Up Close & Personal With Anja Konstantinova

If there is one model you need to know right now, it’s this free-spirited and seriously laid-back Aussie, Anja.  

Anja Konstantinova is a femme fatale, and she doesn’t even know it. She breezes through a room as if riding a cloud, acknowledging those around her and sharing a few lighthearted laughs. Then she steps in front of the camera and, with what seems like no effort at all, transforms into a sensual goddess, fierce and focused.

Anja was born in Russia but moved to Melbourne, Australia when she was twelve years old. (Her accent is as charming as she.) We chatted for awhile under the warm morning sun in Venice Beach and I quickly deduced that she possesses a coolness that I can only parallel to the likes of Brigitte Bardot or James Dean. She was discovered at the age of 20 while working at a hair salon in Australia and currently lives in London. But before she goes on about herself, she asks me about my upbringing. Anja is welcoming, inquisitive and kind; truly curious about the people around her. We chat about growing up and bond over our love for travel. She has just flown in from New York on a redeye and is flying home to London in 24 hours. You’d think jet lag would rear its ugly head but Anja doesn’t bring it up once – she’s too solid for that. We could have talked for what seems like hours, but alas, it’s time for her to step in front of the camera. Keep reading to learn more about this all-around beauty in an exclusive interview below.


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You were born in Russia and grew up in Australia after the age of twelve, which is undoubtedly cool —  what kind of kid were you?

A tomboy on the outside, girly girl on the inside.

How long have you been modeling?

Almost five years. Time flies!

You live in London now — do you have a morning routine when you’re home?

I never miss my morning walk to get coffee or tea.

And what does your ideal evening look like?

Movie party in my apartment!

Different cultures have different words for lingerie, like knickers or nightwear. As a London-living Aussie, do you have a certain word for intimates? 

I call them lingerie, but now I’ll call them knickers because I like the sound of that!

Our Intimates E-book is inspired by ’70s boudoir. What do you love most about 1970’s lingerie?

It’s flirty.

The photos are absolutely gorgeous! Do you have a favorite shot from the E-book?

That’s a hard one… the bathtub shot!!

What was your favorite outfit or piece from the shoot?

So many sexy and fun pieces! Hmmm… I would have to say the green printed sarong-style wrap from the grassland shot!

Say you have a mellow evening at home — what is your go-to “lounge around the house” outfit?

Cut off jean shorts and a soft t-shirt…. or sweats.

You’re getting married at the end of the year! Congratulations! Can you share a little bit about your wedding plans?

Thank you! I’ll tell you a little secret – I’ll be wearing white.

Ha, thanks for the inside tip! You are quite the traveler, where has been your favorite place to visit?

Well, I love LA. I have great friends there too.

And finally, what does “being free” mean to you?

A deep breath and a warm smile.


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So much love Anja – thank you!

Photos by Harper Smith. Hair by Luke Chamberlain. Makeup by Kali Kennedy. And a big thank you to Merchant for sharing your house with us!

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5 years ago

Such a gorgeous model and such beautiful photographies! FP, you never disappoint me. :)

Thanks for sharing this lovely interview anyway, I appreciate learning new things about people out there!
Child of the Ocean

5 years ago

Stunning girl and great pics. Thanks.

5 years ago

You know, every email there seems to be more hyper sexualization of girls.
Why? Do we need to have soft porn to sell to young women? Really FP.
Let’s empower women in new ways? A new paradigm? Do we need to do this?
Maybe to sell you do but once you start there is no end sexier and sexier.
Is that all that is women’s beauty??

5 years ago

Beautiful model! I love this interview <3


5 years ago

One hottie with a body! Love her interview and wild child spirit!


5 years ago

Its inspiring to see such a well renowned model still be so humble, kind and generous.

Love her energy, gorgeous photos and I am obsessed with the lingerie!



5 years ago

She looks creepy especially in the water pic in my opinion. Like a vampire, but to each their own. I’d like to see other ethnicities other than European models.

5 years ago

Loved reading the interview, one of my favourite models of this generation.
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