Travel Tuesday: How to Spend 6 Hours In NYC

Only have a couple hours in New York City? Here’s what we would do. 

When dropped in a city with a couple hours to spare, figuring out what to do can become overwhelming. Especially if that city is New York. With the manifold of neighborhoods and its intermix of shops and restaurants, where does one start? I had a go at tackling the Big Apple last Friday during NYFW, and I have to say, I was pleased with the outcome. A good lunch, a visual walk and some people watching are three things that are easy to manage if the stay is short. Need more details? The pleasure is ours:

Eat: ABC Kitchen

Before you arrive in the city, call ABC Kitchen and make a reservation. You’ll probably need one since this popular farm-to-table restaurant fills up during the day and on through the night. A Michelin Star chef, generous staff, and driftwood-accented interior makes the dining experience at ABC Kitchen one-of-a-kind. Located close to Union Square Park, the kitchen is filled with ingredients sourced locally from the neighboring market. Delicious food and a cozy ambience makes this spot quite the gem. Try the heirloom tomato toast, roast carrot and avocado salad, and the mushroom + parmesan +oregano + farm egg pizza. If you can handle desert, the salted caramel ice cream sundae is out of this world.







Do: The High Line


After lunch, head west to the High Line. The 1.45 mile stretch of elevated greenway has various entrances from the streets below, and it gives a new perspective to the bustling city. The old railway trestle that’s been converted into a public landscape has pop-up markets, places to lounge and catch a little sun, and different events taking place all year long. Check the calendar when you’re in the city to see what’s going on, or just take a stroll and appreciate the visuals.





See: Street Style


No matter what time of day it is in NYC, people watching is always means for entertainment, especially if you’re in the city during Fashion Week. Spring or fall, hanging around the show venues is where you’ll witness some of the best fashion moments the city has to offer. On Friday, I made my way to the outskirts of the first ever NYFW Givenchy show and did a little crowd sourcing. Not in town for fashion week? Head to the West Village, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Central Park, or the Lower East Side for more street style inspiration.






+What else would you do with only a couple hours in NYC? Tell everyone in the comments below!

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These are two great suggestions! As someone who lives in NYC, I always recommend the high line to visitors as it’s not a typical tourist-y thing to do, but has some great views of the city!


DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERY! The cronut changed my life. It is definitely worth waking up early for.

These places look so great


Chelsea market!

I would take the subway closest to Broad Street/Wall Street/Broadway, do an ‘innie minnie miny moe’ and walk in the direction of ‘moe’. Walk until my legs give away, take twists and turns as I see fit… My favorite however, is towards Broad Street, and then keep walking until I reach the pier by South Street. Then walk along the board-walk. I guarantee that you will come across many places to eat at; just pick one that’s pleasing to your eyes. But if you still insist, then my favorite sea food joint in the city is Luke’s Lobster, and the… Read more »

This is amazing! I’m heading to New York for 4 lovely days in October and I cannot wait to check out some of these places and especially the places mentioned in the comments as well.

Keep the suggestions coming :)

I would be crying on the plane after those 6 magical hours, need much more time!

End the day at Surf Bar in Williamsburg (off the L train)! Real sand on the floor and tropical drinks/decor/food all year ’round. In the warm weather there’s a great back yard. It never gets too rowdy outside so you could even go there to have a cocktail and do some writing. (Yes I’m a nerd who loves tropical atmopshere). ;}



Williamsburg thrifting, city bikes in Central Park, so so much to do!

I just got home from a 4 day adventure in NYC. Didn’t get to do the Highline or ABC, but ate at so many amazing vegan – local restaurants. Being from the Midwest, I am so sad to be back and not have that great food just down the block.

My friend and I spend a few days exploring on a serious budget and here’s what we did: