What’s in the Bags of Our Graphic Design Team

Get a glimpse into the lives — and bags — of Free People’s graphic design team. 

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie!

Talented, innovative, inspiring. These three words only begin to describe the group of  skilled women sitting on the second floor of Building 25. These creative mavens are responsible for the stunning graphics and artwork that are evident across Free People’s website, emails, and monthly catalogs. Whether it’s with the gentle strokes of ink on paper, or tedious hours spent on Photoshop, the graphic design team has a truly unique and beautiful way of breathing visual life into the Free People brand.

Wanting to know more about these stylish ladies, I went straight to their bags. From must-have beauty products to mementos from trips they’ve taken, the contents of each bag gives a small glimpse into the world of a Free People graphic designer.

Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-1

Holly’s bag: Micron pens, small notebooks, Polaroids, Higgins ink, Glossier priming moisturizer, Glossier balm dotcom, Lush eu roma water, sunglasses, pink headphones

“I always have a notebook (or two) with me wherever I go. I am a notorious list maker and always doodle in my down time.” – Holly

Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-9 Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-2

Alistair’s Bag: Coin purse, small notebook, wallet, pen, Glossier coconut balm dotcom, rocks from Iceland and Joshua Tree, Fate the Moon cream, Hi Wildflower Botanica perfume, Tarte LipSurgence, Faber-Castell pens, mint toothpicks

“I like to have things from my travels in my bag, so when I accidentally stumble upon them while digging through my many things, I get to be flooded with memories from my trip. I currently have some rocks from Iceland and Joshua Tree floating around in the pockets. Also, some mint tooth picks, roll on perfume and lipstick don’t hurt!” – Alistair

Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-4 Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-5 Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-3

Ana’s Bag: Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, Aveeno lotion, aviators, Tarte blush and brush, Micron pens, small planner, wallet

“No matter where I go I always have my planner. It’s where I jot down every important date and thought. Without it I would probably be lost, haha” –  Ana

Graphic Design Teams Bags Post-7

+ What are your must-have items in your own bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stunning ladies, they are SO talented. I always have some pens and a notebook, as well as homemade chap stick, sunglasses, a book, and some piece of jewelry just in case.


I love peeking into people’s bags!
Would you make a post about you graphic design team’s favourite pens/tool/utensils ?
I’d love to read that :)

I would also love to know their favorite pens or favorite shops to buy cute notebooks. I’m super nosy (apparently!) so I always love posts like this. I’m also going to look up the Hi Wildflower perfume because that honestly just sounds wonderful.


Oh, this is so cool! They carry such lovely and useful things!

A notepad is always a must, my life depends on lists!
Infinity of fashion // Lucy Jane

I love getting a glimpse into their lives! I always carry a notebook too!

– Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

love this!


i always love getting to see pieces of other people’s creative sides. all of the fp workers are so lovely and inspiring i so enjoy these post xxx


always carrying chapstick, a notebook and pen, some bobbi pens, my favorite little pearl covered coin purse, and some crystals or a random tiny trinket for good luck :)

Love those stuff you have. Couldn’t leave without my headphones either just like Holly. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! Really inspiring post and love the fact those ladies are 100% artisan wherever they go.
Definitely have to check out those Micron pens! They sound really promising.
Thanks for the glimpse <3

Marilyn Kalinowski


I am so proud of you and your team. You have your Mom’s smile. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing Holly


Love this post. I’d love to see more of what these girls use to create/what inspires them!

A dream come true: Being a graphic designer for Free People!!


Would be an absolute dream of mine to be a graphic designer for Free People <3 x


WOW, that looks good. I always have lip balm and a notebook in my bag too.Thank you for that!

Would love to work as a Stylist for Free People .Been applying for a while now.Tried getting in touch through LinkedIn too. Hopefully someone will email me back.

Always nice reading about you guys!


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Very excellent really inspiring post and love the fact those ladies. I am a graphic designer and will take help of your posts.