The Biggest Little Town

A tiny town in Australia – Mullumbimby – is brimming with inspiration. Read on…

These quiet streets are postcards.
Moments of my youth, my loves,
From a not-so-distant past, captured forever in time.

Empty park benches, shadows cast of days gone by.
The simple sway of a tyre swing stirs
A yearning for my yesteryears.

No shirts, blue jeans.
Hide and seek, truth or dare.
Awkward teenage love, names etched into bark.

Small town starry night, sky free from city lights.
Blanket on the grass,
Deep secrets and future dreams were shared in the dark.

The playback of old times spin through my favourite vinyl,
As memories dance to the familiar music in my ears.
The sounds of once-significant others.

As I walk the familiar roads, not much has changed, but I.
Childhood curiosity and adventure,
Previously unencumbered, once more runs rife.

While you cannot turn back the clock,
To go back to the days of yore,
You can always return to the biggest little town once more.


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98460031Mullumbimby is a small Australian town on the northern rivers of New South Wales. Known far and wide as The Biggest Little Town in Australia, it became a center of alternative and counter culture in the late 1970s and to this day remains the same.

Stylist: Molly King
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Photographer: Casey Dhnaram
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Model: Coco Aleen
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This post comes from our FP Australian contributor, Miann Scanlan!


  1. Love the look and the poetry. Spent some time in Mullumbimby when we were travelling the east coast and adored it. thanks for sharing :)

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