Exclusive Premiere: Wild Child “Fools” Live at Arlyn Studios

Watch the exclusive premiere of Wild Child’s new single “Fools” played live in the band’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

I’ve seen Wild Child live a few times now, and I can say that there is something special about seeing them here in their hometown of Austin. The crowd here loves them, and you can see that the band loves them right back. This is a band that thrives on performing, and something magic happens when their unique blend of instruments and vocals collide with the energy of the crowd. It’s joyful and infectious and you can’t help but dance. Earlier this summer, a small group of friends and family gathered at Austin’s beautiful Arlyn Studios for a special live performance of their new song “Fools” – the first single off their forthcoming album. Watch the exclusive premiere below!








Wild Child – Fools – Live at Arlyn Studios

“Fools” from the new album “Fools” available everywhere you buy music 10.2.15.

Preorder CD/Vinyl at http://wildchildsounds.com or http://dualtonestore.com or digital via iTunes

Visit Wild Child online and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Director of Photography: Ryan Ornstein

Art Director: Lindsay Lipscomb

Shot by: Bradley Beesley, Drew Daniels

Edited by: Ben Bloom

Mixed by: Uncle Petey

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8 years ago

They are too good! Love this. Love finding new music on the blog.


8 years ago

They seem awesome! Beautiful photos!

8 years ago

Love this post and love all of these pictures.

Check out my latest post about a music festival I attended: http://secretsofsocal.com/twas-a-hard-summer/