Meet Our King’s Road London Team!

Meet the girls of our King’s Road pop-up shop in London!

This post comes from our UK PR Manager Lisa! Follow along with her on Instagram  @freepeopleuk

The doors of our first UK Pop Up Boutique have now been open for two weeks, and the team on the King’s Road have loved welcoming in FP fanatics from all around the UK! Along with our die-hard fans, the girls are meeting more and more London locals who are stumbling upon the shop and experiencing Free People collections for the first time. With the shop open until Spring 2016, we wanted to introduce the amazing team to all of our readers – who are their style icons, what has been their biggest adventure in life, and why do they love working on the King’s Road. Modelling the August collection, currently available in the Pop Up, without further ado… meet our King’s Road team!






Lauren, Store Manager

Favorite adventure: My most favorite adventure was traveling to Malta with my boyfriend, this was our first holiday together and our dream was to learn how to scuba dive. We instantly fell in love with scuba diving after finding our first sea horse intertwined in rope from an old ship wreck, this made us decide whereever and whenever we traveled, our mission will be to explore the world under water. Our next stop is the Dominican Republic in October, which I know will have the most perfect sea life to explore. Thanks to Malta we now have the opportunity to create new favorite adventures together in our yearly travels as I don’t think we can ever be limited to just one favorite!

My style icon: I am in love with the Olsen Twins; I have always been partial to Ashley Olsen as I think she is a genius when it comes to layering. Rumi Neely is another icon of mine, she is a FP simply girl for sure. It’s all about textures, structure and clean lines.

A bit about me: The simple things in life keep me the most interested, preparing dog walk routes by walking my boyfriend’s dog (Billie the beagle) and hunting for FP outfits for the little French bulldog I plan to get and call Frodo (Yes, I am a big Lord of the Rings geek). Good company, a BBQ in the limited sun we get in London, and a wardrobe exploding with clothes I’ve hoarded from over the years keep me smiling.

What I love about working on the King’s Road: I love the eclectic mix of boutiques and cafes on Kings Road. There is something for everyone, from fashion boutiques to inspirational interior design stores. On the weekends a market full of foods from all around the world takes over for the day so you can explore different cultures and try things you haven’t before. King’s Road is a very special place.




Erica, Assistant Store Manager

Favorite adventure: I spent three months traveling around India with my backpack, spirit of adventure, and desire to push myself to the limit. It was an incredible experience which definitely changed me as a person. My most memorable moment was playing football with the kids of the village under a tropical storm. Least favourite moment, meditation (silence is not for me!)

My style icon: I don’t personally have a style icon, but sometimes I dream about having long ginger hair, the ultimate British accent and dress like Florence from Florence and the Machine!

A bit about me: I can’t live without pasta and pizza (yes I am Italian!). I am a museum freak and I enjoy sitting in the Tate Modern sipping a coffee in the main hall. I speak five languages (Italian, Russian, Spanish, French and English) and sometimes I can’t control it and mix all of them together!

What I love about working on the King’s Road: I love spending some of my lunch time in John Sandoe, the cutest book shop and where I go when I need time to think and relax! The atmosphere is simply amazing and you feel overwhelmed by the 1957 décor of the building. Along the street there is a bit of everything; shops, museums and my new fave Italian restaurant Manicomio, which in English means the Mad House (well the food definitely sent me nuts!), the focaccia bread is delicious.




Amrita, Manager in Training:

Favorite adventure: My favourite adventure is the life I’m living- everyday I learn something new. My husband and I go on mini adventures abroad a couple of times a year and the experiences have been incredible. But my life in London is also an adventure in itself. It’s an amazing city and it’s all in the palm of my little hand.

My style icon: They come in a pair – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

A bit about me: I sincerely believe that dogs are humans trapped in a 4 legged body and I want to cuddle them all. I fall in love easily… mainly with face furniture (sunglasses), shoes and well-tailored coats. As a child I collected Pokemon cards and was obsessed with the Spice Girls. I love laughing, traveling, a good un-put-down-able book and being surrounded by the people I love (including dogs).

What I love about working on the King’s Road: People watching through our very large pop up shop window! Every day is different, but the vibe is always the same; very relaxed and the style around here is different from other busier areas like Oxford Circus. Almost every female walking down this street could be an FP customer as this whole area screams ‘’BOHO’’!





Camilla, Senior Stylist

Favorite adventure: The first time I moved to London on my own! I knew I needed to start something new and I was so excited, so happy and also so proud to be there! I did not know the city before so every new day was a bit more magical (well, unless when it´s raining!). I just really found myself in this amazing city.

My style icon: I would say Olivia Palermo!

A bit about me: I come from Bordeaux, a very cute city in southern France, well known for the wine of course! I’d been studying information and communications, and after that I decided to come to London to perfect my English and make a new human experience. In the future I would like to live in several cities around the world to get different experiences. Otherwise, I am a funny girl, committed and loyal in everything I do (unless if you expect me to cook a good dish).

What I love about working on the King’s Road: The first thing that makes me happy when I arrive on the King’s Road is passing by Paul, the French Bakery, where I can have the most amazing breakfast or lunch. With my baguette I like to walk around and look at the windows of the eclectic mix of boutiques. I find King’s Road a really dynamic street, where I meet the fanciest London women with their beautiful dogs but also the loud Chelsea supporters! I love the variety the street has to offer!



Felicity, Senior Stylist

Favorite adventure: Moving to London by far… every day is a different adventure.

My style icon: The authentic style of Erin Wasson, mixed with the eccentricity of Iris Apfel. But if I could be anyone – style, beauty, lifestyle, the whole bunch – it would be the Italian it-girl, Diletta Bonaiuti!

A bit about me: 20 year old English redhead from a small seaside town… originally trapped between the North Sea and the Yorkshire moors, but then moved to the big city, so I get the best of three worlds! Not so secretly obsessed with Land Rover Defenders, plays guitar, and wherever I am I will try and find any excuse to go for a swim! My close friends think my character closely resembles that of Phoebe from Friends, and I strongly believe a great day starts with a great breakfast!

What I love about working on the King’s Road: I love its history… I love what it used to be and who used to live in this area. I also love just wandering around the side streets – even though the architecture is simple and pristine white, it always feels so special and so English.





All clothing featured is currently available at the Free People King’s Road Pop Up Shop. Visit the Team at the below address, from now until Spring 2016.

141 King’s Road, London, UK SW3 4PW.
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm, and Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
Follow Free People UK on Instagram and follow along with the hashtag #FPKingsRoad for more updates.

Photographs by Lily Bertrand Webb


  1. Hi ladies!

    Glad you like the blog we had fun doing it! I’m afraid we have no novella royalle but I’m sure you’ll find something you like!!

    The black dress is called : First Kiss

    It’s hanging in our gorgeous window, it’s a must have!

    See you soon ladies


  2. I visited the Kings Road pop up the first day it opened, and what a pleasure it was. Love the way you’re bringing out new pieces from the collection frequently just to spruce things up a bit. I had the pleasure of speaking to Amrita for a little while and what a lovely lady she is. Hope all goes well for the London store, I always knew FP would do well in the UK.

    Love Alexa, all the way from Northumberland!

  3. Popped in last week. Awesome welcome from the girls. Had a long chat with Amrita. My daughter loves free people clothes, she can’t wait for a london store to open!!

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