Hidden Gem Of New York: Liz Christy Community Garden

A hidden gem within NYC that might just inspire you to explore your own backyard…

No matter where you are, no matter where you go, the key to discovering a hidden gem always seems to be curiosity. It’s not about knowing the person with the inside scoop, nor is it about scouring the internet in search of the best. It’s about embracing that childlike wonder inside of you; listening to your intuition and not stopping until you find things out for yourself.

I first noticed the Liz Christy Community Garden this past spring. I was on my lunch break, strolling up Bowery, when I spotted a fenced-in area overflowing with greens. Naturally, my eyes widened with excitement. As I got closer, I discovered it was a community garden… and that the gate was locked.

I put my hands on the metal rungs of the fence, drawing my face close with intrigue, and peered in at the small area within my field of vision. After a minute or two, I stepped back, and continued on my way.

This went on every few weeks for the remainder of spring and into summer, as the only times I ever found myself in the area were times when the gate was locked… until one day. A beautiful Sunday. I walked up to that now unlocked gate, and let myself in with a smile on my face.

To my surprise, this gorgeous garden – on the corner of two major streets in the city – was almost totally free of people. The city sounds around me were at a maximum, and somehow, inside that gate, I felt it was just me… just me and nature.

Maybe this garden isn’t the most sought-after in the city. Maybe it’s not the biggest, nor the most remote… but to me, this garden is an absolute gem. It’s beautiful, it’s peaceful… and I owe my discovery of it to curiosity.

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+When has curiosity led you to discover a hidden gem?

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Gorgeous pictures!
That’s the great thing about NYC, if you go on a walk without a particular destination, the city is full of hidden gems, secret wonderful spots, waiting to be visited!
I once discovered this place full of old statues and fountains in Manhattan :)

This looks amazing! I’m visiting New York in October and I will be adding this to my list!


Oh, it looks quite lovely. I think one of my small adventures was just walking into Terrain, a dreamy more than plant store in my area. My friend had told me about it, and I gazed at it every time I drove by. I have been there more times than I can count now, and it still is one of the best places.


so very magical.. thank you so very much for sharing this enchanting spot!

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