4 Ways To Wear The Classic Bandana

Is there anything quite as quintessential to Americana-inspired style than the classic red paisley bandana?

While they’ve existed in one way or another internationally for hundreds of years, it seems fitting that in the U.S., bandanas came about during the struggle for independence. Despite a ban on textile printing by the British in 1775, Martha Washington commissioned a Philadelphia-based printer to create a likeness of George Washington on a square of fabric as a gift, the printer defied the ban and created the piece, which would eventually be reproduced as the nation’s first souvenir bandana. And thus, a national icon was borne.

Whether you have one or two in your styling arsenal — and I strongly believe you should — you’ve likely seen the classic bandana styled in a myriad of ways throughout the decades: wrapped around the necks of cowboys or used to tie back Rosie the Riveter’s hair as she worked, tucked into the back pockets of ’50s heartthrobs or around the mic stands of musicians. With summer quickly approaching and patriotic holidays on the horizon, the bandana is the summer staple we should all be paying closer attention to, so today I’m sharing four ways to wear our own FP Vintage Bandanas to beat the heat and pay homage to the spirit of summer.

Bandanas Low Rez 02

Braid it in: Add some interest to a timeless braid by using a bandana as an accent. Use a small elastic to attach one end of the bandana to the center portion of a classic braid, being sure to tie it close to the nape of your neck and out of sight. Braid it in as you would normally, using the loose tail-end to secure the end of your braid.

Get the look: FP Vintage Bandana, Short Sleeve Linen Crop Button Down

Bandanas Low Rez 05

Keep it clean: Keep all eyes on the Moonrise Metal Fringe Bandana by keeping the rest of the lines and colors in your look clean. A white V-neck accentuates the jeweled edge of this blue bandana perfectly.

Get the look: Moonrise Metal Fringe Bandana, Apollo Extreme Tank

Bandanas Low Rez 04

Add blooms: Nix the standard elastic band and tie off a low side pony with a bandana instead, tucking a few small flowers into the knot as a finishing touch. Leave the ends loose to blow gently with the breeze.

Bandanas Low Rez 01

Go Classic: Paired with a clean white button-down and dark denim, a red bandana is the finishing touch to your look when wrapped around your neck and loosely tied. Keep hair back and accessories minimal to draw attention to this pop of color.

Get the look: FP Vintage Bandana, Weekend Escape Pullover, Wrapped Rounders Sunglasses


+ How do you style this Americana classic? Share your tips in the comments!

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8 years ago
8 years ago

Gorgeous! I love it tied to the pony tail!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

I would totally do this if I didn’t live in an area where I would be shot by a gang member for wearing a bandana haha… But this was really cute!

8 years ago

This is great! I have so many bandanas for some reason but I never know what to do with them! This is helpful! :)

8 years ago

These are gorgeous–I especially love the braid!

8 years ago

I love how you styled it with a braid, and I never thought it could look so stylish with a necklace strategically placed on top. I’ve never known what to do with bandanas although I like them. This provided some great history behind the piece as well as how to wear it. Great post!

8 years ago

Fave post in a while. Very useful.

8 years ago

I love how you incorporated in the hair. I cannot try the other ways because I will get looked at crazy, but it is super cute!