In Her Sanctuary: Get to Know Amy Bracco

What does your sanctuary look like? Take a peek into the home of model Amy Bracco…

This post originally ran in our August Magalog.


What’s your most prized possession in your home?

I love our record player. We’ve got a pretty nice selection of old and new vinyl. Everything moves so quickly in the city, it’s a luxury to take the time to pick out a record you want to hear, look at the artwork, listen to the music, flip the record… I love the process.

Favorite musician to listen to while relaxing at home?

My husband, Jamie Biden, is a musician and he’s always playing or working on music at the house. He has a new band called Dicey Hollow. The music is really perfect to listen to upstate and I get the added benefit of listening to it progress from start to finish and then hearing it live. We have a lot of musician friends and friends who love music. We have a drum kit in the living room. When we’re all up there it’s the best to sing and play and collaborate together.

Who inspires you?

Kristin Wiig, Reese Witherspoon, Amy Pohler, Drew Barrymore… Women who are funny and also write, produce, act, and direct projects. I also love Stevie Nicks. She’s a legend.

Describe a perfect day at home when you want to escape/relax.

A hike with Jamie and our dog Pirate Rose, followed by a dirty martini and a beautiful sunset.

Fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

I love to write. I’ve been developing a scripted TV show for the last year with my good friend Alyssa Miller. It’s a satirical peek into what it’s really like be a model on a day to day basis. It’s called “Models Wrote This.”








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8 years ago

Her eyes are stunning!!
Lovely style :)

8 years ago

She’s absolutely gorgeous! I love her outfits and her hairstyle! I also love beautiful hikes in the sunset <3

8 years ago

what camera did you use? Your pictures are all so beautiful, but have that free people feel and I was just wondering how you guys do it :]

8 years ago

Beautiful girl, beautiful Rotty.