How to Change Your Life with Positive Manifestation

Change your life without even knowing it…

I’ve always been a pretty positive person. But it is now, as I grow older, that I am beginning to understand just how powerful positivity can be.

I believe that everything on the planet is made of energy, including our thoughts. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical being, and this energy can’t help but attract its likeness.

The defining moment for me was one New Year’s Eve, when I decided to sit down and think long and hard about my hopes and dreams for the year ahead. I took pen to paper, and wrote out the life I intended to create for myself, and pinned it to a board above my desk.

I didn’t read my list aloud every day, nor did I pay much attention to how I would make those things happen. In fact, I had all but nearly forgotten about my list, as it was soon covered by photos of friends or other, more urgent, to-do lists. That is, until the next New Year’s Eve – an entire 365 days later – when I sat down to re-re-read my goals.

My heart skipped a beat. I was in shock to learn that everything I had wanted, I had subconsciously created.


Over the years I’ve amassed a strong arsenal of personal mantras which I use during moments where my thoughts can take me one of two ways – down the path toward fruitful abundance, or toward the enticing dark path of negativity produced by the Ego. Nine times out of ten, the result will come from where you choose to focus your energy. Like attracts like.

Currently, I am in on a week-long vacation in New York. Back in 2013 I was here doing exactly the same thing; but, to be honest, I had a pretty terrible experience. I was traveling alone and, in the month I spent here, I found everyone to be rude and abrasive. I had all my money and identification stolen out of my wallet. The people with whom I was staying basically screwed me over and left me out on the street with nowhere to sleep while every hotel in town was booked. To top it off, my replacement key card was skimmed at an ATM and all my savings were stolen. Case in point, this city left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fast forward a few years, and I am still being very pleasantly surprised by my newfound positivity. Before this trip, my best friend (with whom I’m currently traveling) and I told ourselves – and everyone around us – that wonderful things were going to happen. Specifically, we took inspiration from that scene in our favorite movie Liar Liar when the beautiful woman in the elevator says, “Everybody’s been real nice!”

And they have. I’ve found that perfect strangers can be polite, chatty and friendly when previously I was convinced they were was mean and closed off. We decided that we wanted to have a gorgeous dinner in a restaurant with really high ceilings. And next thing we know, we have a booking at Eleven Madison Park. We paid an extra fee to be seated next to each other on the plane but, when we checked in, our boarding passes indicated we were on opposite ends of the aircraft. We said, “something great will happen, it always does.” Turns out a party of three didn’t turn up for their flight, so we had an entire row to ourselves.

See what I’m getting at here?

These may be small feats, or even total coincidences, but doesn’t it help going into each situation thinking that something wonderful will happen rather than assuming the worst?


If you want to get started on manifestation, you need to put in the work. After all, it’s not easy to totally shift negative thought patterns that may have been in place for twenty-something years. This is because the toughest part of manifestation is clearing all that blocks you from actually believing in your greatness. Simply acknowledging how your low-level thoughts negatively affect your life is the first step toward changing your experiences. Begin your manifesting process by getting honest and recognizing where these blocks are being created.

Are there negative things you regularly tell yourself? If so, fantastic! Then you have a clear starting point from which to work. Next time you hear one of these pop up in your head, immediately take the thought, transform it into its positive opposite and say it out loud. Turn “nothing good happens to me” into “wonderful things happen to me all the time”. Slowly but surely, you will begin to believe it, and slowly but surely they will begin to happen.

+Tell us about a time when a change in attitude or perspective has manifested into something greater!

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6 years ago

I definitely agree that thinking positive is a wonderful thing, and it is something I have been working on. I usually have a positive outlook, but some things are capable of getting me down. One time, I had a change in perspective when I was sitting under my dreamcatcher and someone told me I was something wonderful. My entire universe flipped into something even better, even though I was happy with myself. I was even more happy, and it was like I found the perfect place. Also, there was another time when I listened to a song 13 times in a row, and some gears shifted in my mind. I think I created a mission for myself that day that I’m still working through. And it feels amazing. I’ll stay positive. Thank you.

6 years ago

Positive Affirmations truly work! Whenever I use them, I’m amazed with how powerful they are!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

6 years ago

I recently wrote a blog post about this. I moved across the country to somewhere I never even thought about, let alone imagined living in. I enjoyed my time here, complained a lot, and found I was never really content when I always focusing on the negative and how badly I wanted to be somewhere else, have a different job, be someone else. It hit me that I will not get these days back and it is my choice to be positive in this place and make the most of each day. That’s when I really started getting out there, learning to love where I am, and seeing everything that makes where I am at in my life unique and wonderful. It has become my “home for now” and while I can’t wait to see where life takes me in the future, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy and make the best of the time I have here.

Like with everything else, it is all about perspective.

6 years ago

I love posts like this, so meaningful and beautiful.

Amber White
6 years ago

I think when you say positive affirmations aloud it helps us to recognize the already positive things that are always endlessly happening around us. Coincidental or not there is endless positivity around us amongst the negative. What we choose to focus on is what really matters and the more we focus on the positive the more we will notice and the more positive occurrences will happen :)

6 years ago

I LOVED this! I’m a lifelong pessimist and this really resonated with me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

6 years ago

I seriously need to make a vision board. It’s one of those things that I think about doing every year, and end up not doing. Not this year. Even with only 3 months left in the year, I’m going to make a vision board. Thank you for writing this! I needed it.

6 years ago

I went to an event last night where there were a whole bunch of ridiculously talented people. I immediately felt like I didn’t belong. Instead of being completely intimidated, I chose to share creativity and be positive and it ended up being an amazing night!!

5 years ago

Totally Agree with Susan.

I believe the greatest obstacle we face in our daily lives all resides in our minds. Past experiences shapes our present and can even predicate our future if we do not take control and decide to change our thought patterns.

One thing i have come to realize is that once you want to accomplish a goal, putting it in writing and placing it somewhere where you see it frequently affects your subconscious minds.

I was shocked one time when i realized that my wardrobe shopping was to some degree affected by the colors in my apartments as i had purchased sneakers and shirts which match exactly the color of tiles in my room where i spend relatively considerable amount of time.