LA’s Best Summer Street Style

I love street style in LA: it’s laid-back and casual, seriously functional yet always fun. Here are some of our favorite looks so far this summer.

It’s been a hot (and oddly humid) year thus far with some of the warmest months yet to come. So when it comes to fashion, Angelenos are actually quite practical while still staying true to their personal style. I draw a lot of inspiration from people-watching on the streets of LA — from farmers markets in Santa Monica to vintage shopping in Silverlake and everything in between. Yes, there is a certain sensibility here but the fashion is authentically Californian. Relaxed denim rules and voluminous maxi dresses get caught in the wind. Sunglasses are as much of a necessary statement as the 1970 bohemian prints inspired by Michelle Phillips and Mama Cass. Here, the easy-going West Coast lifestyle is communicated through personal fashion choices: easy cotton tees, beachy hair, bare feet and the occasional heart-shaped sunglasses. Scroll through to see some of our favorite looks via LA.


Love this vintage print worn by fashion designer, Haley.


Vintage shop owner, Jenni, looking cool and casual in high waisted novelty denim.


Don’t forget that in LA, bikes are a fashion statement too!


Artist, Alrik, knows what the best beach accessory is.


Makeup artist, Jenna, looks like a beautiful summer dream in this bright and voluminous maxi dress.


I seriously love Loris’s full denim look, accompanied by the perfect worn-in boot.


Is anyone else feeling inspired by Austin’s look? I love his silver jewelry!


Could she be any cooler? The perfect 70s beach tank, cutoffs and menswear shoes equal perfect.


Gorgeous Tina knows how to wear a full-length cotton dress paired with the right accessories.


I love Devin’s LA skater-rock look, topped off with red Vans and polka dot socks.


Thank you to all who graciously let me take your photo! Additionally, thanks Melodi for snapping and lending us the top photo of Alena.

+ I’d love to hear which street style outfit is your favorite. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Oooh I love Jenna’s dress. And omg, yes, Austin has great style.

Love Lenni’s outfit with those rad jeans! xx

Gigi Garrison

Yay! I love street style posts!!!! LA peeps look so rad



the boy with the denim shirt and the hat – that says L.A.!

The first outfit is my favourite!

Tina’s whole boho feel looks so comfortable for these hot summer days. Now I know at 5 foot 1 to knot the bottom of those long dresses and hippie pants that seem to drag. All photo’s are great with essences of different decades.

I have always loved the 90s and am so happy to see it come back around!

Love street style posts, always find it so interesting how people dress in different places.

Tina’s outfit is the perfect go to outfit in the summer- so comfortable but looks stylish at the same time! The yellow dress was also really beautiful xo


Great pics. I’m loving Devin and Tina. I always love these posts. Love to see what other people pull together.