pattern of behavior will allow you to accomplish more, so be flexible in your approach to tasks. You could receive financial support, or someone close to you may inspire or teach you. Mercury’s direct turn will improve thinking and communication, but the bigger news is that Saturn is reentering your network sector, where he resided from October 2012 to December 2014. In the next few months, you may need to reexamine a friendship or your affiliation with a group, your role in a team effort or your contribution to the greater good.


January 20–February 18

With planets in your fulfillment sector gelling with planets in your relationship angle and your mindset house, this should be an enjoyable week. Creativity, romance, fun, affection and various forms of self-expression are all favored. Having a good time with others, rather than by yourself, is the way to go, as you have a lot to gain from people now. Personal interactions can boost your spirits, teach you something, motivate you, change your attitude and expand your consciousness. This is a good time to look at someone or something with fresh eyes as a potential source of pleasure. The sun and Mars are joining forces, allowing you to go after what you want with unwavering determination. So make sure you’re aiming for what will make you happy. Mercury’s direct turn should facilitate communication and might free up your creative juices. With Saturn moving back into your ambition angle for the summer, you’re called to work for recognition and put the finishing touches on a longstanding goal. You may be nudged into the spotlight again, so adopt an air of authority to make a strong impression.


February 19–March 20

The sun and Mars are in your domestic angle and linking with planets in your worth and efficiency sectors this week. Time at home should be particularly productive, so you don’t need to be out and about to feel like you’re accomplishing something. Confronting a family issue, private emotions or something from your past will feel liberating and is apt to shift your self-esteem. It’s a good period to get rid of some possessions, and clearing space will have an effect on your emotional state, making you feel more at ease. Do things that will improve your comfort, security and sense of accomplishment. Mercury is going direct, so your instincts will be more straightforward, and communication with family and roommates should be smoother. Neptune, on the other hand, is going retrograde for the next five months, which could slow progress on a dream. Step back from it and try to discern the shades of gray between reality and illusion. With Saturn returning to your expansion house for the summer, tie up loose ends related to studies, work diligently to improve your future and strive for both knowledge and wisdom.


March 21–April 19

The sun and Mars are joining forces in your mindset zone this week and connecting with Uranus in Aries, so you’re likely to feel fired up, and your enthusiasm will be reflected in your communication. Mercury is turning direct, another factor that’s sure to have a positive influence on communication. Creative thinking and writing, coming up with a plan of action, asserting yourself in conversations and fighting for your ideas should come naturally now. You might connect with someone or get some information that allows you to change your situation, so go out of your way to interact with people and ask questions. A short trip, a stimulating dialogue or studying an intriguing subject can wake you up and assuage your impatience. Your urge for freedom and your expanding concept of what will make you happy are hopefully starting to dovetail. As Saturn takes up residence again in your depth sector, you’re called to spend the next three months solidifying your commitment to closeness and sharing, tying up financial matters and seeking closure on a psychological issue or continuing to heal after a loss.


April 20–May 20

Planets in your worth zone are meshing with planets in your spirit sector and your foundation angle this week, suggesting you’ll feel more at peace and grounded if you can get to the core of what matters most to you. Let your intuition guide you in getting your priorities straight. You’re focused on material resources, security, money, self-esteem and personal values this month, and basic questions you might be asking are: What do I need and want? What do I have going for me? Your financial judgment should sharpen with Mercury coming out of its retrograde phase, and if you’ve been reassessing your budget or possessions, you might want to take action on any conclusions you came to in the past few weeks. As much as you covet your stuff, it can sometimes weigh you down, and decluttering could feel very freeing now. Saturn is crossing back into your one-on-one angle, pushing you to continue working on a close relationship or finding closure on one over the next few months. Think back to October 2012–December 2014 to recall what connection was being tested.

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6 years ago

Love the advice always mixed in. So good!

6 years ago

This aries is looking forward to the next 3 months!

Warm Regards,

6 years ago

I look forward to these every Sunday, they’re always so on point!

6 years ago

Lovely… I never miss reading your blog Tracy.. It inspires me to drive my self enter in to every week with courage and enthu. Thank you

6 years ago

So weird because one of the last things on my mind now is boy scouting. However I feel as if there’s something inside of me that’s crying for a relationship. I don’t know if I should go for it–I’m scared!