Free People Horoscope for the Week of August 24-31

What do the stars have in store for you this week? There’s only one way to find out!

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August 23–September 22

The union of the sun and Jupiter in your sign this week will give you a sense of wellbeing and a glimpse into what Jupiter’s yearlong transit through Virgo will be like for you. This planetary pairing is apt to fill you with an urge to be all that you can be, and you’ll have the energy to express yourself and reach for your ideals. The drive to grow will probably be accompanied by a surge of confidence and optimism, as your ego will be boosted by Jupiter’s expanding effect. Just try to make sure that you’re not being overbearing. The full moon in your relationship angle is linked with unifying Neptune, reminding you to consider other people’s feelings and needs. You may find others confusing, draining or disappointing, and it’s possible that you’ve put someone on a pedestal, only to wind up disillusioned. This lunation highlights the need for a healthy balance between believing in yourself and believing in others.


September 23–October 22

Much of your attention is directed inward this week, with the focalizing sun linking with expansive Jupiter in your solitude-and-spirituality house. You can learn more from your dreams, introspection and intuition than you can from your outer life at the moment. This is the time of year when Libras are encouraged to reflect, release and recharge. Self-awareness—free of judgment—is essential to wrapping up your year on a positive note in preparation for starting fresh. Notice when your ego is triggered as you contemplate the subconscious energy that has influenced your past actions. Facing the entire truth about yourself will help you to grow. This week’s full moon in your work sector draws your attention outward, nudging you to balance your inner life with taking care of business on the physical plane. A crisis with your health, job or daily responsibilities might lure your focus. The planets are reminding you that being useful and serving others will also feed your soul.


October 23–November 21

This week, the sun and Jupiter are hooking up in your group sector, fueling your ideals and boosting your faith in humanity. Striving to be the best possible version of yourself will help you to connect with people who are good for you. It’s easier to find your place in the world when you believe in both yourself and others. The surge of optimism that this planetary pairing can generate will fortify your drive to make a contribution to the greater good. Since your ties to people are apt to be mutually beneficial now, teamwork, socializing and networking are favored. But the full moon in your self-expression house serves as a reminder that your personal happiness is as important as being a part of something beyond yourself. You need to be fulfilled as an individual—through romance, creativity, play and other sources of pleasure so you’re not giving from an empty well. Love yourself first, then share yourself.


November 22–December 21

The supercharged sun and your ruling planet Jupiter have a fortuitous meeting at the top of your chart this week, increasing your drive to achieve your goals. Your energy is geared toward making progress in your career, boosting your standing and making a favorable impression on higher-ups. Be careful not to exaggerate your capabilities in your zeal to take on the world. Only raise people’s expectations of you in accordance with your optimistic—but honest—assessment of what you can accomplish. Feel free to enjoy this the-sky’s-the-limit feeling, though, as it can spur you to do great things. The full moon at the bottom of your chart coaxes you to tend to your inner life and home life as well, because you’re due for some TLC. The need for peace and comfort must sometimes trump your taste for adventure. Ask yourself what will soothe your spirit, and make an effort to balance worldly ambition with quiet downtime.


December 22–January 19

An encounter between the sun and Jupiter in your exploration sector this week inspires you to keep broadening your horizons. You can learn more about yourself in the course of learning more about the world, so stay out of your comfort zone and head straight for everyone and everything that’s unfamiliar and potentially eye-opening. It takes courage to expand your consciousness. The planets are nudging you to attempt to know more and understand more, even if you have a tendency to stick to the tried and true. The full moon in the opposite house lures you to let your mind drift and tune into subtle insights that come to you when your perception is operating on a more metaphysical level. Your quest for knowledge is playing tug of war with the whisperings of your intuition. This lunation calls for you to balance the need to be an eternal student of life with the drive to have all the answers.


January 20–February 18

The sun-Jupiter meeting in your depth sector this week inspires you to explore your own psyche fearlessly in a quest for self-knowledge. Try to understand what drives you, but don’t overintellectualize or judge. Get in touch with the hidden emotions that underlie your compulsions, and choose to continue past awareness toward healing. Dark truths may come to light now. Have the courage to face them, aiming to be wiser and more whole. This planetary pairing also encourages you to share more of yourself in a close relationship, and that too will require courage—the courage to trust. Intimacy is likely to be beneficial now, so be willing to take a risk. And if you need someone’s help, it’s a good time to ask. In contrast, the full moon in the opposite house coaxes you to fulfill your own material and spiritual needs to the extent that you can. Avoid retail therapy, and ask yourself what hole you’re trying to fill.


February 19–March 20

This week’s sun-Jupiter meetup in your one-on-one angle energizes your interactions and encourages you to be yourself with people. Although Venus retrograde has made relating challenging lately, it’s important for you to connect with others. You’ll benefit from sharing the full range of your many facets with people, so don’t go it alone and don’t stay small for anyone. Try to gain a better understanding of the roles you seek to play in your relationships and why. The full moon in your sign is forming an alliance with Neptune and facing off against the sun-Jupiter pairing. So you’re compelled to balance your needs, feelings and intuition with the fuel that you’re getting from partnering, learning and fostering favorable agreements with people. You’ll probably feel extra sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, and the call of your soul may seem to clash with the mandate to help others and let them help you. You need to find ways to honor both independence and interdependence now.


March 21–April 19

The sun and Jupiter are aligning in your efficiency sector this week, boosting your productivity and reinforcing your mission to do your best work. Your optimism may spur you to take on too much, and although you’ll probably have the energy to accomplish plenty, try not to get too far ahead of yourself. Take pride in simply being useful. A job well done will give you great satisfaction now. Focus on enjoying the task at hand and appreciating your body’s strength and capability. The full moon reminds you that life isn’t all about doing; being is equally important. You can devote a lot of energy to sorting everything out and checking stuff off your to-do list, and then at some point you need to let go and just go with the flow. Two planets are motivating you to impose order in your world, while two are luring you to relax and ponder the meaning of life. Do both!


April 20–May 20

A sun-Jupiter conjunction in your joy sector this week increases your impetus to take a bigger bite out of life. You have the courage to express your personality without apology and to wear your heart on your sleeve knowing it’s worth the risk. Your creative and romantic potentials are high, so be willing to stretch and envision new possibilities. Don’t limit who you can be. Sharing your whole self will fulfill you and generate positive energy. The full moon in the opposite house pulls your attention to the needs of others and the appeal of fitting in rather than standing out. Something could come up with your friends or another type of group you’re affiliated with, compelling you to consider other people’s feelings. Your expanding identity is apt to have an effect on a particular friendship or a group dynamic. If you’re disappointed by a lack of support, it could trigger a shift in whom you maintain ties with now.


May 21–June 20

The sun and Jupiter are joining forces at the bottom of your chart this week, encouraging you to focus on home, family and your emotional state. You’ll probably feel an urge to improve your living situation and should have the energy to go about doing that to some extent. Strive to understand what makes you feel safe, stable and comfortable, then ask yourself how you can help yourself in those areas. It’s also a good time to solicit support from your parents if you need it, because they’re likely to benefit you in some way while generous Jupiter is in this house. The full moon at the top of your chart hints at a turning point with a goal, your career or your life path. Your emotional growth can have a big influence on the direction you find yourself drifting in lately, as you seek to connect an inner sense of meaning with your purpose in the world.


June 21–July 22

The energizing sun and upbeat Jupiter are holding a summit in your cognition-and-communication zone this week, so your attitude will be positive and your ability to get your message across should work in your favor. Opportunities to increase your contacts, attain ample information and learn more about the world in the course of your day will abound, so take full advantage by seeking people out and asking questions. Your thinking could get so big that you’ll be tempted to bite off more than you can chew. Enjoy expanding your plans, but try not to overcommit. The full moon in your exploration sector highlights the need to look for a higher meaning to tie together this flurry of thoughts and info. Facts are one thing, and spiritual truth is another. You’re taking a lot in and perhaps communicating more than usual, but you also need to let the personal philosophy that resonates with your soul guide you on your journey.


July 23–August 22

With the sun hooking up with bountiful Jupiter in your worth house this week, your confidence is apt to surge. You’re inspired to make the most out of what you have—but also to continue on your quest to increase your resources. Understanding what is truly important to you is a crucial first step in manifesting your values. Jupiter has a way of increasing your appetite, and when it’s in this house, that can result in more money and more possessions. But the sun brings your personal identity into the picture, calling for you to prioritize your needs and learn to meet them yourself. While much of your focus is on mastering the material world, the full moon draws your attention to deeper psychological needs and the value of sharing your life with another person. This lunation is largely about the thorny issue of give-and-take. But it’s also about balancing practical matters such as finances with healing a private wound related to trust.

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8 years ago

It baffles me how relevant this horoscope is to my life and seems to be every week, I love reading it!

Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

8 years ago

So stunningly accurate! Wow!