Mahalo, Maui: Lessons Learned on a Hawaiian Getaway

A trip to Maui teaches more than just relaxation.

I’m thankful for this island. Saying goodbye is tough, and as I go, I’m taking a couple important thoughts with me. I’ve learned and seen a lot here, and can’t afford to let myself forget anything.

My energy, happiness, and overall well-being has been at an all time high while exploring Maui, and I’m determined to not let it fade when I return home.

Island time is a beautiful thing, teaching me to stay calm and observe. My days here have been lived out with full potential, taking advantage of each little opportunity I could get myself into. I saw rainbows dive between ancient rocks of piled lava, bit into sweet fruit freshly picked from a tree, and dove into some of the clearest waters while sea turtles swam all around me. I hung out in the hammock, watching the sun rise as tropical birds sang familiar tunes, and stargazed each night, almost touching the moon. Serenity has been a consistent theme throughout my trip, feeling a true balance from dusk to dawn.

I struggle a bit with time, and when I’m home, seem to let the days pass by a bit too easily, wasting precious time that I’ll never get back. I’m aware that the scenery on this island is unlike anywhere else, and that I will not have papayas growing from my apartment’s fire escape in the city of Pittsburgh. But I also realize that, as cliché as it might be, each second of the day is a gift and Maui put me back on track with that mindset. Whether I’m exploring a volcano or a back alleyway of the concrete jungle I like to call home, my days are special and I need to be as thankful for the ones I have in reality, as the ones I had in Hawaii.

On my plane ride back to the main land I began painting a picture in my mind of what life could be if I really lived each day through like I did on this journey. The image is colorful and bright, dripping in happiness just like a Hawaiian rainbow. I owe this place a big “Mahalo” as I leave with a heart full of new life.





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+ What lessons have you taken away from a trip? Are you thankful for a special place that has taught you something? Let me know in the comments!

A special thanks to Becca, check her watercolors out on Instagram and her site!

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7 years ago

The colors are beautiful and your trip seemed amazing thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

I felt exactly the same way after my trip to Bermuda.. Living each day of my life as I did on this island is an actual goal of mine, and I am working to make it reality soon!!

7 years ago

That third paragraph. Dang!

I feel this way every time I go to Scotland. When I get home, I’m always astounded by how much I accomplished, how open I was to any fun or interesting adventure that came my way. Staying in seems like such a waste when there’s a gorgeous city or nearby castle ruin to explore. Lovely, lovely post. <3

7 years ago

Traveling is actually a great way to achieve something and be productive! You learn about the world and become more open-minded. Also, Maui is one of my favorite places in the world! So gorgeous and fun!

7 years ago

This one of those cases were the instragram-low quality pics completely ruin things. That whole thing was cute for a while, but it hasn’t been for years . Cameras are getting better yet FP keeps giving us worse and worse pics. It’s time for full-res pics in all colors. AND it’s time for a full-screen blog instead of the 90s <1/3 of the screen with giant empty spaces to the sides.

7 years ago

Gorgeous pics, and such a great mindset to introduce to everyday life. Very thought-provoking and inspiring!
Happy Summer!
xx Lane

7 years ago

Gorgeous pictures! Maui i definitely on my list of places I want to visit :)

7 years ago

Beautiful photos and writing! What a dreamy trip you got to experience!

7 years ago

I feel so lucky to be able to call Maui my home. It’s really like no place else on earth <33

7 years ago

I agree with you! Maui is like nowhere else on earth. My soul yearns to go back; it is by the ocean and amidst mountains that I feel most alive, most spiritual.

6 years ago

Hi, your photos are incredibly beautiful. May I know what photo editor you used?

4 years ago

Hello, very pretty pictures ! possible to use the one with the palm tree leaves for professional use plz ? after the one on the hamac :)
let me know