Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 3–9

What does the universe have in store for you this week? There’s only one way to find out…

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July 23–August 22

Your appeal and self-expression are boosted this week, with magnetic Venus and clever Mercury aligning with expansive Jupiter in Leo. But with Venus retrograde, attracting what or whom you want won’t be a straightforward endeavor. All of these planets are fighting limiting Saturn, which will rein you in somewhat. Hosting Jupiter this past year has boosted your confidence and enthusiasm about your future, but the fact that this planet sometimes promises more than it delivers could hit home now. Try to recognize the interplay of your hopes and doubts. Coming to terms with your past is an essential component of laying the foundation for a brighter future. It’s sobering to face how you got to where you are today, but such knowledge leads to a better understanding of where you’re headed. The range of your identity has increased tremendously, and now your urge to blossom is halted by the question of what roots will secure future growth. You want to break free from old patterns, but you run the risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you don’t pause to ground your growth in the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences. Challenge yourself to confront the ghosts in your psyche as a test of your inner strength. If you’ve been undermining yourself in subconscious ways, deal with any such self-defeating behavior. Faith in yourself will combine with maturity and determination, increasing the odds of manifesting your potential.


August 23–September 22

A major encounter between hopeful Jupiter in your subliminal zone and subdued Saturn in your mindset house this week challenges you to grapple with the complexities of blending optimistic and critical thinking. As an analytical sign, your tendency is to side with the more realistic planet, and in the past few years, Saturn has sharpened your intellect, but he’s also brought you face to face with the limits of your knowledge and your ingrained attitudes. You may have gotten even more concerned with details, perhaps becoming preoccupied with information that needn’t worry you. Maybe you’ve been discouraged, depressed or bogged down by the weight of your thoughts, but in the past year, Jupiter has awakened your imagination, spirituality and intuition. Part of you wants to let go of your reservations and believe in the abundance of the universe. On the one hand, you’re increasingly aware of alternate realities, and on the other, you’re trying to come to grips with the central reality of everyday life. Venus and Mercury are meeting up with Jupiter, boosting your subconscious positivity, so you might be able to turn a creative or compassionate idea into a practical plan if you work at it. Teamwork can combine effectively with authoritative communication and disciplined thinking, thanks to Mars in your network sector vibing with Saturn. Reach out to people in order to put a game plan into action.


September 23–October 22

In the last few years, Saturn has prodded you to take stock of your resources, including your talents, possessions, finances, values and sense of self-worth. You’ve come up against the reality of what you’re working with and possibly focused on how you can strengthen your security. Maybe you’ve experienced scarcity and deprivation, as Saturn tends to constrict the matters ruled by the house that he’s traveling through. If so, the upside is that you’ve probably become shrewder about putting what you do have to good use and planning how you’ll meet your needs in the long run. Jupiter’s presence in your network zone this past year has increased the faith that you place in the expanding circle of people in your life. Your ideals have inspired new goals, and your evolving interests have led you to make new friends. You’re enthused about the mutual benefit of flourishing relationships, and with Venus and Mercury joining forces with Jupiter this week, your social life is highlighted, despite the fact that Venus is retrograde. However, these three planets are clashing with Saturn, challenging you to balance your own needs and wants with those of others. Don’t let your fear of not having enough for yourself impair your relations with people. But also be careful that you’re not so caught up in being generous and available in order to be well liked that you’re failing to address your personal priorities.


October 23–November 21

A planetary gathering at the top of your chart this week highlights your ambition and could push you onto center stage. In the past year, you’ve aspired to raise your profile and achieve your goals, thanks to enthusiastic Jupiter’s transit through your success angle. You’ve aimed high, but with Saturn back in Scorpio over the summer, you’ve also had to redirect your attention to defining your identity. You’ve pared down your self-image, which hasn’t been easy on your ego, as the false parts of your persona were comfortable and familiar. You’re probably more self-directed, but you’ve had to isolate yourself somewhat to examine who you are and who you’re not. Hopefully you’ve gotten to know yourself better and discovered your real strengths. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all battling Saturn now, pitting your highest hopes against your realism. This battle may reveal how you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and/or how you’ve sold yourself short. Your personal image and your public image could seem to be at odds. This is a good time to reassess your objectives and modify them to suit what you now know about yourself. Find a balance between wanting loads of acclaim and making slow, private progress. A Mars-Saturn collaboration implies that strategic—but bold—action steps are in order. Channel energy into learning, asserting your beliefs and exploring uncharted territory. Vigorous intellectual work that’s targeted toward achieving a specific goal will prove productive.


November 22–December 21

The future and the past may seem to be at war this week, with hopeful Jupiter in your vision sector going up against serious Saturn in your endings house. Since Jupiter is your ruling planet, you’re definitely on its side, with your eyes turned toward a bigger and brighter future. Your urge to learn, explore, grow and take chances has been even stronger than usual lately. And since Venus and Mercury are both aligning with Jupiter, your aspirations are noticeably accentuated at the moment. While transcending your daily routine in every way possible—for instance, by taking a trip or seeking out unfamiliar people and experiences—will be somewhat satisfying, Venus’s retrograde motion makes it difficult for all of us to feel pleasantly satiated. Plus Saturn’s lingering presence in the last house of your chart is nudging you to wrap up the last chapter before beginning a new one. Pay attention to the things that you’ve pushed to the back of your mind, and consider how dealing with them could clear the decks for that bigger and brighter future. Balance your enthusiasm for growth with your knowledge of consequences, and you can come up with a workable plan for turning a wish into a reality. If you’re having trouble finishing up old business, partner with someone you trust or confront your dark side and fight whatever inside you is holding you back.


December 22–January 19

With your ruler Saturn in your network zone, the past few years have largely been about friends, peers, professional contacts and other groups. You’ve been called to examine how you treat them and how they treat you. Are you trying to extend your influence over others or with the help of others? Since this is a house where you transition from current accomplishments to new objectives, you’ve probably been wondering “Now what?” Capricorns thrive on goals, and you may be looking around you, trying to establish connections that will support future success. But you must also put your ego aside and consider collective interests. Hopefully you’ve been carving out a role for yourself that will benefit society in some way. A planetary gathering in your sharing sector also emphasizes the needs and values of others, but in this case, the emphasis is on individuals, not humanity. In the past year, Jupiter has raised your expectations of closeness and support from outside resources. But Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are fighting with Saturn, contrasting what you hope to gain from your close relationships with the concept of what’s best for the collective. Part of you may want to invest everything in a particular bond, while another part of you is concerned with establishing yourself among your cohorts. Singling out one person to work with will help you to make progress with a goal or a group now.


January 20–February 18

With Saturn at the top of your chart these past few years, you’ve felt like you’re on your own and trying to figure out what’s expected of you. You’ve probably been afraid of exposing your shortcomings, and your determination to succeed may be motivated more by fear than by confidence. Constructing a solid career is no small feat, and you’ve had to take on weightier responsibilities to prove yourself. Although it’s been necessary to focus on making a success of yourself out in the world, Jupiter in your one-on-one angle has lured part of your attention to your relationships in the past year. You’re learning a lot from individuals or learning about yourself through your relationships. You may be eager to have a committed partnership, and hopefully you’re opening your mind to a wider range of people you might connect with. Venus and Mercury are joining forces with Jupiter this week, emphasizing your desire for close bonds, but all three planets are squabbling with Saturn, generating tension. Perhaps you feel like someone should be facilitating your success or cheering you on, while your progress is frustratingly slow and you feel insecure about your ability to achieve your goals. Maybe you don’t want to be forced to go it alone, but your expectations of support and companionship are not being met. Focus on practical steps you can take to accomplish your long-term objectives, and modify your expectations of people.


February 19–March 20

Over the last few years, Saturn in your expansion house has compelled you to question old beliefs and construct a more mature vision based on hard-earned knowledge. You’ve been trying to put it all together in your head and figure out how to take responsibility for your future. The big picture has come into sharper focus, and your faith has been tested. You might be afraid of playing it too safe—and simultaneously afraid of not taking the right chances. You’re trying to commit yourself to a particular direction that carries you out of your comfort zone without jeopardizing your security. Meanwhile, in the past year, Jupiter in your efficiency sector has increased your workload, responsibilities, daily activities and your hopes of improving your job situation, health or everyday routine. You’re craving more freedom to spend your time as you please, but your optimism could be somewhat restrained by the need to know what you can believe in. This week’s conflict between a hopeful Jupiter-Venus-Mercury alliance and stern Saturn represents a difficult intersection of your current reality and your plans to spread your wings. You may not feel as free as you’d like to travel, pursue stimulating experiences, explore unfamiliar subjects and meet new people because there’s simply too much on your plate. But this is a good time to take a calculated risk and do something creative or heartfelt that will secure your happiness in the long run.


March 21–April 19

With Saturn in your depth sector for the past few years, you’ve probed the contents of your own psyche and faced personal fears such as a fear of death or a fear of intimacy. Something that generates complex emotions—like grief, sexuality, trust, jealousy or control—became all too real for you, and you learned more about what really drives you, scares you and impassions you. And in the last year, Jupiter has been boosting your appetite for life, hopefully bringing more opportunities for love, joy, fun, humor, creativity and self-expression your way. This week, Venus and Mercury are linking up with Jupiter, further emphasizing your desire to be yourself and to fulfill your potential. Since Venus is retrograde, it could feel a bit harder to simply enjoy your life. And with all of these planets sparring with Saturn, romance may seem to be at odds with commitment. Or the joy of living could clash with the fear of loss. Or maybe expressing your individuality doesn’t mesh easily with your responsibility to someone else. It may feel like light is battling dark, and engaging in this battle could teach you a lot about who you aspire to be and what it takes to transform your life or to share it with another person. A Mars-Saturn collaboration suggests that bravely facing your feelings, your family or your past can help you to turn a psychological corner.


April 20–May 20

With planets piling up at the bottom of your chart this week, you’re notably motivated by a desire for comfort and safety. Home, family, TLC, memories, simple pleasures, private feelings and inner peace are important to you now. You might feel especially nostalgic and introspective, with your ruling planet Venus retrograde in such a sensitive house. You want to feel supported by your relatives or perhaps by your own underlying faith. A greater understanding of your childhood, your ingrained patterns and your emotions can help you to move forward on a positive note. But Saturn’s presence in your others angle the past few years has pushed you to resurface and engage with the world more. You’ve worked on your close relationships and possibly ended one—and in the process you’ve learned how to deal with people better. When confronted with the reality of another person, you may have felt disappointed, blocked or tested. Perhaps it’s been difficult to relate to others and you’ve struggled to form or maintain a connection. But hopefully you’ve solidified some bonds along the way. This week’s challenge is to reconcile your aim of inner security with the hard work of relationships. Your personal comfort may not mesh with a partnership, but asserting yourself in dialogue should lead you to a sensible compromise. Taking a deliberate risk with your feelings can help you to overcome a fear of rejection.


May 21–June 20

You’ve been thinking big in the past year, thanks to expansive Jupiter’s trip through your mindset zone. And this week, Venus and Mercury are meeting up with Jupiter, boosting your enthusiasm, sociability and curiosity. You’re eager to learn, make new contacts, broaden your perception and speak your mind. You want to gather as much information as possible and enjoy your everyday communication. Old thought patterns seem limiting, so you’re all about adopting a fresh attitude that augments future possibilities. But with Saturn in your efficiency zone these last few years, you’ve had to focus on doing the job in front of you, becoming more accountable, paying your dues, honing your skills and conforming to your present circumstances. You’ve worked hard, but you may not have made the kind of progress that you were hoping for. As Jupiter and Saturn go head to head this week, the loftiness of your thinking is apt to clash with the reality of time, physical vitality, daily duties and the working world. You need to find a good balance between optimism and pragmatism. You’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get a job done, and applying that knowledge to your big hopes won’t necessarily bring them crashing down to earth as you may fear. It will ground them in experience and help them to manifest in the real world, not just in your head.


June 21–July 22

Venus and Mercury meet up with Jupiter in your worth house this week, stressing what you want, need and have. In the past year, Jupiter has increased your wealth or your spending or given you a desire to attain more of what’s important to you. This planet may have drawn your attention to your higher values such as truth or justice, and hopefully it’s boosted your self-esteem by making you more optimistic about your natural gifts. Saturn’s ongoing presence in your fulfillment zone may have caused you to scrutinize your individual potential to the point where you’re working quite hard to make something more out of your life. When Venus, Mercury and Jupiter battle Saturn this week, the disparity between your confidence and your creative success could hit home. Or you might find that wanting more money and taking your creativity seriously don’t mesh well. You might alternate between valuing your talents highly and shortchanging yourself. Perhaps you’ll find you’ve mismanaged your resources because of misplaced priorities. If love and happiness have been a struggle lately, you may have focused on material needs that seemed simpler to meet, compensating for a lack of joy with acquisitiveness. Try to recognize if you’ve been overestimating what you need and underestimating what you have going for you. What you think you want may not be what will really fulfill you. Do something that proves you’re committed to your own happiness.

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  1. Wonderful horoscope! I totally agree that my ambition as a Sagittarius interferes with the real world–and I know that sometimes I can set myself up for disappointment!

  2. I am an Aquarius, and these horoscopes are incredibly accurate. I have never been very into Astrology, but this writer has me coming back every week.

    Thank you!

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